07 Jun

tu kitni badi ho gayi hain…

She smiled naughtily, “kya karun..aur koi option bhi to nahi tha naa!


She hugged him tight again, with a beautiful smile adoring her lips!!!

…”Maine poocha ek ghata se itra ke chaldi kahan
Pyaas ki bari zameen hai barson bhi tarsao na
Thoda woh gurraayi thoda sa tharraayi
Gajhri yahaan se wahaan
Preet rootha thi phir cham cham woh barsi hi teri tarah piya..”


The orientation ceremony started off with welcome speeches by the dean, some prominent faculty members and all the boring stuffs. Geet yawned while roops literally dozed off and prem was already asleep on geet’s shoulder.


The dean and teachers finished with their pakau stuffs and walked out. Of course the seniors were waiting for this moment—come on college..1st day and no ragging..are you out of your mind? They had everything set for the “grand welcome” of the freshers. It started with general intro. Students were called upon the stage and asked to introduce themselves…and aage bhaiyya seniors ki marzi!


When it came to roops, after the general intro, the seniors stopped her on the stage.

Senior: so you are a gujju right?

Roops: yeah..i am! Any problem with that?

A group of guys whistled at her answer. She looked at geet who showed her a thumbs up.

Another senior: fine…then take this..

He threw a red rose on her which she caught instantly.

Senior: choose one bakra…any bakra present in the hall and propose him gujju style! Aakhir hum bhi dekhen kitna dum hain! Hurry up!

Roops looked here and there for her “bakra”.

Senior;’re not queen Elizabeth are you? Hurry up..we don’t have the whole day for you. Choose your bakra fast!


Roops (evily): YOU!

Senior; what?

Roops (atti): yeah..i choose you! Kyunki aap hi ne to kaha tha choose anyone aur mujhe iss hall mein aap se bada bakra nazar nahi aa raha!

The entire hall echoed with laughter. Bechara senior sharm se paani paani types. He couldn’t believe his joke came on him. His friends pushed him up the stage. Roops walked and kneeled down in front of him boldly with the red rose in her mouth and held his hand. Goodness..he was sooo red!


Roops (cutely): taru modhu dukar javu sundhar che anne maine vishwas nathi thatu ke hu aa karu chu pan su kari saku majboori che atle karu chu ke hu tane prem karu chu!

(your face I see is as beautiful as a pig and I can’t believe am doing this but khair majboori mein hi sahi..i love you!)


The room went pin drop silent. Geet was the 1st one to burst out laughing…she had stayed with roops since std 6th… ab dosti ka kuch to asar padega na! a few gujjus there also started laughing their heads off understanding her words and explaining it to other students and then followed a loud round of applause and hooting.


The masti went on but geet was not happy. How come everyone was made fun of and not her? they just asked for her intro and let her go! Did they miss something? She felt offended…iska matlab she was not appealing enough? She went mad with the thought! She waited and waited and waited but nothing happened. She was very disappointed by the end of the day. She even passed silly comments on some seniors with a tiny mini hope but still nothing happened! She went back home depressed. She didn’t even talk to anyone or had her food properly. She was sulking big time!


Jasmeet couldn’t understand what happened. Geet never came out of her room. Maan couldn’t go out with anisha. She had got guests at home and moreover being a royal family they were strict on disciplinary grounds.maan drove to geet’s place.

Maan (st): kamal hai..geet is back and phir bhi itna sannata?

He found Jasmeet in the living hall. He went and hugged her.

Maan; mumma…geet kahan hai? Itni shaanti kyun hai?

Jasmeet let out a sigh, “pata nahi kis baat se dil chota kar ke kamre baithi hain…she is not even talking to anyone.

Maan (worried): usne aapse kuch kaha? College mein kuch hua kya?

Geet had just come out of her room finally when she looked down to see Maan sitting with Jasmeet and asking about her. grr… this was something that irritated her like hell.


She just shouted on the top of her voice, “tu udhar hi baithke enquiry karta rahega ya upar bhi aayega? You are supposed to ask me what happened , not mumma. Waise bhi college mein jati hun..mumma nahi..samjha!

And the next moment he heard her door bang shut. He looked at Jasmeet and then up. She was gone.

Jasmeet; ja ussey baat kar wana sabko pagal kar degi!

He ran up and knocked her door.

Maan: geet..darwaza khol…geet..

She shouted from inside, “jaa na..aur baith mumma ke paas..

Maan: acha am sorry..ab to darwaza khol de meri maa…

She didn’t reply. He knocked again and found her door already open. He rolled his eyes. It was open from the very beginning.


She was lying on the bed on her tummy, sulking. He noticed her hair..that dangled down the bed, touching the floor. Wow..she had grown it so long! He went and sat beside her.

Maan: kya hua? Kyun naraz hai?

Geet; kuch nahi..

Maan: arrey bol mein kuch hua kya?

