Fairy…Tail???!!! #74

20 Mar

Soon as they reached out, she threw his hand away angrily!

Maan: ab meine kya kiya?

Geet (sternly): don’t act smart Maan…STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

Maan (naughtily): so you are jealous han? Meine to pehle hi kaha tha but tum meri baat na!!

She stood still…without turning back to him! He teased but she kept mum…silence prevailed and wondered what had made her this quiet! Wasn’t she mad and worked up a few minutes ago?

Maan: geet…kya hua? You alright?

She didn’t reply! He went closer, held her shoulder and turned her around! His eyes met her tear streaked face…red eyes…he had never expected this! He cupped her face

Maan: what happened shona?

She looked away not replying…tears glistening in the afternoon sun! he held her chin and made her look at him!

Maan: geet what happened?

He knew she’d try to get away so he held her waist and pinned her to his body!

Geet: let go of me Maan..

Maan (sternly): jab tak tum nahi bataogi…am not leaving you! Kisi ne kuch kaha tumse?

She shook her head and pushed him away. He held her tight against him!

Maan: shona tell me what happened ha!!! Why are you so upset?

She fought hard but his grip got stronger!

Geet (frustrated): CHODIYE MUJHE…

Hey eyes were red and these tears didn’t stop and this was making him restless…her fighting…her denial to tell him anything angered him!


Geet (still fighting): I don’t want to talk about it…aap nahi samjhoge…

She had hardly finished her sentence when he smacked his lips on hers!! She hit his chest, crying into his mouth, “chodiye mujhe Maan,….”

He didn’t…his one hand cradles her head not letting her move! He probed his tongue inside her..taking in her complaints and cries…she realized she was very disturbed with something!

She couldn’t free herself..frustrated she ceased her attempts! Just then he parted and looked into her eyes deep…asking for an answer!

She clutched his shirt and looked down…still not able to calm that inner turmoil in her!

Maan (softly): geet..batao mujhe..

She didn’t look up, “mein…mein…

She raised her face to look into his eyes, “mein kya jawab deti Maan? What could have I answered them?

He tried to formulate her words…did those girls say her something?

Maan: kya kaha unhone tummhe?

She was so so so disturbed..she slowly inched back and walked back into the mansion! Before entering she wiped her tears and went upstairs!

Dadima: geet bete…where are you going? Its lunch time beta…come with us!

Geet faked a smile, “ not feeling quiet well..justgoing to my room!

Dadima: you okay beta? Shall we get the doctor?

Geet: that’s not ecessary Dadima I just need some rest…sorry for the inconvenience Dadima..

Dadima: its okay beta you needn’t be sorry. I’l send nakul with your lunch. We have arranged lunch in the garden..if you feel god..join us!!

Geet nodded and went to her room and looked it!

Maan so much wanted to go and talk to her but he was held up with guests!!! Even he was disturbed along with her….his heart and mind refused to think anything but her!

She ran and fell on the bed crying…!!! What was it that disturbed her so much? She hit the pillows, “why did they ask me? Kya rishta hain mera Maan ke saath? Why they were talking about him? Why?”

She felt angry at them…angry at self…why couldn’t she answer them back? was she even his gf? Did he have any other girl in his life? She couldn’t even bear it…they had even asked her if he had slept with any girl..she cried harder burying her face in the pillow,,,what if he had…..what if he had someone else…what if….she cried with the pain that stirred in her heart..

mein nahi dekh sakti aapko kisi aur ke saath…I can’t even hear…..WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?

Maan somehow excused himself and ran into the mansion! He saw nakul coming down with a tray of food!

Maan: kya hai? Have you seen geet?

Nakul: wo Maan sir…geet madam ki tabiyat theek nahi…Dadima ne unhe lunch de aane ko kaha tha! Mein kabse unka dorr knock kar rha hun but she is not opening!!!

Maan became all the more worried! He instructed nakul to take away the food and asked him to come later when he called and ran upstairs!

She finally wiped her tears..hiccups chocking her! She stood up to head to the washroom when her eyes fell on her reflection in the mirror! There she saw a girl…clad in a swollen eyes…shabby hair…looking helpless… hopeless…defeated! She felt so disgusted at herself…so angry… she fisted her fingers..her eyes fell on the table with all her books and assignments and projects kept there…tears rolled down her cheeks, “what did you do to me Maan?

And she pushed away everything on the table..even the water jug fell and broke into pieces. She was not that sweet innocent Sweetu anymore…she was Geet…just what she is and just what life had made out of her!

Maan hear some things fall and then a loud crash! His heart stopped beating right there..he knocked harder!

Maan: Geet…Geet…open the door Geet…

But she was in her own world…she didn’t even hear anything…neither was she aware of what was going around her! she was mad…angry..frustrated… how dare those girls say something about her Maan? She trusts him blindly..he’d never ever do such a thing….she hated every girl there who took his name on her lips…kisi ka haq nahi hai wo!!!! Rage and fury coursed through her veins..she will kill them all!!!!

