Fairy…Tail???!!! #89

05 Jun


She had just finished with her food and was waiting for her dessert. Dan was cracking silly jokes and she couldn’t stop laughing. Suddenly she felt her entire body burn with an intense heat…like someone was just gazing at her intently. She felt uncomfortable. She turned around only to see Maan, standing a few feet away, holding some files, glaring at her..his eyes..ohh god.. she went numb..and the spoon just fell off her hands!


She froze right there. She didn’t know what to react or how to! Fear and guilt gripped her heart. Dan was all cool about it. If he hadn’t requested her…she wouldn’t have probably been here. And whatever happened between Maan and geet was none of his concern. It was better not to interfere. But yeah, he hadn’t expected geet to lie or Maan to see them like this!


Maan just entered the restaurant to meet his clients. They were supposed to meet here and finish off the final touches to the project he had undertaken with them. But then, he couldn’t miss that familiar laughter that filled his heart with warmth and peace. He fought with himself. She was in the caf right! She can’t reach here in 10 minutes..he was damn sure! He was hallucinating for sure! He smacked his head and moved ahead when his eyes fell on her and…!

He was shocked beyond words. She was here with someone whom he had started despising! She lied! His mind stopped working…just one thing that ran through his head, round and round—SHE LIED!


She slowly stood up…her eyes had so much fear in them. His gaze…ohh god. She can’t meet them! She shook her head slowly, denying that what he was thinking was wrong…tears clouded her eyes. She could see the pain in his eyes…her heart sunk! She took a step forward. He clenched his fists and walked away with his clients who had reached there. He didn’t even want to think about Dan! All that mattered was her!

She couldn’t take that just can’t! she needs to talk to him…she turned to leave when Dan held back her hand. She looked at him, shocked! Why was he stopping her? he shook his head for a no! she looked at Maan’s retreating figure and then at Dan’s hold. She was in no state of thinking anything…Maan was going! That just ate her within. She wriggled her hand, “let me go..!


He didn’t. she was so darn shocked at his behavior. She pulled her hand hard, “lemme…let me go..please….” she cried and with a jerk she released her hand and ran after Maan.

He was numb! She lied! Why? He went into the lift and saw hwe running towards him. He was never hurt this bad! She was about to reach when he just pushed the button…the door closed and the lift went up. She dashed hard with the closed door and fell down, crying!

Maan…don’t go away like this…


She can bear anything but not his silence! She didn’t know which floor to look. She looked here and there and ran to the reception asking about any meeting schedules in there.

Receptionist: sorry ma’am but could you be specific, please! We have 6 meetings going on in different halls.

She didn’t know what to say. She had no idea whom to ask for.

Geet: um…could you please check for Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, Khurana empires, India..

Receptionist: just a minute ma’am…

Geet: could you make it fast? Its urgent…

Receptionist: we’re searching ma’am..please have patience..

She couldn’t stand..neither could she sit or wait. She went and shouted.

Geet: are you done?

Receptionist: ya..yeah..

She just checked again, “it’s the convention hall, 4th floor, right corridor ma’ 452..but..


Geet dashed without listening further. She pressed the lift button…ahh it was taking too long. She couldn’t wait. She ran up the stairs all to the 4th floor, almost fainting out of sheer exhaustion. She couldn’t let him go away like this. She ran madly towards the meeting hall but was stopped by the guards.

ma’ can’t go in

She requested, “please..i need to talk urgently…let me go please..

sorry ma’am..butthere are strict orders…we can’t let you in!

please..I need to,” she begged, “please inform him…please..


The guards looked at each other. One of them went in and informed Maan that some lady wanted to see him urgently. He looked towards the half-glass door and his eyes just caught hers. She was glued to the glass, watching him as tears rolled down. He just gave her a glance…just one glance and there she drowned in the sea of pain that she witnessed in his eyes. He quickly averted his gaze and told the guards to inform  her that he was busy, he can’t see her.

Geet couldn’t bear that, she barged in crying, “Maan…listen to me once…please…


Everyone looked at Maan and geet, shocked! His eyes had so may questions, so much pain and so much anger.

He shouted, “what is all this? Can’t you see am in the middle of an important meeting?

