Fairy…Tail????!!! #58

13 Dec


He has to change the topic warna dadi geet ke saamne izzat ka kachda..nahi nahi!! He shouldn’t let that happen!!!

dadi…mein nahi…ye mujhse fight kar rahi thi!!!” and he pointed at geet!!!

Geet’s mouth dropped to a big O….


haiye rabba…itna jhoot!!” and turned to Dadima, ” mujhse jhagda kar rahe the..mein nahi!!!!

Both looked at Maan angrily!!!

Maan (st): Dadima won’t leave me this easily today!!! Kahan phas gaya yaar!!!”

Ddai was smirking and making all kinds of looks to Maan!


geet bete..mind if I join you in your shopping? I can give you better suggestions!

Geet was delighted, “Dadima..yeh bhi koi pochne wali baat hai? Sure uyou can join…warna yeh khadoos to mujhe kuch bhi nhai khareedne denge!

She was a little bit mad at him for blaming it all on her. he shot her a glare and she looked away! Now since dadi tagged along, Maan just couldn’t open his mouth.

They were roaming around selecting dresses when Dadima insisted on getting a sari!!!  She was totally shocked..sari…NO WAYS!!! She doesn’t even know how to wear it…forget wearing..she had never been keen on saris back home!!! She hesitated but our dadi was one convincing master and she promised she’d teach her how to wear one!!!!


He tried to meet her gaze but she avoided thoroughly. She was mad at him! She moved along with dadi but somehow her mind went back to the little moment they had shared!!! His hold…his closeness….it was the 1st time a guy has come this close to her…for the past few months they have gotten really close….as friends…or that’s what she though. But now why does everything feels so different? She couldn’t have forgotten those eyes that seemed so unknown to her all of a sudden!!!! She was distracted by dadi’s words!


geet bete…how about this color? Hume to bahut achi lagi!!!”

She didn’t reply…she was staring at one place lost in her thoughts!

geet bete…geet…. You okay?

hmm…ji…ji Dadima?” she was brought back to reality!

kya baat hain geet…you seem so lost!!

umm nahi Dadima…kuch nahi!!!

then why don’t you try this?

She forwarded her an olive green chiffon sari.


Maan looked at them from afar….what happened to her all of a sudden? Why is she behaving so strangely? Is something bothering her?

He again tried to catch her gaze but she avoided!!! He was so not liking this. Why is she avoiding him? Did he do anything wrong? She suddenly talked very minimal and only to dadi…..not even once looking at him. He tried to recall if he had done or said something to hurt her but couldn’t gather the reason! As for him blaming her in front of dadi..he knew she wouldn’t take it seriously! Was it even a think to be thought about? It was so silly!


But that sudden change in her looks pricked his heart. Its like she had suddenly alienated from everything. He couldn’t have talked to him alone while dadi was around!



Geet’s monologue: for the past so mnay days I have been fighting with myself…with this feeling…with those butterflies in my stomach…what is he doing to me? I had never been this close to any guy but then that closeness always had its effect on me!! And today again I was lost….but why? Why does he have that control over me? Why am I feeling so restrained? Something holding me back….like heavy chains tied round my feet….but most importantly….do I even want to lose myself to him?



Dadima handed her a beautiful black net sari with silver border and silver star studded on the bpdy.

geet bete…hume ye bahut pasand aaya…aur aapko?

umm..i don’t know Dadima..aap hi bata dijiye..” she avoided his gaze, ” I have never tried one!”

Dadi put the sari on her shoulder and turned her to towards the nearby mirror on the wall! She was really awed by her beauty but geet was still hesitating..all because of her zero knowledge on saris!!!


She looked at herself in the mirror but all she could see was HIM…standing a few meters away behind her leaning against the wall, watching her intently! She froze at that point…her concentration shifted towards him! Even though he was far away from her…but his gaze just burned her alive and again she failed to understand what was on his mind!

geet..this one suits you the best….let’s take this one!!! You like it na??

Her gaze stopped at him when he just nodded for a No and walked away! She didn’t understand his gestures and neither her own thoughts!


Dadima could see that restlessness on her face but misread as her hesitation about the sari! So she pushed her into the trial room asking her to drape it around herself and see if she liked it or not!!!!

Dadima moved to other sections to check other designs!!!


Dadima (st): this girl is really really sweet…umm it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get her as my bahu!!! Hume to geet bahut pasand hain and Maan to waise bhi fida hain and I can see that! hope she is not like other girls Maan had dated earlier…aaj ye to kal koi aur! And about Maan..i have to make sure he is not passing time with her just like he did with his previous gfs….!!! Hey bhagwaan hume shakti dena..warna aaj kal jo bache hain na…aaj to Maan ne sirf jhoot bola hai..aur kal agar dono ne bina shaadi kiye…………chichi hum bhi kya soch rahe hain!!! Chal Savitri shubh shubh soch!!!!