Maan was scared to death..he tried to push open the door but when nothing worked, he called her loud and again. He applied all his force and finally managed to push it open somehow. He rushed inside to meet a very different person altogether…the room was vibrating with emotions and there she stood amidst the broken glasses and scattered books…numb…tears rolling down her cheeks..her eyes were furious yet there was somekind of an unknown pain in them!

He held her shoulder and turned her briskly to face him, “YE KYA PAGALPAN HAI GEET? What has happened to you?

She looked at his face…the very face she craves for..every day and every moment… and she closed her eyes gently letting those unshed tears fall!

He wiped her tears, “ye sab kya hain geet? What did those girls say?

She quietly turned away and walked into the washroom. She didn’t even care to close the door…just went straight and stood under the shower, without even caring to change! He wondered what was she upto! He sighed and called nakul to clean up the place and get her food. He himself gathered her books and kept them nicely. It was past half an hour and she didn’t even make an effort to come out! Nakul was gone and he bolted the door properly. He went near the door…the shower was still running he could hear!

Maan: geet…sweetheart are you done?

There was no other sound except the running shower!

Maan: geet…geet

She stood under the cold water letting it wash away her anger…hids face was enough to calm her down..she let that bitter feeling go away but a fear still lurked inside…what if….

He went into the washroom and was shocked to see her like that! what had happened to her? he clenched his fists in anger and frustration and ran his fingers through his hair.. he went closer and closed the shower and immediately wrapped a towel around her! he shook her violently to get her, “Kyun kar rahi ho yeh sab? WHY DON’T YOU TELL ME ANYTHING DAMN IT?

She opened her eyes….red and swollen they were!

Geet (coldly): have you ever slept with any other girl?

Her voice had sternness…anger..pain!!! he was shocked to hear something like that..but probably he guessed this was the thing that disturbed her to this extent!

Maan: geet..please wipe yourself and’ll fall sick at this rate. We can talk later!

He turned to leave but she held his hand. Geet looked directly into his eyes!

what am I to you?

His understanding of the situation was getting clearer..he hated those girls!! Shameless they are!

do I even hold a position in your life?

She waited for him to answer. He took a deep breath and inched closer to her! he held her waist with his left hand while the right moved away the wet tresses away from her face!

Maan: do you trust me geet?

She looked at him…never expecting this question! His face had a different expression!

Maan: look into my eyes geet and answer honestly…do you trust me?

She couldn’t avert her gaze from those pair of chocolate brown eyes that held her captive…asked her questions with so much sincerity..and how could she not give into him when he was her life? She lost herself in those eyes…and gently nodded affirmative!

He smiled and knelt down before her taking both her hands in his!

Maan: I did have girlfriends…and I never slept with anyone!!!and the strangest this geet…I never said those 3 words to anyone that I do to you! I love you geet…you are far too different and far too special from them! And you asked what position do you hold in my life na…then geet…you are not my gf…you could never be…

She was hearing him intently…but tears stung her eyes when he said she could never be his gf….why did it hurt so much?


Maan: you are more than a gf to me geet….”GF” is such a small word sweetheart…it doesn’t hold any importance in MY life…they come and go with time…but you are here…

He placed her hands over his heart…

and apne dil se apni dhankaon ko juda kaise rakh sakta hun? Jeene ke liye in dhadkano ki kya ehmiyat hain..i don’t think I need to explain geet!!!


She was overwhelmed with his words..she trusts him she did back ten…and now she had a feeling of self hatred to have even doubted him a tiny mini bit even for a nano-second! How could she stoop so low? She fell into his embrace, crying, “am sorry Maan…am so sorry..

He smiled as he caressed her head!

“agli baar ye pagalpan mat karna! You scared the life out of me!


She held him close to her…regretting her stupid anger!!!! Uff she is going to get mad with him being around!

Maan (softly): ab to change karogi na?

She nodded! He made her stand and brought her change of clothes. He waited outside while she changed into her pjs. The moment he heard the door click open he rushed and lifted her ion his arms! She blushed a bit..smiled a bit and shied too hiding her face in his chest as he made her sit on the bed and covered her with a blankie to warm her up! He wrapped a towel around her wet hair!


Maan: tum kabhi apne hair mat kaatna!

Geet (slurping her soup):kyun?

Maan: I like actually I love them!

She shied away as he kissed her cheek and fed her until everything went into her tummy!

Maan: okay sleep now..aaj bahut pagalpan ho gaya…save it for the night baby!

He winked!

Geet: raat me kya hoga?

Maan: hmm..its something special swwetheart..i’ll wake you up..don’t worry and sleep!


He went away switching off the lights and  she slept off quickly…she was tired after the long day..a smile playing on her lips!