Maan..ek baar tho suniye….please,” she pleaded!

get out! This is a professional place..we don’t have time for all this..

Maan..please..i..i’m sorry…

He screamed, “GET OUT!


She got a bit scared. Tears didn’t stop. She trembled, but took a few steps towards him. He shouted, “guards!!

They came running.

Maan: you are not paid to slack off when strict orders and given…I need her out in the next 5 seconds or you lose your job!

It was for the 1st time geet had witnessed Maan Singh Khurana! She went shockjed for a moment…she had never witnessed this side of his! She kept gaping at him motionless until the guards held her arm and dragged her out.

Geet: ahh..chodo mujhe…leave! Maan…please…listen to for once…please…ek baar..aap galat samajh rahe hain..

He turned away from her and closed his eyes and a drop of tear trickled out his eyes! The last thing she heard before being thrown out was his voice, “lets continue with the meeting gentlemen!


He just wanted to be alone. He started hating the meeting and everyone around him. But he couldn’t have helped it. He was finally left alone after almost 3 hours. Everyone had left the hall. He just sat there alone… why did she lie? He was not hurt because she was with Dan even after his repeated warning…but because she lied to him. He couldn’t move for sometime.


After an hour or so, he decided to leave! He packed his stuff and walked out but then stopped. Did she reach home safely? He regretted his actions today…how rudely he had behaved with her today! His heart ached! He took out his cell to call her. his fingers hesitated for a while but he knew she might do something stupid!

He took a deep breath and dialed her number. To his utter surprise, he heard her cell cry somewhere around him. He turned around only to see her sitting on the floor, cuddled up in a corner beside the meeting hall, her face buried between her knees. Her cell lied on the floor. He disconnected the call and immediately kneeled down beside her, worried!


Maan: geet…utho.. you okay?

He shook her. she didn’t reply. He lifted her head head and saw her trying to open her eyes. She looked so worn out..tear streaks visible on her cheeks! Ohh god…she was here the whole time!! He hated himself! He cupped her face and caressed his thumb over her cheeks.

Maan: geet…open your eyes!! Ghar kyun nhai gayi ab tak?

She opened her eyes to meet his concerned ones…there was so much much love…yet a deep pain in couldn’t miss it. She held his hands and kissed them. Fresh tears rolled down, “aapke bina kahin nahi jaana! Am sorry Maan..I..

He left her and stood up, facing his back to her. she stood up wiping her tears.


Geet: Maan…ek baar meri baat sun lijiye please…! Its not what you think. Dan and …

Arrghh he hated their names together! He turned around in a jerk…his eyes spitted fire!

Maan: to kya hain? What is it damn it?

He curled his fingers into a fist and hit the wall real hard! His knuckles real hard! She had never seen him like this!! She got so scared. She sae blood stains on the wall and immediately held his hand!

Geet: Maan..don’t do this please! Dan had called me..i promise I didn’t want to come..but then he insisted..i couldn’t deny…he requested so much..i swear..even the last two times I had met him….

He just shot her a deathly glare! She ate her words and gulped down hard!


Maan: what did you just say?

She realized he never knew about the last time she had met…

He held her arms tight and pushed her against the wall, hard! She cried in pain..unable to bear his anger…unable to meet his eyes!

Maan roared, “what the hell did you just say? Last two times…

She closed her eyes tight, scared, letting her tears fall.

you lied…,” his fingers dug into her flesh. She bit her lips.

i..i didn’t want to…

He let out a sigh, “you lied…”

His eyes looked into hers with so much pain..she couldn’t take it..the pain of his trust being broken…!!

 Maano ek hi ishaare mein hazaron sawal kar baithe hon..

jiska jawab shayad uske paas nahi…


Maan..i..i didn’t know how you’d react..i…” her voice trembled!

He pushed her away, “you lied..”

She shook her head and hugged him, ” no Maan..i..

He pushed her away yet again, this time pinning her against the wall!

what did I do to deserve my trust being broken like this geet?

Ahh..she couldn’t bear that pain that oozed out of his every look..every word!

why did you lie? I gave you much space you needed…I never forced you into anything…tumne jab jo aur jaisa chaha ..meine waise hi kiya.. I gave you complete freedom to live the way you want..just because I didn’t want my love or my possessiveness to tie you down…I didn’t want you to feel suffocated…I trusted you and your every word blindly, without any question..phir mere saath aisa kyun kiya geet? Kyun?” his voice cracked.