In the trial room,

She sighed wondering what was happening. Why are things changing? She put the sari on her shoulder to look at herself in the mirror and she could see HIM standing a few meters away from her nodding a no!!! she turned around but found herself alone in the trial room!!!!


Geet (st): stop thinking geet…the more you think the more confused you are!!! Just do as Dadima says….waise bhi does he even care about you? Seedhe seedhe Dadima ke saamne mujhe blame kar diya!! Uff babajee…do something! Pata nahi nahi Dadima mere bare mein kya soch rahi hongi!!!


She couldn’t gather the beauty of the sari because of the complete contrast color of her salwar kameez…gosh it looked so tacky!!! For one moment she completely dropped the idea of a sari but Dadima was so hopeful! She cannot hurt her! she sighed and took off her kameez and kept it aside!


She was wearing a thin stripped black inner and that could serve perfectly as a blouse!!! Well she knew only this much about sari from her mother. She unfolded the sari and draped it around her waist roughly tucking it in her salwar and put the pallu on one side of her shoulders! She moved from side to side checking herself and each time she could she him nodding from behind!!!


Geet (st): sari achi nahi hai kya? Why is he saying no??? hey wait…what am I thinking?? I should not be thinking about him!! Never! He shouts at me for no reasons, stalks me here and there…..not that I dislike it (she made a baby face)…but its kinda embarrassing at times, and today he lied to Dadima and blamed me.. (she hits her head) why am I thinking of him again and again??


She shuddered with her thoughts trying to shrug off that feeling! Someone knocked the door! She wondered who was it! Maybe Dadima was calling out to try something new! She looked at herself in the mirror again…should she open the door like that with just that sari covering only one side of her upper body?? Chi chi Babaji….that was so vulgar! What will Dadima think? She just wrapped the pallu around her bare shoulder to cover the whole upper body and opened the door! She could have changed into her kameez but knocks had become louder. Dadima must me in a hurry!


The moment he heard the click of the door, he didn’t wait any longer for he needed to know what was going in her mind! He didn’t even if his actions were rational….he was in some kind of trance..the only thing lingering in his mind was—did she misunderstand his closeness with her and that why she was staying aloof?? He ought to know what was bothering her..was it him or something else!!!! He hated to see her staying away from everything and everyone! It took him almost 3 months to make her open up with people around her and stop running from things and people! He can’t let her slip back to that old self for he had seen her cry out loud…and that just killed him a million times inside!


He pushed open the door and locked it on a jiffy. And even before she could understand what happened…her eyes met his!


He was here…in front of her…..was her mind hallucinating again?? Her mind screamed it was just her imagination..she was going bonkers but her heart wanted to believe otherwise…wanted to confirm if he was really there!!! She raise her hand to reach him…but he was quicker for the next moment she found her back hitting the wall behind and his one hand covering her mouth as he stood inches away from her!!! her eyes widened in shock realizing that it was no longer her imagination but as real as it could get! He was close to her…real real close!!!!


sshhh….chilla mat geet!! I need some answers!!!” his tone was calm yest his eyes conveyed a restlessness!!!

mmm…” she rolled her eyes trying to get hold of the situation…they were alone, locked in a small trial room…with him dangerously close!!! What was happening here?? She rested her hands on his chest and tried to push him away!


This can’t be happening…this is so wrong..her brain kept reminding her again and again…..but her heart was so betraying her thoughts!!!! Her conscience fighing against her heart…..

He held her hands and pinned her to the wall. She struggled…no..this was so wrong!!!


geet…meri baat suno!!” he was stern!

Maan…yeh aap kya kar rahe hain??? Let GO of me!!!

She wriggles in his arms….struggled hard refusing to listen to him!!! And when finally his patience snapped, he held her wrists  tighter and threw her back to the wall!!!


A sudden chillness touched her waist and shoulder….for the pallu of the sari had slipped away revealing one side of her much bare upper body all to his view!

His movements stopped along with her breath!! Her lashes dropped down unable to meet his….embarrassment written all over her face!


His gaze flickered form her eyes to her slender neck…silence prevailed….to the bare shoulders…and further down to the exposed side of her chest!!!!

Was he losing it??? Given the conditions…yes he was!!! There was this sudden urge to feel her smooth skin…the atmosphere was getting hot from the heat radiating from their bodies…


His one hand slowly left her wrist and laced his fingers with hers, stilled pinned to the wall above her head while the other slid down to her cheeks that felt heavenly…..he moved closer almost putting all his body weight on her..her breaths ragged as sheer current coursed through her body and her fingers almost laced with his!!!!

His fingers traced down to her neck….outlining her shoulder and the bare waist sending chills down her spine as she hissed with that sensation….

He shuddered with the feel while she just closed her eyes tighter anticipating his next move…

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  1. soni

    25/12/2011 at 14:29

    awesome dear plzzz dear update sooonnn, when Mk will know Geet is his Sweetu plzzz let them know each otherrrr…..


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