Fairy….Tail???!!! #93

24 Jun


She gave him a weak smile and turned to leave!


go geet..he is waiting for you! Rush!!!


She smiled through her tears and rushed out. Rahul waved her bye, till she was out of sight!


Geet drove back home feeling happy to have heard him fine but with a guilt in her heart! She felt so ashamed of herself…why the hell did she lie? Just because of that Dan….arrghhh who the hell was he? This was so not right! She can’t let him come between her and Maan. She didn’t realize when she reached her flat. She ran up the stairs and barged in. Jasmeet was relieved to see her. she ran to her and cupped her fac4.



Jasmeet: geet..tu bina bataye kahan chali gayi thi? Your phone wasn’t reachable..and whatever happened to you?


She got worried seeing her all messed up! Geet thought for a while and realized, may be her mother would be able to answer some of the questions she had! She held jasmeet’s hands, “mamma mujhe aapse kuch kehna hai..!


abhi nahi geet..go and change. You’ll fall sick again!


nahi mamma..abhi baat karni hain..” her voice was stern. Jasmeet sighed. Geet hugged her tight.


Jasmeet: kya baat hai gudiya?


Geet: why did it happen with me mamma?


Her voice softened. Jasmeet wondered what was she talking about. She pulled out of the hug and made Jasmeet sit on the couch. She herself sat on the floor and rested her head on jasmeet’s lap! Jasmeet caressed her head.


Jasmeet: kya hua? Bata mujhe..


Geet took a deep breath in and narrated the entire incident starting from the time when she realized that Maan..oops MK had been ignoring her…the changed that followed into their relationship after that, their decreasing frequency of calls, her feeling left out and the last call she had made to him. Tears had rolled out of her eyes by then. Jasmeet realized how lonely geet was all these years..and she never mentioned anything to her till today!



Geet: aisa mere saath kyun hua mamma? I gave him so much space..for his thoughts….for his ideas..then aisa kya ho gaya that we couldn’t remain friends anymore?


Jasmeet thought for a while, pondering over geet’s question, realizing what could have gone wrong…the reason behind the drift they had faced!


Geet: kiski galti thi mamma? I had never felt so helpless before….and somewhere I blamed him for whatever happened!


Jasmeet: and what do you think now? Do you still blame him geet?


She shrugged her shoulders, “i… I don’t know…I don’t know what to think now! Sometimes I feel I am at fault to have attached myself to him so much..


Jasmeet (cutely): but I think..its none of you two’s fault beta…


Geet: huh?


Jasmeet read her confused face!


now listen to me gudiya… does he know that you are his Sweetu?


She shook her head, “probably no! but how does that matter?


Jasmeet: it matters sweety… because you know what..he had come home..searching for his Sweetu in spite of his busy schedule. He still remembers his Sweetu and he is so excited to meet her…


Geet somewhere felt so delighted, “really?


Jasmeet: yes! Once before leaving for London, he had come home looking for Sweetu and you know what he said?


Geet: what mamma?


Jasmeet: he said he wanted to take YOU—Sweetu, out and make up for missing your birthday!! He also apologized for that..he was so held up and he said you were upset and won’t speak to him!


Geet heard everything in awe….this man is so unpredictable! Her mind went back to the day when he had celebrated her birthday in London and realized he knew he’d miss meeting her on her birthday in India and later when she called him up, he still came for her. she believed Maan blindly and not MK when he was stating the truth! She felt bad that she had said so many things to him that day and also before coming back to London and he still came back for her!



Jasmeet: he came to London…but then we heard the news of his accident. Do you still blame him geet?


Geet just listened everything quietly. She didn’t know what to say now!!!


Jasmeet: let me tell you geet..whatever happened between Sweetu and MK was not your fault and not even his! It was all because of the distance and age gudiya!


Geet: I didn’t get you mamma….


Jasmeet: distance is a big hurdle in relationships geet…you move away from each other and your heart restlessly searches for a person and something to fill that void in you! Relations mostly fail because people are unable to sustain them due to the physical distance between them…you try to adjust with your new surroundings without that person…and as time passes you learn to live without them!



Geet was lost in her thoughts…mamma was right! The time-lag they had, was also another hindrance that took a toll on them.


Jasmeet: and the age geet…you both were at such an age where your priorities realize what to do with your life…you are buried under immense pressure by your family, friends, school/college that changes everything…the way you see things… perceive them in a new way and this is what, I feel, happened with both of you… and the distance just fuelled it further. You adjusted well to your new life and he did to his and it became difficult to hold on to that old relationship you shared!!



Geet was slowly getting things clearer. Whatever Jasmeet said was absolutely true..or else why would Maan even come back for his Sweetu if he had really forgotten her?


