Fairy…Tail???!!! #75

22 Mar

She immediately pulled back and looked around! He raised his brows asking what happened!!! She rubbed her nose and looked up and felt the same thing on her face again! She smiled with that flushed cheek of hers!

Geet: its snowing Maan…


They probably sneaked into the mansion at around 3 in the morning… tired, sleepy, happy, and covered with the 1st snow! Before entering  her room, she tiptoed and placed a peck on his cheeks, “happy new year Maan

And before even he could respond, he heard her door shut loud in that complete silence. He shook his head and went to his room!

She probably stood for sometime resting her back against the door, clutching her heart…trying to steady the erratic heartbeats! She chuckled at her own reaction to his closeness…uff she had to admit…he takes her breath away!!!

He changed and lied on the bed…lost in deep thought! The twinkle in her eyes…that sweet laughter of hers…her restlessness when he is not near her..her cuddling up to him…invariably giving into his kisses flashed in his mind! A tear probably trickled down his eyes…he was going to snatch away that twinkle very soon…that laughter from her lips! And most probably…he’d be leaving a part of him behind! They had already started packing for the return journey…though very slowly! Dadima had insisted on starting with the old things and kept them in the attic!!!

She never says anything…never demands anything..yet she does things that make him realize how precious he was to her!!

 (well guys..i couldn’t put up the feel with English heres sumthing I wrote in hindi..simple ones..don’t miss them okie!!!)

Uske bina geet ka bechain hona….

Uske ek deedar ke liye tadap uthna…

Geet ki adaa…uska sharmana.

aur uspe bhi itra ke Maan ke dil pe chaa jana..

Ek pal sapna sa lagta…

Jaise dono ka ajnabee hokar bhi apna sa lagna..

Kya ye sapna toot jayega?

Kya ye tadap..sirf ek tadap reh jayegi?

She fell on the bed smiling..blushing….today was something different…well with him..everything was different!! And the morning incident…she was never this angry…but someone eyeing her Maan..that can never be possible..because Maan pe to sirf uska haq hai…hain na?

Iss dil ne hi to uska aisa haal kar diya…

Na kuch kuch sune..

Bas use apna bana liya…

Ab to itni aadat ho gayi hai usko…jaise saans ban gaya ho wo uski!

Shayad anjaane mein apnaa Maan baithi thi use…

Isme uski bhi kya galati….

Ye to bas dil-e-nadaan ki majboori thi….

Ya shayad ek nasamjhi…

Ya kahoon ise ek shararat…

ya phir uski manmaa!! (uff me confusedConfused)

she missed him…it was funny but yeah she missed him! She took her cell and texted him.

Maan u slept?Disapprove

He opened his eyes with a beep on his cell!

yes swthrt tell me

mujhe neend nahi aa rhiOuch


umm sach bolun ya jhoot?Big smile

tum bahut shararti ho u knw tht…pehle jhoot boloErmm

jhoot ye hai ke I MISS U

GrrrAngry aur sach kya hai?


for god’s sake shona u r in da room nxt to mine

NOOOCry..not nxt 2 u…its nxt 2 nxt 2 nxt 2 u! dun make fun of meBroken Heart

okay baba sry..ab so jao..its 3:30

kyun aapko neend aa rhi h?Ermm

nahi…not yet

She didn’t reply for sometime. He became restless!

geet u der?

Maan…aapse kuch puchoon?

yes swthrt..

She replied after sometime, “nahi chodiye..will ask u ltr

kya baat h shona..? yaar tum mujhse kuch chupaya mat karo..i get worried

kuch nhi..abhi aap so jaiye..evn am sleeping. Gud nyt..oops gud mrng :* ” (sry cudnt find a kiss smilyOuch)

umm I wonder whr shaal I think da kiss shud go!Wink

cheeks pe tha..galat matlab mat nikaliye grrrAngry

He laughed at her answer!

ok gud mrng now sleep

Both kept staring at their cell screens wondering if the other had already slept!

Ek dusre ke deedar mein jaane kab aankh lag gayi..taha hi nahi chala

Kab suraj ne apni roshni bikheri…pata hi nahi chala

Kab sapne haqeekat lagne lage…pata hi nhai chala

Aur ye dil jaane kab unka sajda karne laga…pata hi nahi chala!

She woke up lazily around 12 noon yawning and stretching! She checked her cell if he had texted after she had slept off but her face fell. And the most depressing part was…she was to go back home today! After such a beautiful night…she was to remember this stupid annoying thing! She sighed…what is inevitable can’t be changed! College was just a day away. Busy schedule ahead!

Nakul knocked and gave her brunch. She kept it aside and went to freshen up. She came and looked at her food…. Umm did he eat his? she decided to go and call him so that they could eat together…rather she expected him to feed her! hey wait! No..why should she expect?

Wo to uska haq hai na!!!

Maan ki har ada pe haq tha..uske rutbe pe… uski baaton pe….uski hansi pe…aur uske pyaar par to sirf geet ka hi haq tha!

