Fairy…Tail???!!! #91

20 Jun


His heart skipped a beat hearing her name and his eyes shone with a layer of tear!

Maan (weakly): wo..nahi aayi Dadima…

She hugged him tight, letting his tears fall. She wanted to know what happened between them but she couldn’t, provided the conditions! It was not a right time as of now!

    Geet was so lost…MK called her selfish and Maan made sure no one dared say her anything…MK always  cared about his priorities…but Maan thought nothing beyond her! MK left her all alone…and Maan pulled her out of that loneliness…she wondered whom should she see in him…Maan or MK…. Because whatever she is today…major part of her life was influenced by MK. But then..Maan…she couldn’t deny him! She can’t see him hurt…and the biggest confusion was…whether she should go for MK..her long lost friend who left her alone in the middle of her sorrows or Maan, who held her hand in that darkness and pulled her out. And the biggest irony was that…in spite of all the confusion..there was someone in the little corner of her heart who cried, “I want to go to Maan…

Her brain stopped her, “why should you go?

But her heart wanted to go so badly..cry her heart out in his arms….and now everything around just seemed dead! Nothing seemed to amuse her anymore…neither the world…nor its people. And she still blamed herself for Maan’s condition.


        Maan sat in his room, reading a file! He was much better now. He wanted to check on geet…was she alright? He wanted to call her..but then it struck him..she probably doesn’t trust him…that’s why she lied! And Maan Singh Khurana absolutely hated lies!

Jasmeet couldn’t understand what was wrong with geet! She thought she was upset because of Maan’s accident but now… there was more to it! She was taking it too far. She tried to ask her what was bothering her…geet just looked at her blankly and replied, “everything is my fault!

Brain: yes its your fault…because you let him take over your life geet,…

Heart: yes you are wrong because you didn’t trust his love geet..kya kuch nahi kiya tha usne tumhare liye and you just…

So in both ways she was blamed! She couldn’t take it anymore…her heart was getting heavier each passing moment! She was feeling suffocated..she didn’t want to fight anymore…because anyways she was on the losing side. She stopped going out..she didn’t talk to Rahul or jess. Jasmeet tried to ask again and again…but she got the same reply every time.

Maan woke up with a heavy head. And the 1st thing that he saw was his and Sweetu’s portrait that hung on the wall in front of his bed! He looked at it close…she resembled someone…someone he knew closely..but who? And his mind went back to the day he had an argument with Sweetu when she was in India…and come to think of it…there was no apparent reason he could confer as the reason of her sudden outburst! Why was she so mad at him? What had he done??? Why was she so rude? Agreed it was his fault to have not attended her birthday…he was so much held up..but then later..her rudeness was something he could never take out of his mind. She was never like this..then what has happened to her?

Maan; you left me Sweetu…and geet…ahh where are you Sweetu? What has happened to you?

Just then Avantika entered and saw him looking at Sweetu’s pic. She went ans sat close to him.

Avantika: kya baat hai Maan? What are you thinking?

Maan: kuch nahi mom…just thinking how much Sweetu had changed over the years…she has become so rude…!

Avantika thought Maan would know everything since both were very close..but then may be…Sweetu didn’t want to tell him. She realized what he might be thinking about geet because she had met her and seen that change in her.

Avantika: she is just what life had made out of her Maan…

Maan: matlab…mein samjha nahi mom!

Avantika: Sweetu didn’t tell you anything?

Now Maan wondered when were they in contact for the last so many years that he’d know anything on her. Nevertheless, something was wrong. He tried to play safe!

Maan: no mom…I mean she never said it clearly..

Avantika: umm..maybe she doesn’t want to remember anything. She was around 16 I guess…they were staying in Japan..tension was flaring up in business…Jasmeet and bhai-sahab wanted to keep her away so they decided to send her to London to us to continue with her studies, away from the stressful situations…but.

She took a deep breath in, recalling what Jasmeet had told her when they had met.

Maan: phir kya hua tha mom?

Avatika continued, “then dad and I had moved to India and maa was with you..

He could faintly recall how he was nervous about his basketball match and his calling up Sweetu and her talks…there was always warmth filled in them..!

but she could never make it to London..

Maan was curious to know what could have happened!

The day she had her flight, bhai-sahab passed away in a fatal accident…she couldn’t come! Jasmeet still assumed it to be some dirty money game!

Maan was shocked to hear that….not because of papa’s death though because the time he had known it since the time he had met Jasmeet. As far as he could remember..even till the last moment  he was in contact with Sweetu, she never mentioned about her returning back to London!

Maan: par mom..she never told me that she was coming back!

Avantika: I asked her the same to Jasmeet. After shifting to Tokyo, things just went haywire..and they never got a chance to contact us..everything just happened! They wanted to wind up everything as fast as possible and move back to India…but bhai-sahab’s death just shook them up.

Maan listened to everything carefully and the 1st thing that came to his mind was geet lying in the college sickroom, crying for her “papa”. He shook his head….why did geet come to his mind…even he didn’t know…but it just did. He could remember how much she had cried…the way she hugged him desperately, her saying, “mujhe sab chod kar chale gaye…” he closed his eyes painfully.

