Fairy…Tail???!!! #86

19 May

they reached home, all tired and loaded with gifts .she dumped them all on the couch and excitedly sat on the floor with the intention of opening them, like a small kid.

Maan; geet…freshen up sweetheart…phir dekh lena!

Geet: nahi…mujhe abhi dekhna hain.

Maan: arrey pehle change to karlo…phir you can sit the whole night checking your gifts!

She gave him a cute look while he returned the favor with a stern glare. She sighed and tried to stand up holding the frills of her gown when her feet entangled with her lower frills and she tripped, falling back on the floor.

Geet: ouchhh…..why me always?

He laughed at her condition. She shot him a glare. He leaned over and lifted her up and carried her to “their” bedroom and dumped her on the bed. She was mad at him for making fun  of her. he went to get her clothes.

Geet (st): ek to kuch gift nahi dete birthday pe and see how he is making fun of me..grrr!!!

He ignored that. she took her clothes and went to change. he went to the other washroom. He was dead tired and the next day they had a flight to catch.

When he came out, she was already sitting on the floor of the living room, opening her gifts. He smiled and went to sleep.

She was super duper happy with everything happening just like a fairytale. There was one gift…she was awed by its beauty. It contained a beautiful pair of black stilettos with laces to tie around you legs. She checked the box to find the name of the person who presented it to her but she could find none. Now that was strange! Who could have sent it? Was it Maan? Umm…may be yes, she smiled…after all he loved to surprise her! she couldn’t stop falling for this man again and again!

She finished with the gifts and got up to leave when her eyes fell on an envelope kept on the table. She checked it…it had Maan’s name written over it. She opened it only to find two return tickets….for her and Maan! Uff…how much more happiness does he plan to give her? She smiled caressing the paper. She had actually forgotten about her return to India…tickets were far away from her list. She kept everything properly and got back to her room.

He was already fast already. He was just in his trousers. She gulped down hard seeing his bare bodied! He was sleeping on his stomach with his hands tucked under his head. she slowly inched closer…she wanted to hug him, tight thanking him, kissing him for whatever he had done for her!

She slipped into the bed beside him and hugged him tight, placing her head on his back, pressing herself to him.

She wore a tank top and her shorts. She was losing her senses with that touch itself. She inched even closer putting her entire weight on him. Her bare skin burnt when they touched his and a soft moan escaped her lips, feeling him so raw and different. Her hands roamed around his body while her curves pressed on to his back. she burned every where their bare skins came in contact. He woke up with a jerk and went stiff with her touch.

She felt him go stiff suddenly. She was so lost…she kissed his bare back softly on that hot skin of his and strangely more than him, her body was reacting to that touch.

He turned back taking her with him, not able to bear the torture of hers. She laid on the bed while he on top of hers trying to read those pairs of drugged eyes that seemed so restless. He stared at her intently. She wasn’t liking this distance. She held his hair and pulled him into a long deep kiss. Her hands slid lowers caressing his back with her fingers.

He bit her lips hard. She screamed while he dipped his tongue into her mouth silencing her. his hands roamed around her, tracing patters on her bare waist. His fingers sensually caressed the sides of her curves under her top resisting himself from going any further. She felt a current pass don her chest, giving the instant reaction as hardened buds. She felt a thirst for his touch which she wanted him to quench.

Her nails dug into his abs when he delved deeper. He held her hands and pinned them above her head. He left her lips and dug his face in her neck..biting and sucking carnally. She moaned out his name wanting him to go further down…she couldn’t have borne that intensity of his passion. But he resisted. He was already hard down below and he didn’t want to do something that both will regret later. He left her and got off her. she opened her eyes, not feeling him.

Maan..” she alsmot cried. He took a deep breath in and hugged her tight and slept off.

The next morning, he had a hard time waking her up. He woke up early to pack their things while madam slept like a queen, not even wanting to open her eyes.

Maan: geet utho….agar itni hi tired thi then why the hell did you stay up late with those gifts?

She tuned away from him trying to sleep.

Maan: geet….hum late ho jayenge..get up and pack your things shona!

She put the pillow on her head.

Geet: you pack my things and let me sleep.

Maan: ye kya bachpana hain geet…

Uff here she is tyring to sleep and this fellow is irritating her. she got up glaring at him. Her eyes were totally red…more out of sleep and threw her pillow on him. She caught it and smirked evilly. She marched to the living room abd slept off on the couch! He rolled his eyes and packed his stuffs, feeling extremely embarrassed when it came to her ‘things”!

