Fairy…Tail???!!! #94

25 Jun


She was hurrying through the crowd to get to Jasmeet when someone held her hand and dragged her out. She couldn’t understand anything at 1st and later realized it was Dan! He dragged her out to the empty parking lot. She jerked away her hand feeling disgusted. She wanted to slap him real hard…but then Rahul’s words came back to her…she needed to face him and make him understand! She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in, gulping down her anger!


Dan turned to look at her and cupped her face, “geet..are you okay? Why weren’t you taking my call? How are you feeling now?

Ugh…she hated that touch. She tried to hold herself back but she couldn’t. she pushed him away with all her force. But then he had come for something else! He went closer and held one of her hands!


Dan: geet..I wanted to tell you something since a very long time..and today I finally got this chance!

Her fingers curled into a fist, lest he did something.

Dan: I love y…

She slapped his as hard as she could, not even letting him complete! He held his cheek in reflex feeling that sharp sting and looked at her in shock!


Geet: it was YOU that night, wasn’t it? forced yourself on me…

Dan could see the anger evident in her eyes….the same anger he had seen in the Prez, not geet.

Dan: I didn’t force..its because I love…

dare you say that again..” she screamed!

you don’t love me..NO you don’t!

I do geet…


how shameless can you get han? If that was the case Dan, you’d have never done that…I feel so disgusted!

He tried to get closer, “no geet..i didn’t want to hurt you…

She moved back, “But you did that! I though you as my friend…but I didn’t know you’d stoop so low!

am still your friend geet…


YOU ARE NOT! If you’d have loved me truly Dan, then you wouldn’t have taken advantage of my state that night..!

That hit Dan hard!


She continued, “I am not yours and can never be!!! Don’t try to reach for something that is far far far away from your reach!

bu… but I wanted you to feel the same for me that you do for Maan…

She smirked evilly, “by forcing on me huh?




She took a deep breath in trying to calm herself down, “Dan…one thing I want to tell you before leaving… I cannot match you! I belong to someone else…. Not for the past one year or a few months…but from the time I had learnt what does it mean to step out of your house every single morning and go to school just to see him…to be with him…. Since the time I had leant what is life…with him…without him!! I belong to him from the very beginning of my life and YOU DON’T EXIST ANYWHERE!!!


Dan heard her quietly…he was hurt but somewhere his conscience said she was right! He had been denying his conscience for a long time…but you can’t run away from him every time, now can you?



Geet: and in this process Dan, you have not only hurt me..but Rahul and Maan too—your best buddies since middle school I guess…you lose me Dan and I won’t even feel sad if you lose them!

Her words were sharp..straight forward and painful…but probably geet chose to face him as the prez ! sometimes its better to hurt someone and make him realize his mistake rather than talking sweet!!! (Zabardast asar hota hain!!Wink)



She turned to leave. She walked a few steps ahead and turned back.

you can get a better person in life Dan…someone who’d understand you! Move ahead with your life, rather than sulking over spilled milk!

She walked away in attitude..she had just won another battle!!! (atti tho banta hai boss!Wink) 90degrees matched her steps. She smiled at him and took him in her arms and caressed his head!


Geet: oyee tu yahan kaise pahunch gaya?

He licked her hand. She giggled feleing ticklish!

Jasmeet was waiting for her by the car.

Jasmeet: tu tho itni uchal rahi thi waapis jaane ke liye..where were you lost? I had to send him to fetch you!

She pointed at 90degree in geet’s arms! Geet kissed his head, “nahi mumma..i had some unfinished business!! Since its back…I can’t wait to go back!



The three of then drove back happily. Geet was sooo happy..she cooked for everyone and invited Rahul, jess and MM to join them! It was truly a party time!!! Rahul told her about his conversation with Maan and asked her to call him up. But geet madam was in full masti mood!

umm…not now Rahul.. he surprises me every now and its my turn!!” she had a wide smile on her face the entire time!



Maan looked at Sweetu’s pic in his room….and the events just flashed in his mind…the description about Sweetu and geet…and he looked at the pic again! He took out his phone and looked at geet’s pic and again at Sweetu’s…! he ran to his wardrobe and took out that tape he had found  and played….the cuppy cake song! He looked at both of them…they looked similar… why hadn’t he thought about it before? Damn!!! There was a probability that Sweetu was geet…he pushed his hair back…he needs confirmation! He dare not ask Avantika..she’d ask me 1000 of questions! No!!1 he needed to make himself sure! He walked downstairs when he heard his mom talking to someone over the phone she was sounding very happy.


He slowly walked towards her. Avantika saw him and smiled at him, “Sweetu has just reached India…I can’t wait to see her!

Maan’s heart skipped a beat…ironically he hadn’t seen Sweetu till now! His heartbeats rose? What if Sweetu is really geet? Arrghh..he’ll go mad now!!!



They had just come out of the airport when Jasmeet got a call from her office. She was out for almost a month and there were issues that needed her urgent attention! Geet tagged along. There were some clients demanding an urgent meeting. Geet sat beside, watching everything. This was the 1st time she was walking into her dad’s office…she realized the amount of work her mamma handles, seeing the people there..and even Maan…he handles even more! She was awed by the way things were done!