Avantika: they took away almost all the shares that were in bhai-sahab’s name..but luckily 55% of the property was under Sweetu’s name and the will clearly showed that whatever was under her name would only be transferable to her husband when she got married..Otherwise everything will go to the govt..! till her marriage, she was the sole owner. They were probably some business partners in Japan..they tried to take geet away..jasmeet protested..they even tried to misbehave with her….

She closed her eyes for a while, letting that drop of tears fall. Maan went numb…his mind again unconsciously went back to geet…her initial hatred for boys, her rude behavior, their face –off, her despising the boys, her 1st day in college when she had punched the guys trying to trouble a girl….her not trusting a single male specie…arrghhh why was he thinking about her? damn..why? he had never thought Sweetu could have seen so much!

Avantika continued after an eloquent pause, “their telephone networks were cut, their mansion in Tokyo was put on auction without a notice…Jasmeet managed to take whatever they had and got both of them back to India safely. And from that day, she has been trying hard to manage whatever 55% of the shares they had. Sweetu did go to London…but not to pursue music…rather to do her masters in business administration..

Maan was speechless…he realized how much difficult it would have been for Sweetu to have witnessed all that! and his damn mind went back to the day..i mean the rainy night he had seen geet for the 1st time..the pain her eyes had sealed..damn! Damn! Damn! Why does every single word about Sweetu take him to geet? How she was walking all alone in that she had hopefully extended her hands to him..and then run away…singing a sweet yet a painful! what was happening to him? How was geet connected to anything?? For god’s sake they were talking about Sweetu..not geet!

Avantika:…and its not her fault that she had turned so rude Maan….

Maan; but where is she now mom? She enevr told me anything the last time we had spoken!

Avantika: she is in London right now..she is not keeping very well for the past few days…

Maan: did you see her?

Avantika wiped her tears and smiled, “yes…she was with you the whole two days you were unconscious in hospital..she was the one who took care of you

Maan hadn’t expected that. Sweetu was all the while..but where was geet then? He got worried…where and how was she? He saw Avantika rise up to leave. She caressed his head, “but you know what Maan.. Sweetu still loves you..and now even more…madly!

She walked away hearing Yash call for her. Maan didn’t seen to register the last line. He was worried about geet. If Sweetu was with him the entire time..then whatever happened to geet? And if Sweetu was with him..then where was she when he had gained consciousness? She never even showed up the entire time he was there! This was so strange!

 please watch this vm (by roops)

             Geet was healing physically but the fight within continued. She did go out with jess. Rahul made sure Dan wasn’t around…he was Dan’s best friend but he also knew whatever she was doing, was wrong! He couldn’t have seen two lives being disturbed because of one person. And he knew how it felt when you are in love.

Geet kept quiet. Every time her heart came up with a lovely reason to get back to Maan. Immediately her brain would put forward a solid reason to stay away from him. All in all…she could neither move forwards..nor could she move back! if she puts a step ahead thinking of the pain she had given Maan…she’d get conflicted and torn and take a step back thinking of how life had played with her.

Dan was worried about geet. He was also held up with his job. He tried calling her but she never answered. In fact she hardly answered anybody’s call!!!

She met up with jess that evening after she had cribbed and cried over it like a mad. She felt a little better but now she was completely torn. She had no more courage to sustain that inner conflict. She wanted to get away…she wanted peace… in his arms??

She didn’t know! But she just wanted everything back to the way it was. But alas..they were far from being done. Everything around just reminded her of Maan…and MK of course side by side. She drove back in her car…dusk had already fallen. She hated the sound of the vehicles…the people around..talking and laughing… she wanted peace/ she didn’t want to go back home. She thought for a while and took a detour. After driving for an hour..she found herself at the perfect place…their camp site! She parked her car and walked up the hill, lost in her own world and every turn just seemed to remind her of him—i..i…I love bugs bunny…. i..i love soccer…

She didn’t know when tears had rolled down her eyes. She finally reached the place that held a very special place in her heart..everything was just the same…the trees canopying the entire area.. the peaceful surrounding… the babbling of the brook…everything just seemed to invite her in. but sadly, her heart and brain battled again.

Heart: go back to Maan..please geet..

Brain: you are not going back…he was never there for you can’t go back to him..

Heart; he was always there with you geet…, if not with Sweetu..but with he was there for YOU—GEET!

Brain; that’s all nonsense geet…where was he when you needed him the most? You’ll get hurt me for once!

 Heart: you love him geet…you know you can’t stay away from him…is your love that weak ke tummhe jhooth bolna pada?

STOP IT….” She screamed! No..she can’t take it anymore. She ran towards the cliff and stood at the edge again…she turned, facing her ack to the fall…abd there he was! She saw him…standing a few feet away from her…smiling. She smiled through her tears! He said nothing..he just smiled nad extended his hand to her. she couldn’t even differentiate between her imagination and reality. She extended her hand to reach him…and he just vanished! She smiled cruelly over her fate…her brain and her heart to have made a joke out of her life.…” she whispered, closed her eyes and jumped off!

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  1. Maaneet Lover

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    Oww… Was not waiting for that (end) ! Still, great part, yet so sad… 😦
    Upload faaaaaaaast pleaaase ! Thank you :)))


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