         Haq tha….. ya apni hi nayi duniya mein simatne lagi thi geet?

She took his every gesture as her SOLE RIGHT…her and only hers!

She walked towards the hall when she heard a heated conversation between Maan and Dadima!

Dadima:….did you tell her Maan? Bataya aapne geet ko?

She became alert and hid behind the nearest pillar and peeped her head to see Maan standing in front of Dadima!

Maan kept mum, looking down.

Dadima (angry): aap aur kitne din chupayenge ye baat? Geet ko kitni takleef hogi ye socha hain aapne?

Maan: how can I tell her Dadima…I hardly have 2 months..what will I say her…like ‘geet…am going back to India, take care’ or ‘geet am leaving…I’ll miss you”! What and how shall I say this to her Dadima?

Her heart stopped beating and suddenly the world she had built came crashing down upon her!

Dadima: she loves you so much Maan…

Maan (cutting in): usi ka to darr hai Dadima…I don’t even know ke wo mere bare mein feel karti hai bhi ya nahi…kuch nahi kehti wo dadi..kuch bhi to nahi kehti…

He broke down and fell on his knees and hugged dadima’s wait.

I don’t even know how will she react! I’ve been trying to tell her since the past one month…himmat nahi juta paa raha Dadima…darr lagta hai kahin rooth na de…kahin mere pyaar ko galat na samajh le…darr lagta hai soch ke ki wo roo padegi aur mein..mein..”

He buried his face in her waist and she caressed his hair!

Dadima: agar itna hi pyaar karte hain usse baat mat chupaiye! Geet will understand Maan…bahut suljhi hui ladki hain!


But it never soothed him. Only he knows what would she do if she got to know this…somewhere sacred that she’ll break…she’ll think him a cheat!

And only he knew how much it took him to bring out the real geet and only he knows he can’t breathe without her…forget living!


She stood numb….cold…inanimate like a statue…he was going away…her world collapsed right there! And hardly 1-2 months…that means right after his exams! He dashed past her without noticing her and banged the door of his room shut! Even Dadima went back to her room. An eerie silence filled the mansion…as silent and gloomy as a graveyard!


Did she expect a bit too much? Why is it that whenever she expected something from her life, she was always gifted with the worse of thing?

She didn’t cry…slowly went back to her room and locked herself and just sat there with her by the door. Her hands rested on the floor and her head hung low!

So he was going…away from her! a smile crept on her lips, mocking her life….and a drop of tear fell on her hands…and another…and still one more….


She tried to smile…well wasn’t this always been happening with her? yet those tears rained as her heart cried!

What was she even expecting? She knew she wasn’t supposed to expect anything from anyone…she knew she wasn’t supposed to allow anyone closer to her….ohh how could she forget thise simplest and the most basic principles of life? She cursed herself…how could she?


There was so much happiness….no one would expect there would be an underlying stream of pain…

She tried to smile yet again….even more…but ended up crying her heart out… closing her mouth with her hands until she felt chocked!


No one knew how much time passed but eventually she came out carrying her luggage…ready to leave! As she neared the stairs, his steps matched hers! She didn’t look up and neither did he! They didn’t even speak! What could have they? He felt sad…guilty for keeping her in the dark. She was lost…somewhere even she didn’t know! Dadima stood there feeling very emotional about the whole thing. Geet silently took her blessings as Dadima hugged her saying how much she’d miss her!


She smirked within…because Dadima’s words did give her a double meaning now! They slowly walked out…avoiding looking at each other. The drive throughout was silent. She sat looking outside the wondow and he tried to concentrate on the road. It was around 7pm when they reached her flat. She walked out carrying her bag and slowly walked away..expecting him to call her back once to his embrace! Huh..why was she even expecting?


He kept looking at her retreating figure unable to say anything to her. his life was going away and he could do nothing.

She broke when she heard his car pull away..she ran to her room, locked herself and fell on the bed crying!

why didn’t he tell me? Why do I feel am being left out?

She managed to cook something for herself and had it halfheartedly….the house felt so empty….suddenly her life felt so empty!

He couldn’t sleep…imagining her reaction to his departure…most will he stay away from her!

She turned restlessly on her bed…not knowing what to think…why wasn’t he telling her? his words echoed in her mind again and again! Why is she feeling so restless…like something is just slipping right out of her hands and she is not able to do anything!!!

            Their life went back to the time when Sweetu was leaving for India! Nothing said…nothing asked…but this time she was more restless like never before! Like something was amiss…something was slipping away from her…initially she connected it to Maan but still she didn’t feel the was something else..but what?


College resumed…and life went hectic. Maan went busy with his exams while she in her council and classes. He wanted to talk to her…be with her every passing minute…hold her…kiss her senseless but he was somewhere scared to face her! what if she read her eyes?

But he couldn’t stay away from her either. He tried to be normal with her. he took her out for lunch whenever he was free/ even she tried the same but she was still restless. The frequency of their calls and texts dipped all time low!