She noticed there was some heated argument over a proposal. She went and stood beside Jasmeet looking into the files and listening to them. Suddenly she blurted out, “this is profitable to both the companies..i wonder why there is still so much argument?? I mean the prospectus is really promising!

Everyone went silent and looked at her. Mr. Chopra looked at Jasmeet. She smiled, ” she is my daughter…she has just completed her masters in London!


Mr. Chopra was an old client and Mohinder’s friend as well. He looked at geet with attitude, “could you explain miss geet! Why should we take this up just because an inexperienced student said so?

He tried to intimidate her by his words. But she was least affected. She walked to him promptly ad put forward her points. And she was enjoying it. She had done similar case studies in college..she had also seen Maan working on similar stands..she had some idea! Mr. Chopra seemed quite impressed! Jasmeet felt so proud.


Later Mr. Chopra went to Jasmeet and asked if geet could look into the project instead of Jasmeet. In this way she can also have some 1st hand experience!!! Jasmeet was more than happy!!!


   Maan was so restless the whole day! He waited till evening! He’d get some time free. For the past few days he hadn’t been able to live peacefully!!! What if Sweetu was geet? And what if she isn’t? things were making him crazy!!!! Soon as he got free, only for an hour though, he drove straight to her place. He rang the doorbell continuously until Jasmeet opened the door only to see him all tensed!!!


Jasmeet: arrey Maan… you okay beta?

He was so drained out of energy! He remembered what Sweetu and mamma had faced all those years…! He hugged Jasmeet. She smiled and caressed his head!

Jasmeet: ab yahin khade rahoge ya andar bhi chaloge?

Maan: wo..mamma…Sweetu..

She understood his unsaid words and smiled inwardly.

Jasmeet: she is not at home beta…we came back today and madam is sitting in the office. Aate hi mujhe ghar bhej diya and herself sitting there!!!


His face fell. How is she supposed to meet her?

Maan: nahi..wo..yes I had some urgent work with her… when will she be back?

Jasmeet wondered how much long geet will hide her being Sweetu to him! She needs to push both of them a bit!

Jasmeet: umm..she might be late! Why don’t you go and see her room, since you are already here? Even the last time she was here, you couldn’t even meet her properly!



Jasmeet had her own little plan set in her mind and Maan couldn’t get a better chance here!!! He smiled inwardly..this is the moment he was waiting for! He nodded as Jasmeet directed him the way. She went back to her room feeling all happy happy! These two seriously needed a little push…ahh she felt so relieved! She patted her back for the surprise he’d get! She can take a nap peacefully now!


Maan, on the other hand, was quite glad. His confusion will be cleared now… finally he’d know who geet actually is! He had never known about her family….he never asked and she never bothered to tell. She even ignored  the topic whenever it cropped up between the friends! Could it be because of this? He hurriedly opened the door of her room and closed his eyes…everything just felt like her…. he took some time to feel her sensation around and slowly opened his eyes!


Her room was beautifully kept and the wall in front of her had some pictures hanged! He inched closer letting his senses drift towards her and looked at them!!! OM MY!!! They were all sweet-MK pics in London!!! She still preserved them!!! He felt so nostalgic… their kissey-wissey (he preferred to ignore that lol), their play of snow white – he was prince Richard and she was  one of the seven dwarfs, their doing homework together, she playing the piano and him sitting beside her…she had all those pic with her..! he ran his finger over her face and suddenly it struck him…even geet plays the piano!!! He remembered he had spied on her and found out about her forte in that caf!!! He was a little bit convinced but he needed to be 100% sure!!! He turned to his right…only to get more convinced!! There was a grand piano decorating the room…he went near and ran his fingers on the keys….relieving the moments with Sweetu and geet as well! His heart subconsciously knew Sweetu was his geet…but a little more assurance would be better!!! Past few days had been all messed up!!!


He raised his head and walked ahead  but something held his attention on the adjacent wall!!! He couldn’t believe it!!! There were pics of him with geet in London…all the beautiful moments they had shared..everything was arranged just the way geet had done it in their room back in London!!! Joy filled his heart…happiness…the relief… the peace…the surprise… everything just came to him altogether!!!!


Jasmeet sat in her room all excited.. geet had brought all their pics but she couldn’t put them up in her room as she had to rush!! Jasmeet had done it…in fact she had just finished doing up her room when Maan arrived!! She thanked god for getting Maan at the most perfect timing!!! She just wanted to see the reaction on both their faces now!!


He ran his thumb over her face…tears formed in his eyes, ” it was you all this while…Sweetu…geet…

He was sooo happy to have found her finally…happier because his geet was none other than Sweetu…he had been with her all this while… he leaned forward and kissed her face, “I love you geet….”

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  1. Maaneet Lover

    25/06/2012 at 22:42

    Awww… That last part was so cuute.. ❤
    Finaly !!!!!!!! I was waiting for that… 😀
    & Please upload fast 😦
    I want to see their "milan" lol


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