Jasmeet: I don’t blame you for getting so involved and neither do I blame him for drifting apart. Geet..they happen in the process of growing up..both of you were never at fault!!!


Geet: then why didn’t he call me back that day mamma?


Jasmeet: maybe he did….but you know what was going on around that time right? May be we missed it…



Geet slowly connected the dots getting a complete picture of what could have gone wrong! And she was at such a stage of her life where Mk’s reasons never seemed to convince her…the problems they were facing that time… everything just seemed a big lie! Fate had played with her life big time!


Jasmeet: and see…he was the one who came back to your life to give you back all the happiness….i take it as testing times gudiya…!


Geet felt so much better and she decided…whoever may be wrong, be it her or MK or her fate, her present is Maan…she can’t let him go!


Geet: mamma…India waapis jaana hain..


Jasmeet smiled, “if you remember gudiya, its your convocation day after tomorrow. Have you even cheacked your results?


She smiled hitting her head, “mein to bhool hi gayi..uff!


we’ll be going back the day after your convocation!


Ohh boy…she was never this excited to  get back home! Jasmeet expected her to check her results on the net, but much to her surprise, she found her packing. Geet took a warm shower quickly and changed and ran to her room to pack all her stuffs.


Jasmeet: geet..results to dekh le…


Geet shouted from her room, “baad mein mamma..abhi am busy!!!


She went back to that sweet little girl who became happy with the tiniest thing. And in no time..the entire house was in a mess!


       Maan sat in his office thinking about Rahul’s call the previous day! Why did it feel it was her? he checked the time…early morning in London! He called back Rahul. He had just come out of the shower.

Rahul: Hey are yu feeling now buddy?


Maan closed his eyes, sighing. Somewhere he was expecting to feel the same thing that he had felt the other day but sadly, nothing of that sort happened!


Maan: ye..yea…am fine!


Rhaul: where were you yesterday han? You know how excited she was to speak to you and you just ruined it all!


Maan’s heart skipped a beat. So it was HER! she had called him up….no wonder he had felt her..!! wow… so he can feel her presence now…he was so thrilled to have discovered that! she called…that was enough to soothe his aching heart for the moment.


Maan: how is she?


Rahul: gosh! You both have the same problem…! You two don’t speak to each other and ask the same question to me!!! Spare me guys…. I have my own girlfriend to..


Maan rolled his eyes, “shut up and tell me!!


Rahul teased, “ooohhh… someone is desperate!!


Maan: speak before I kill you Rahul..


Rahul: chill man! She is all fine after hearing you yesterday!


Maan: what? You are confusing me now!


Rahul: she was really unwell for the past couple of days..infact since the day you had left! And yesterday she actually surprised me by her visit…she had come out of her house after so many days! And Maan..she is truly sorry for whatever happened!



Maan’s mind invariably went towards her..she was unwell… and his mind went to the time when Avantika told Sweetu was unwell..and even geet is! The day he had gained consciousness, Sweetu wasn’t there…neither geet. Jess said she was with him all the time and she went back before he opened his eyes! Mom said, even Sweetu had done the same thing…could it be possible that both of them are the same person?






It was geet’s convocation but she was more excited to go back to India. She wanted to meet him so badly! She had packed all hers stuffs, all the gifts Maan had brought for her and even that music box MK had given her! she wasn’t even going to the college until Jasmeet dragged her out.


90degree was sulking big time seeing all the packing. He knew she was going somewhere and with the amount of packing..he knew this was going to be a long trip! The thing that irritated him the most was whenever he went to geet, she was busy packing and shooed him away! He felt very bad!!


90degree (st): mew..meow…mew..mow….meow…


(sob..sob… she doesn’t care about me anymore! Now adoption confirmed! Someone please lend a helping hand to this cute little poor guy sob..)Cry


He saw geet and Jasmeet leaving somewhere. He made faces and stealthily hopped into the back seat of her car and hid under it.


Geet was nowhere interested in the ceremony at all. She kept checking time again and again. Jasmeet held her hand, “gudiya..thodi der shaant nahi baith sakti?


She made a face and looked away frustrated. Who will make her mother understand what was she going through for the past two days? She tapped her foot, bit her lips and finally she was called. She didn’t even listen that she had topped. She held her masters degree, smiled at everyone, muttered a thank you and hurriedly got down, ignoring the princi’s plea to address the gathering.


She was hurrying through the crowd to get to Jasmeet when someone held her hand and dragged her out. She couldn’t understand anything at 1st and later realized it was Dan! He dragged her out to the empty parking lot. She jerked away her hand feeling disgusted. She wanted to slap him real hard…but then Rahul’s words came back to her…she needed to face him and make him understand! She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in, gulping down her anger!

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  1. Maaneet Lover

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    Thaaaaaank youu for up-da-tiiiiiing !!!!! 😀
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