Fairy…Tail???!!! #70

27 Feb


She walked away..angry…sad and disgusted..not for him but more at herself to have felt such harsh emotions for him! He understood she was mad…he didn’t mean to hurt her in any way! He could never!!! He immediately jumped down the dais and ran behind her calling out, “Geet…geet ruko…

His voice drowned in the loud music!


She hated herself for not being able to see him with someone else! She just couldn’t bear it!!! And he knew this fact! Then why did he allow that b***h to come even closer to him? Why?

She was about to leave the hall when Rahul and jess pulled her for a talk. She couldn’t refuse..afterall they were very happy about their dance and stuff!


He stopped behind her…he knew she wouldn’t listen..oh God! It was just for fun. He needs to talk to her and manaofy her!!! but somewhere he also loved this mad geet even more! He stood behind her a few feet away watching her intently as she engrossed herself in talking!


He leaned back against a pillar watching her every move! And his eyes suddenly fell on her bare back…the cloth at her back just started around her waist revealing the smooth expanse of her back all to his view! He couldn’t take his eyes off her…his gaxe moved slowly up her back while something he felt burning within him! The smooth skin shone in the light! He went breathless everytime her muscles flexed when she moved her arms…his eyes traced upto her neck where the strings of her dress held it! He was tempted to touch her skin…her slender neck adding to his urges…his lips went dry with the thought itself!


Rahul left while she talked to jess! She felt her back burning…like someone was gazing at it intently! She immediately turned around only to see his eyes fixed on her…she felt kind of awkward with his gaze wandering on her like that but then his eyes just held her captive…rooted to the spot!!! She felt her entire body tremble with his burning gaze!!!


Her trance was broken when someone asked her for a dance…she immediately zapped back to reality remembering the pain she felt within! She looked at the guy and then glared at Maan simultaneously refusing the guy politely!!! And he understood what she meant..but he wasn’t trying to hurt her!!! He walked closer and she took a step away! He kept his eyes locked with hers and inched closer. She tried to get away but he held her wrist and pulled her back! She collided hard to his chest with his scent filling her nostrils. She pushed him but he held her waist and pulled her even closer pinning him to his body! She struggled trying to get his hands off her with tears shining in her red eyes…but he didn’t let her go!!!


Maan..Just let me go..

She pushed his hand that held her waist but he tightened his grip around her. he wasn’t replying and that was irritating her further. Just the thought of him being with some other girl made her emotionally wild! She had stopped questioning herself…because she never knew the answers to her own questions…her own longing for him…her own anger….


Maan..“, she tried harder…almost crying and when she failed miserably she just gave up! Tears rolled out..she just looked up to his eyes, “Don’t do this me Maan…please…!” her voice cracked!

He was pained to see her like that..he knew her words always had deeper meaning than just simple words!!!  He said nothing…just her words ringing in his mind, “don’t do this to me…


He dragged her to the dance floor as the announcement for the last song of the night was made! He needs to answer her today..though this was completely different from the surprise he had planned..but no worries…he’s gonna surprise her ina different way! And he will!!!!

She tried to pull her hand away from his but his grip was tight…! The lights dimmed and she tried to walk away again…

Esta noche Bailamos…

(tonight we dance)

He pulled her back making her fall back on his chest and his hands slid around her waist holding her tight!

Te noite da mi vida

(I’l give you my entire life)

Her heart fluttered with the sudden closeness and those words…ahh she hated to have taken Spanish as a minor language in XIBM! She knew she’d melt ealisy…she felt herself sway along the rhythm!!!

Quedate conmigo

(stay with me)



His breath fell on her ears as the words seeped inot her…he had encircled his arms around her..his face on her shoulder! The music turned the atmosphere into a dark night all of a sudden creating sexiness around!!!


Tonight we dance
I leave my life, in your hands

He turned her around with a jerk contemplating with the music..pressing her body onto his…she looked into his eyes not understanding what was actually happening…but his eyes conveyed a different feeling today..a shade of darkness had settled over it…some kind of spark she saw in there!!!!

We take the floor…

Nothing is forbidden anymore!


His one hand squeezed her waist over her dress while the other slid to her bare back sliding down ever so sensuously…..she gasped at the feel of his fingers on her back…she tried to move away but he hadn’t even left a little space for her to move!

Don’t let the world dim my sight
Don’t let the romance go by
Nothing can stop us tonight

He held her hands and put them around his shoulders as he led her swaying to the tune…since it was the last song almost everyone had jumped on the floor!

She couldn’t look at anything but his eyes…trying to read them! The more she tried to read…the more she found herself losing in them!