She sat up with a jerk and crossed her legs. Her hair, he notice, brushed up..they were waist long..may be longer. As she moved, the air was filled with a sweet aroma…umm may be her shampoo, he guessed.

Geet: yaar aaj mera sabse bura din hain…

Mana: kyun? Aaj kya ho gaya?

Gete: arrey ek to aaj college ka 1st day and upar se kisi ne ragging bhi nahi ki…aur..

Maan’s eyes lit up, “kya? Arrey wah..this is great..”

She gave him a curious look, “isme great kya hai?

He cupped her face, “arrey budhu, are saved! Agar meine unhe mana nahi kiya hota to..”


She didn’t hear anything else. She was stuck with “agar meine mana nahi kiya hota..”

Her expressions changed drastically into a frown and she pushed him away.

Geet: tune..mana kiya tha unhe?

Maan (happily): yes yes..

Geet (angry): why the hell did you do that idiot?

Maan wondered why she was getting angry.

to isme bura kya hai? Freshers crave to have an acquaintance in seniors to get away from ragging and jab tujhe sab kuch bana banaya mil raha hain to whats the problem?

mujhe rag hona tha..,” she cried, “aur tune sab barbad kar diya..”


Maan felt like he’d faint right there, “geet…are you okay?

She looked away, “mujhe rag hona tha…meri zindagi ki 1st ragging…I was so waiting for this day….aur tune..arrghh…baat mat kar mujhse tu!

He wanted to bang his somewhere hard, “geet..tu pagal hain..

Geet: mujhe rag hona hai..

Maan ignored that, “chal bahar chalte hain..”

Geet: tune suna nahi…mujhe rag hona hai bas! Aur waise bhi mein tujhse baat nahi kar rahi!

Maan: yeah I can see that! chal na…abhi sirf 7 baje hain…we can go out and have dinner too..chal..

Geet: am not talking to you..

He pulled her hand, “nautanki mat kar aur chal..

She snapped, “tere saath kahin nahi jaana samjha tu!


Maan: excuse me…teri permission nahi le raha hun! Am just telling you.

He pushed her into the washroom, “ja..change kar and come fast..

She looked at him from the corner of her eyes.

kya hai..jaa na! I know you want to go.! Bhaav mat kha!

Geet (cutely): ek shart pe

“and whats that?

tu kal college mein apni baat waapis lega. You’ll allow them to rag me!

forget it!

then am not going…! Aaj dekha na they ragged roops so much…usne kitna mazaa kiya…

ek minute..ek minute… iska matlab yu are not angry. Actually you are jealous because roops was ragged and not you…

She couldn’t hide her smile. She was actually feeling jealous..a bit…thoda sa…ek dun tiny mini bit…

Geet: tujhe jo sochna hai soch le…. But tomorrow you ARE taking your words back!

Maan: theek hai meri maa..ab jaa!


They went around the city in Maan’s car. The cool breeze just made their day. She no..ordered him to stop every now and then saying ye khana hain..wo khana hain..

tu golgappe ki poori dukaan khayegi kya?

He commented when she pushed in a big round golgappa in her tiny mouth.

She ignored, “tujhe nahi khaana..teri marzi! Par mera dimaag mat khaa!

Maan happily paid for everything she ate or bought. By the time they reached a restaurant for dinner, geet was so full. Maan hardly had anything on the way. He relished the dinner while geet couldn’t eat much.


Later Maan drove her to KM, instead of her place. After all geet had promised Dadima to stay there for a few days!

Dadima couldn’t be happier. She hugged geet madly and kissed her forehead. They had their chit chat while Maan sat on the couch turning on the tv. She came after a while and slumped herself beside him. Maan was watching a movie when she snatched the remote and browsed to F1 race.


Maan: ye to repeat hain yaar…

Geet: but I love it…

Both watched in silence for a while. She was totally lying on him, pushing him to the corner of the couch. He didn’t mind. Something struck geet.

Geet: waise teri car buri nahi hai na?

He looked proud, “ hain and corvertible model hain..”

She jumped up, “wow yaar…waise when did you buy that?

you forgot? I had told you na..i had turned 18..mumma ne gift ki thi!

Her smile vanished and she leaned back on him.

kya hua? also 18 na..phir mumma ne mujhe kyun nahi di?

He felt her voice go low and he had never liked a sad and low geet. For him, “geet” always meant live, bubbly and his gundi!

she didn’t because tera koi bharosa nahi hai na..pata nahi kab kisa accident karwa de…

She waked him, “you’re making fun of me?

na baba…am pitying the other riders on the road!


She felt offended and twisted her lips, “waise bhi mein koi aisa waisa car nahi chalati jisse accident ho! I have my own choice

and what is you choice? If possible I can help you buy that!

ha ha..mazak mat kar! Use kharredna tere bas ki baat nahi! Forget it!

challenge mat kar mujhe…ek baar bata to kaunsi car chahiye..

tu laakar dega?

of course..

theek hain..agar aisa hai to get me a LAMBHORGHINI MURCEILAGO!

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