 She woke up lazily around 10 like a princess. Flight was 2 hours later. She got ready taking her own sweet time and it was then she realized that he had already packed her stuffs. Ahh she was truly feeling like a princess now. Maan had already called for his car and they left.

The whole journey was a sweet one… especially for geet. She kept on ordering him this and that, starting from ordering a pizza to eat in the car for her breakfast or carry her luggage in airport while she walked like a princess….and the best part was….he just loved pampering her. throughout the whole time he did everything Madame ordered. She kept holding his arm tight. Even in the flight she put on her earphones, held his arm and rested her head on his shoulder. He did nothing but smile at her, engrossed in his file.


She was super excited to meet her mumma after almost a year and a half. She wanted to surprise her so she didn’t inform her about her arrival. But she was also not willing to let go of Maan. He insisted on dropping her at her place but she had some other plans. After much fuss he agreed to let her go in a tazi, though unwillingly and drove off. Geet took a deep breath in…its good to be back home.

She cabbed to the most famous sweet stall in Delhi and bought a kg of “piste ki launj” (indian sweet dish) and another kg of “kaaju barfi” (another Indian sweet dish)…both were her mumma’s favorite and then her mom also loved kaaju barfi. She had a wide smile on her face while buying them. She laughed remembering how much her mumma hated “videshi” stuffs even after staying 16-17 years abroad. She always had an aversion to foreign stuffs so geet had no better idea than her mumma’s fav sweets.

She got off the taxi right in front of her bungalow. She sighed more mansions. After her papa’s death her mom preferred small houses to mansions. She handled business from here itself. She slowly went in, making sure that her mumma didn’t see her. it was around 9 in the morning, there were hardly 2-3 servants instead of an army of them. They didn’t recognize geet because Jasmeet had moved here just 2-3 months back. when they asked her whom she wanted to meet, she thought why not surprise her mumma!

Geet: ji..mujhe jasmeet ji se milna hain…mein unki dur ki rishtedaar hoon..

Poor servants made her sit in the living room and went to call jasmeet while others served her water and offered snacks. She refused politely but she was having super fun. Her mumma would defo be surprised. She sat there waiting.

Jasmeet was surprised to hear any relative visiting her. it’s been years since anyone had visited her.

Servant: ji..unhone naam to nahi bataya…par wo koi 20-22 saal ki ladki hain.

Jasmeet wondered who could that be. She went to the living room to see a girl in jeans and a top, facing her back to her.

Jasmeet: aap mujhse milna chati thi?

Geet turned around with a big smile on her face.

Geet: ji nahi…mein apni mumma se milna chahti thi!

There was nothing as sweet as this. Jasmeet hugged her madly kissinf all over her face. She dropped the idea of going to office. She showed geet her room. She had decorated it all by herself after she moved here. Geet found her piano neatly polished in her room. Oh my..she couldn’t be happier.

Jasmeet cooked breakfast with her own hands while geet freshened up. Geet handed her the sweets she had brought with her. Jasmeet was super happy. She fed gee, taking anything and everything.

Days went away fast. Geet was there for a week and the next day was her birthday. She had strictly refused for any celebration..she wanted a calm atmosphere. Past few days she had spent her days with Jasmeet, meeting up with her old friends. Maan was keeping busy. She wanted to talk to him but sigh..sir was keeping hell busy. And just a day after her birthday, she was to fly back to London.

So finally it was decided. Jasmeet somehow managed to convince her for a dinner with MK and his family. Later at night she sat by her piano, playing a soft music….MK was coming the next day and mumma says he had been waiting for her ever since he had known that she was coming back!

Did she hate him now? Little Sweetu was resurfacing geet…somewhere feeling so happy that her MK remembers her after all…yes he does! HE DOES! The whole night she sat there thinking…what would it be when she meets him…OMG he might have grown up so much na… how would his voice be….wo kaisa dikhta hoga…and then uska gussa uff…and then again that cuppycake song…she laughed. She could still remember its keys faintly…she played it. Her voice was not child-like anymore. What would it feel like if he asks her to play it again? Sweetu just loved him madly….he won’t let her this time…MAY BE!

With the news of his coming, she almost forgot whatever he had said or done to hurt her..he remembers her even after all these years…that was itself the biggest thing in it!!! She danced in her mind…Sweetu danced! And then, she’d tell him what had happened with her all these years…also about Maan….she blushed with his name… “Maan….” She’d tell about him to MK too…after all he is her best friend!

Today “geet” was suppressed. Sweetu still preserved their friendship/ and today little Sweetu came into light…after so many years…and then she’d definitely remind him about his promise—100 kissey-wissey!