Bailamos, let the rhythm take you over
Te quiero amor mio, bailamos
Gonna live this night forever
Te quiero amor mio, te quiero

(Translation later peopleWink)


In a sudden movement…he pushed her away and twirled her around…he brought her closer to him again and buried his face between her neck and shoulder taking in her scent….placing  soft kisses on her exposed skin and that’s when she just lost it!!! She wanted to be mad at him…for making her cry…for making her restless…but the feel of his lips on her just didn’t let her..she lost herself without even it was the most natural thing to do!!! She just gave into his demands yet again like always!!!


His hands roamed freely around her back setting goose bumps on her skin. She closed her eyes accepting his lead as her fingers slid into his shirt feeling his skin wherever her hands could move!! He felt a sharp current course though his body with that touch!!! There was a passion burning in them…to which she was oblivious to till tonight…..when he had clearly declared what he wanted!!!

Tonight I’m yours
We can make it happen I’m so sure
Now I’m letting go
There is something I think you should know

He turned her around yet again and pressed her back to his chest. He was kinda rough today…she could feel it with the touch itself! He held one of her hands and wrapped it around his neck…his one had held her while the other just squeezed her waist sliding up slowly…her breath hitched…


I won’t be leaving your side
We’re gonna dance through the night
I’m gonna reach for the stars

Bailamos, let the rhythm take you over


His fingers gently slid over the soft mounds of her chest..tracing the exposed valley of her curves…

Maan..” she gasped as her fingers curled around his neck even tighter and the fingers of the other hand moved to clutch his hair tight! The sensation he was creating in her coursed currents though her entire body…she shuddered with the feel as she arched her back involuntarily…raising herself more to him and her head fell back on his shoulder biting her lips!!!

Te quiero amor mio, bailamos
Gonna live this night forever
Te quiero amor mio, te quiero


His fingers did wonders on her…she shut her eyes even tighter and her lips parted a little to take in enough air to live though this….his fingers slid up her neck and to her lips!!

aahh..” she moaned into a soft whisper when his thumb rubbed over her lower lip roughly…she felt the taste of his skin on her tongue…may be for a micro second…goodness he was going to kill her today with the sudden wave of pleasure jolting in her!!!! his lips trailed kisses on her bare shoulder with the fingers sliding down again to feel her softness!!!

(whoa, oh oh oh) Tonight we dance

He held on of her hands and bent down taking her with him. He took out her flowered hairpin with his mouth and threw it away! The dark lockes cascaded down her back….

(whoa, oh oh oh) Like no tomorrow

He held her hand…his fingers entwined with hers..and traced then up from her legs up til where her frills rested….and again higher up tracing her thighs lifting her dress…

People around them were too engrossed in their dance to notice Maan and geet!!!

She shivered with the feel…and didn’t even dare to open her eyes!! Her sanity had left her long back…..


He turned her to face him still holding her in his embrace and buried his head in his hair squeezing her to him…he held her thigh and raised it to wrap it around his hips and bowed her down… her hair was making her look all the more tempting…with his hands everywhere on her body…

(whoa oh oh oh) If you will stay with me

He kissed her just above her cleavage  and her fingers dug into his shoulder…he gently puplled her up and that’s when she heard with whisper into her ears,

Te Quiero….Mi Amor

(now Kawaii expert Translation:Geek I LOVE YOU…MY LOVE)

Her eyes snapped open…looking into his eyes…did he just say that?? her lashed fluttered trying to search his eyes for an answer..but she just lost herself in them again….she didn’t know when he had raised her up in the air or slid her down against his body…she went frozen still not able to believe what he had just said….


Quedate conmigo….esta noche…

(Stay with me…tonight)

She felt him whisper in her ears again as he bit her lobe!!!

quedate..mi cielo

(stay with star)


The only thing she knew was they had stopped dancing..she stared into his eyes unable to respong,,,unable to look away…

She could faintly hear the music as he lowered his lips to her…

Bailamos, let the rhythm take you over
Te quiero amor mio, bailamos
Gonna live this night forever
Te quiero amor mio

His lips were on hers doing something to them she couldn’t even decipher….but he was gentle..she didn’t respond…she didn’t know how to…everything was happening on their own….

He kissed her gently tasting her sugar sweet mouth..not wanting to scare her…nibbling on her lower lip..they tased sweeter than honey…

She just held his shirt tighter not knowing anything…what was she supposed to do??


He gently parted from her lips and looked straight into her eyes..checking if she was okay!

:Geet…” he whispered..

Bailamos, let the rhythm take you over
Te quiero amor mio, bailamos
Gonna live this night forever
Te quiero amor mio


 (how I love you)

She moved a step back…sliding her hand away from his…

Como te quiero…

For a moment he thought she’d be mad at him,…not understanding his love…he moved a step ahead with a determination to claim her yet with a fear in his chest….

I Love You” she heard him say….


A deep blush decorated her cheeks as she tried to suppress her smile…..her breathing still uneven with the forplay…

He understood her acceptance and tried to reach her..

As the music faded..she slowly turned back and ran away holding Sweetu’s little heart in her tiny hands….

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