Maan made sure no one disturbed her and even he made an excuse and went back to his room planning out what they were to do at night!



Geet woke up at around 11pm with her cell crying out loud! She rubbed her eyes and looked ta the time…goodness she was sleeping the whole eveing!!!

Geet: yawn..hello

Maan: geet..get ready and meet me in the garden through the back door in 10 minutes!

Geet: but Maan..

Maan: don’t question and come fast. am waiting!


He disconnected the call. She wondered what was it…but yeah she got ready yawning in a pair of jeans and a lose top. She tied her hair loosely and went as per directed! She could still hear the ladies talking in the hall and counting down to 00:00. She managed to get to him without being noticed!

Geet: Maan..brrr its too cold..what are we doing?

He turned to her smiling and put a jacked on her and a cap on her head! He wore his and pulled her out through the back gate!

Maan; we are sneaking out baby!


And the next she knew they were in his car and he was driving somewhere and was constantly on call with someone!

Geet: Maan…Dadima ko pata chal gaya to?

Maan: kuch nahi me! These ladies are not going to leave before 00:00. Dadima will be busy. Aaj jo bhi hua geet..this is why I hate attending those stupid gatherings!


They didn’t even realize when they had reached their destination. It was a small caf and she noticed jess waving at her! she jumped out as soon as he stopped the car and hugged her asking how was her day and stuff! Even rahul was there! Later she realized all their college friends were there! They had booked the entire caf! Wow..they had so much fun! Teasing each other…shouting ad dancing..they had their dinner. Geet forgot all her insecurities as she indulged herself into the fun while he kept an eye on her from afar!


It was 15-20 minutes for the new year and all started walking out! He held her hands and dragged her out!

Geet: maan..hum kahan ja rahe hain?

Maan: shhh no questions…pehle chalo to!

They had parked their vehicles in the lot by the caf. She wondered where they were no where he was dragging her to….and she just loved his dominance over her!


They had walked a few meters when she saw a huge crowd and looked around! OMG…they were at the London Bridge!!! Her eyes filled with joy..ohh she so wanted to come here! She looked at him but he smirked and pulled her into the crowd!


There was a carnival going on the bridge. There were dancers, acrobats, street dancers all set to entertain the crowd! There were girls and boys dancing and children too…even their friends joined the dancing people. She so wanted to joi them..but he pulled her and started running towards the other end of the bridge!


She laughed and enjoyed at the fun she was having..running amongst the crowd..and people shouting at them if they collide with someone or stamp someone’s foot…they held each other’s hands and ran right through the middle of the dancers and acrobats making them fall down!!!

When he felt they were away from their friends, he stopped..both panting with the run!


Maan: maza aaya?

She nodded with a big smile on her face!

He walked where the people were dancing and extended his hand to her!

Maan: may I have the pleasure of dancing with you madame?

She laughed and gave her hand ti him! He pulled her in and danced to the merry tunes along with other dancers..swirling and twirling…clapping and tapping……this fun and the happiness was never felt before! It felt like ages since they had this much they went to their childhood days…no care in the world..just then in their own little world! She wished if the time could stop right that she would live her entire life in that one Moment!


He loved that smile on her lips and he’d do anything that would keep that smile there forever..not for her but for himself so that he could live through the day!


He stopped when they heard the countdown. He led her near the railings and both stood facing the river Thames and waiting for the fireworks!

5…..4…..3…..2…..1.HAPPY NEW YEAR” was echoing all around! They both stood looking up at the sky when the crackers went up!

Her hand gently slid down his and entangled with his fingers but her eyes were glued to the beautiful fireworks decorating the sky!!!


He looked at her and kissed her cheek, “happy new year shona!

She looked at him and smiled, “mere liye itna sab kyun karte ho?” she asked cutely!

He smiled at her cuteness, “kyunki tum itna saara pagalpan jo karti ho!

She made a baby face, “aaannn mein jaan boojh ke nahi karti!!

Maan (sarcastically): yeah right..tum jaan boojh ke nahi karti…bas tumse ho jata hai!!! Hai na?

She made a pout and nodded!

Maan: ohh get…mein kya karun tumhara?


And he lowered his lips to meet hers! She so much wanted to see the fireworks…but that seemed to fade away now!!! She closed her eyes and gave in as the fireworks went up in the sky and scattered lights over them…as she lost herself in that kiss…! Though she never responded, she enjoyed his kiss as much as she enjoyed her lips. She always felt something missing and probably that’s why she could never respond back! she desperately searched for the reason…that missing thing..but could never reach a conclusion!

His tongue traced her lips sensuously making her shudder with the feel when she felt something cold on her nose!


She immediately pulled back and looked around! He raised his brows asking what happened!!! She rubbed her nose and looked up and felt the same thing on her face again! She smiled with that flushed cheek of hers!

Geet: its snowing Maan…

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