She slowly looked up, “I’m sorry…

sorry…f*** that damn word geet!

She was shocked to hear him say like this. She knew her Maan was always soft and gentle..then today..

you know what geet…tum mujhe keh deti that you are with Dan, mujhe utna bura nahi lagta, jitna ab lag raha hain…you lied..not once but…


He pushed her hard and this time she fell on the ground. He didn’t even look at her and walked off..sad, angry, betrayed…she lied..not once..but thrice…! He didn’t even want to see her face right now! The pain was unbearable. He walked out…lost and dove somewhere he didn’t know where! Why the hell did she lie? She didn’t trust him!

Geet came running behind him and saw him taking out his car. She ran to her car and followed him. She did wrong…accepted but she can’t see him hurt! She had to make everything right!


He drove madly on the main highway, speeding up, she doesn’t trust him… he felt his love stoop lower..he banged his hand on the steering and sped up!

She panicked. He was driving too fast. she had never witnessed his pain filled anger side. She had hurt him big time. She wiped her tears and sped up!

Maan turned his car sharply into a lane when he just dashed into a truck moving his way! He didn’t even try to turn his car or even pushed the brakes. Geet braked hard seeing his car collide head-on with a truck. Her world stopped right there. She didn’t even scream! Her world seemed to shatter. No…this is not happening! She stepped out of the car and rushed to his car.


A crowd gathered and police and ambulance sirens filled the air. She was not even able to see if he was inside. She felt her heart beats slowing down with each passing second! Every sweet moment spent with him just crossed her mind like a projector slide.

It took almost an hour to clear the mess and get his body out. She was pleading the police to hurry up. The workers held her back while getting his bleeding lifeless body out! Her entire being shook seeing him like that and she felt it again…something slipping right out of her hands  and she just couldn’t help it! But the difference was, this time she knew what was slipping out of her hands. She followed the ambulance in her car, numb! Her eyes clouded with tears and her heart heavy with guilt and pain!


Maan’s family was informed by the office people. Geet stayed by his side the whole 2 days, not moving a bit. She had gone numb, seeing his lifeless body..he hadn’t even opened his eyes in the whole 2 days. The lies she thought would help her sustain their relationship became her doom. She didn’t even cry now. Rahul and jess rushed to the hospital. Dan went but got ignored. Rahul persuaded geet to go home and freshen up. She didn’t reply. She didn’t move..didn’t even take a drop of water into her mouth, forget food. She just sat there like a statue, holding his hand until his family arrived.

Avantika ran into the ICU, crying. Jasmeet had come too, even Dadima! Avantika didn’t notice geet sitting beside Maan..not did geet.


Avantika cried, “Maan..uth na beta…ek baar to aankhien khol..

Jasmeet and Dadima were surprised to see geet sitting beside him, lost somewhere.

Dadima tapped her shoulder, “geet bete..geet..aap yahan..

Jasmeet called her too, “geet…geet…

She came back to reality with a startle. Her eyes were completely blank. Her face was expressionless. She looked at Dadima and then she she heard a familiar voice, “Maan..beta open your eyes…

She slowly looked towards the voice and then at Jasmeet.

She looked at the voice again…she saw Avantika cry, calling out to Maan…she looked at an unconscious Maan and again looked at anatika kissing Maan’s forehead.

As realization sunk into her slowly she just whispered, “MK…i…I founf you..

And she fainted in jasmeet’s arms!


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2 responses to “Fairy…Tail???!!! #89

  1. maaneet lover

    06/06/2012 at 21:40

    Aww…. Nooo 😥 it’s too sad 😦
    Hope Maan is all well (plz don’t make a memory loss track just like in geet : it was horrible)
    I just HAAAAAATE that dan ! Just bcz of him !!!!!!!
    Waiting for more…. Plz ! Fast.. can’t wait.. want a “sweetu-mk milan” lol
    Update soon !!!!!!!

  2. maaneet lover

    11/06/2012 at 20:28

    Me waiting !! 😦


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