Immediately geet smacked Sweetu hard!

Geet: besharam…check your thoughts! Maan ke saath two-timing kar rahi hai tu? Badi ho gayi hai tu…sudhar ja! You both are not kids anymore!

Sweetu made a baby face. Geet was right. They have grown up…100 kissey wissy…chi chi babajee not a very good idea now! Waise bhi Maan is there to fulfill that quota…she blushed hard!!!!

And then a new logic struck her little brain (and here we go with Sweetu’s silly logicsD'oh). She smirked evilly. Stupid MK…he had said na ke she can’t play basketball….now she’d show him how much of a player she is!!! She is not that chubby anymore and she’d challenge him for a match too. She didn’t even realize when she had slept off.

She woke up afresh murmuring “happy birthday Sweetu“. She was totally chirpy and bubbly today…Jasmeet notice that little change in her. she was seeing Sweetu today…after so many years! Jasmeet did a very minimal decoration to the house. They went to the temple and did a small puja for the birthday girl/ and geet went totally restless as evening came. She helped Jasmeet and others with the food. It was around 7 when Avantika came with a big cake. It was then it came to light that she had met her in the college when she had gone for MK’s convocation. Sweetu didn’t even hear anything. Her eyes were restlessly searching for her MK. She was getting so excited like a kid!

Avantika: MK ko dhundh rahi ho?

She looked down fiddling with her dupatta.

Avantika: he is in the office beta…she said he’d come once he is done. Sigh..he has become a workaholic..Just like his dad!

She waited and waited and waited holding that anticipation….holding on to that expectation.

Maan looked at his watch. 8:30pm..oh god he was supposed to be at Sweetu’s place for her birthday and this meeting is not even nearing its end. He really wanted to meet his chubby Sweetu…all these years..he wondered if she even remembered him! She had stopped calling him long time back.

It was 9:30 and MK still hadn’t shown up. They had cut the cake..she was not happy…why didn’t he come? Sweetu was sinking. Not again…..hope he didn’t shatter her expectations again! One birthday and he couldn’t even make it…hope he didn’t forget it was her birthday today! She didn’t have her dinner saying she’d have it with MK. But did she expect a little too much? The clock ticked by and she waited….though a part of her had already given up hopes but still…somewhere within she still hoped that he’d come.

Jasmeet and avanika sat in the garden talking when a servant gave her avantika’s phone saying it was form some MK! She was in the living room waiting  for him…actually Sweetu was going back into her shell again!

Rage and anger filled her. geet resurfaced…he ditched her again…she shouldn’t have kept up her hopes…Sweetu had cried and vanished somewhere…he was still not there for her.

She inhaled sharply…how dare he? She slowly pressed the phone on her ear and she could hear loud hinkong of cars.

Geet; hello….

Maan stiffened for a moment…. He had called up to apologise but her voice…he couldn’t think for a while.

Geet: hello..

He couldn’t get her voice clear due to the loud honking of cars and the ambulance siren. There had been an accident and he was stuck in traffic.

Maan; hello…Sweetu..hello???

She couldn’t get his voice clear but yeah she did hear Sweetu…she felt so disgusted!

Maan: i..hello…I’m stuck in traffic…I can’t….work….

She couldn’t hear him clearly due to the loud noise and traffic in Delhi is the worst of its kind. She just heard something traffic…I can’t…work…. And just burst out.

Geet: you don’t need to be here at all MK..tumhe jhoota dikhawa karne ki koi zarurat nahi samjhe! You had left me alone that day and today again…and I don’t even expect anything less than this from you…stay out of my life! I hate you…nafrat karti hun tumse…. Thank you so much for calling but I guess you don’t have time for anything els except yourself…spare me please!

And she disconnected the call angrily.

There were people shouting.. screaming, police announcing something sirens blaring loud and he could hardly make out words something like alone…i hate you…spare me please…. And the call was disconnected. He wondered why she was this mad…may be because he couldn’t make it to her birthday…! Nonetheless, he’d call her back later. People were shouting and screaming…police was around too…..and he was stuck!!!


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2 responses to “Fairy…Tail???!!! #86

  1. nats0101

    20/05/2012 at 14:25

    awesm updt
    poor sweetu.. evrytym knowingly or unknowingly mk breaks her heart
    wonder she ll react 2 maan being mk!!
    waiting 4 more!!

  2. maaneet lover

    20/05/2012 at 21:21

    Heey, thanksss !!! I just reaally hope that they come face to face… In next update, plz !!!!!!
    Next paaaaart !!!! 😥


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