It was just a few days before Maan’s exams commenced. She restlessly changed her side. There was not a single moment she had not cried. Why wasn’t he telling her? and above all…this weird feeling…she had kept herself busy all the while…but that feel didn’t seem to subside! And with exams over the head she hardly saw Maan or Rahul or Dan! She indulged herself more and more in studies and council work, tiring herself to sleep but without him…nothing seemd to go well! She felt so empty within…

Maan..” she murmured in her sleep, “I need you to be with me!” a drop of tear escaped her eyes!



He sat in his room, studying…exam was the next day and a pain filled his heart!!! He was well prepared but was going through some important points but his mind kept drifting towards her!! he hadn’t even seen her for the past one week..forget calls and texts! He wanted to see her NOW!

The storm arising in his heart…only she could calm it down. He checked the time..11:30pm. He took his car keys and sneaked out!


He saw her petite frame turning restlessly on her bed as he stood by her bedroom door leaning against the wall! Books scattered here and there..pens…pencils..nothing in place! She smiled and kept everything in place and slipped next to her!



She felt a soothing warmth engulf her entire body and something slipping round her waist! She smiled recognizing that touch and turned to cuddle upto him!

He had his eyes closed..his breathing went heavy and she didn’t even feel the need to open her eyes either. She wrapped her hands round his neck and snuggled closer!!!

tum soyi nahi ab tak?

aap bhi to soye nahi!” she spoke without opening her eyes!

yaar tum sone kahan deti ho?

same case here!

I love you geet


He pulled her even closer and dozed off. Today she slept…in real!!! Her insomnia…he was the cure! Past days were like hell. She could never sleep…but today she did..engulfed in his warmth!


She never asked about his leaving and he never spoke up either! They were happy with each other…yet they were sad! It was always this way…since the very beginning…they were the ones who brought unfathomable happiness to each other and they were the only ones who could give pain to each other!

She woke up around 4 with droopy eyes missing that warmth! She moved her hands making faces. He had moved to the other side where her hands couldn’t reach.


Geet (drowsy): Maan..?

Like he knew her every movement…he knew her every breath!

Maan: am right here shona..

He moved closer to her and she put his head on his chest. Her hands went around his waist clutching him tight.

Maan: ohh geet…you’ll make me go mad!

His one hand went under her and practically lifted her up on himself. He held her tighter and kissed her forehead. They slept a little longer like that.


He woke up around 6:30am lazily…there had never been this peaceful sleep! He tried to stretch but he felt stiffened! It was then he realized she was sleeping on him. He smiled and removed her tresses that teased her face. The morning light falling on her…she looked like a cute little doll. His hand went numb being in the same position for long..but he didn’t mind!


A little later she rubbed her nose and slowly opened her eyes and the 1st thing she saw was his face…he was gazing at her intently!!! She was on him completely, using him as her bed. She didn’t move..she didn’t want to miss the feel. She just raised her head and kissed his cheek, “good morning” she whispered!

He caressed her back with his fingers making her shiver!

aaj exam hain mera..!

She kissed his cheat, “aapko nahi jana?


He rolled her over and came on top of her!

She went breathless for a moment with his sudden weight all over her! he pinned her hands on her sides!

tum jaane do tab na..

His warm breath fell on her shivering lips making them go dry. She looked everywhere but him. His gaze were transfixed on her face…making her skin burn.

He lowered himself and buried his face in the crook of her neck and kissed her gently.

He felt her breath go uneven…he smirked and bit her there1

ouch Maan..” she whispered.

She was pressed between him and her bed….what was he doing to her?

She felt his tongue playing with her skin. She wriggled her legs but he entangled his legs with her not letting her move in any possible way!

He moved up and kissed her cheek…bit her nose..she snorted! He laughed.


Geet (trying to hold herself): Maan..aaj exam hain..GO!

He made a baby face and got off her unwillingly. He took his jacket and went to the door. She followed him quietly. He was about to open the door when she held his hand.

Maan: what?

Geet: eK minute please

She ran to the kitchen and got a chocolate bar.

Geet (cutely): Maan..muh kholiye na please

Maan: why?


Geet: open your mouth na…I don’t have dahi-shakkar to chocolate se kaam chalana padega!

He laughed at her logic.

Maan: geet…you know very well I don’t even drink water until I brush!

She made a baby face, “please..

How could he have said no? he opened his mouth. She broke a cube and put it in. she was going towards the kitchen when he held her back.

Maan: you are not having?

Geet  (happily): mere exams thode na hain…! Waise bhi I haven’t brushed…so can’t eat!


He narrowed his brows..she gave a sheepish smile! And the next moment she knew he had pushed her against the wall and slammed his lips on hers. She felt the taste of chocolate on her tongue. Her eyes widened in shock when he pushed that half melted chocolate into her mouth and left her instantly..leaving her panting!

He smirked looking at her dazed self!

I know you want to wish me all the best! Thanks!

He kissed her cheek before leaving, “love ya..bye!!!


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