Fairy…Tail???!!! #52

15 Nov

He sat near and, slowly pulling on the spread and gently caressed her head, ” what is there in you geet jo mujhe iss kadar tumhare kareeb kheench raha hai? Yeh pehle se jaante hue bhi ki mujhe ek din waapas jaana hain…aaj itna dard kyun ho raha hai??? Why does it hurt so much damn it!!!

He whispered gently while she snuggled closer to him in her sleep. She took one of his hands resting by her pillow and tucked it under he cheeks like a pillow and slept…somewhere reassuring him…that she will be there with him!!!!

Next Morning

Dadi woke Maan up. He had slept off sitting beside geet, putting his head against the head rest. She was still asleep holding his hand! Dadi did not like a girl and boy sleep like this especially when they are so young! Typical Indian lady she was…upholding all the values and sanskars! She knew the limitations.

Maan gently removed her hands from his and walked towards dadi!

what is this Maan?” she sounded so annoyed.

dadi…she unconsciously held on to my hand…i…I didn’t want to disturb her…but didn’t know when I slept off. Am sorry dadi!!1 I know you don’t like all this…but believe me…

umm ok chaliye get ready and come for breakfast…let her sleep for some more time!

He freshened up and went down for breakfast.


She woke up with a heavy head…her eyes struggling to adjust to the light. It was strange…she looked around…this was not her house. She suddenly felt severe pain in her head…it was bad..real bad! She couldn’t open her eyes properly now…everything was spinning around her…blurred but there was also a strange restlessness building up in her. she couldn’t relate it to anything owing to the pain she was undergoing. It was unbearable. The only thing she knew was this was not her place and that she felt suffocated. She tried to remember what happened but she could only recall herself in the disc walking to the DJ. What happened after that? How did she end up here? Who does this place belong to? She somehow managed to get out of the room….he head spinning real bad.

Maan came into her room with a glass of lemon juice but was surprised to see her not around. He found the washroom door wide open..she was definitely not inside! Last nights memories were afresh in his mind…his dad’s words..he’ll be leaving her behind!!! NO…his heart ached..where is she?

He ran out to the corridor only to find her struggling to get down the stairs. She was holding her head with one hand and supported herself against the wall with the other. She had climbed down just one stair and was already losing her balance! He ran towards her and held her shoulders.

geet..what are you doing?

She could barely understand anything…..but his voice was enough to calm her down..that restless in her…

ma…..aan…” she could barely speak. He was so worried…she looked pale and sick..

geet…..who told you to climb down like this? You are not well!

ma…an…gh…ghar jaa…na hai…” she struggled a lot to speak these words. He lifted her up in his arms and walked to the room where she had slept earlier. He lied her down gently and caressed her head!

you stay here…let me get the doctor!

He turned to move when she held on to his hand, ” mu…mujhe ghar jana hai…Maan…

nahi geet….you are very sick…rest here. I’ll drop you once you feel better!

But who will make him understand how restless and suffocated she was feeling! She ahd such a bad a headache and then this feeling….the same what she had felt 5 years ago!

She felt like living her past once again….the feel was so horrible…like she couldn’t breathe and indeed she was struggling to breathe! Maan was just outside the room when he heard her scream—Maan….

He ran inside only to find her twisting and turning in agony. He ran to her and raised her by her shoulders. She hugged him tight and cried, ” Maan..take me back home…please..”

He held her tight and patted her back, “shhh geet…its ok,…just sleep!! Once you feel better…we’ll go..promise!”

NO” she screamed again…suppressing herself closer to his chest—crying, “just take me back home Maan…please…i…I want to go..home!”

shhh….its ok geet…just calm down..we’ll pakka go home once you feel better!!

He tried to make her drink the lemon juice that he had brought but she threw it away and it spilled on the floor!

maan..take me back…please…” she cried…begged…she couldn’t stand that feeling anymore…a little more and she’d die there. She never wanted to experience that feel again…that loneliness….that pain…she begged him to get her out of that place.., “Maan.. please…” she cried!

you are not well geet….” But she cut him in between.

ok…” she cried..and pushed him away, “I’ll go myself” she tried to get off the bed and somehow managed to stand up.

He had never seen her so distressed. Somewhere it hurt him to see her like this… he felt something is making her go insane! An unbearable ache filled his heart to see her like this. Never had he felt like this before! He got up and ran to her.

Her head ache was getting worse…she just wanted to get out of that place…like a ghost of her past haunting her…running after her to get hold of her and make her go all mad…loose her sanity! She stumbles..weak and ill…this time..he was there to hold her…safe in his arms!!!!!

She could recall some moment in her life…when she fell like this…losing her own self…that time no one was there to hold her like this….her memories were vague…faded…hazy…but that difference was there!!!

mu…mujhe ghar jaana hai…..” she managed to whisper. And that was it! He couldn’t have seen her like this. He’ll do anything to make her smile again. The last time she was this scared to hell when she had fainted in the councils room.

He immediately picked her up and rushed towards his car. He made her sit on the seat, pulled the seat belt and pushed the backrest down to make her feel comfortable. He ignited his car and drove as fast as possible towards her flat!



He managed to get the key from her pocket and reached her flat. She kept mumbling the way to him and he finally carried her in.

The moment he stepped ina loud Meow caught his ears. He looked around to find a cute cat hovering around them meowing. He looked at his tail…90degree he was. But he had no time to think about all that. her flat was quite good and very neatly kept. He reached her bedroom and placed her gently on the bed. He removed her sandals but again a sudden fear shot past him! She wasn’t crying or mumbling..not even moving! He was scared for a moment….was she alright? He rubbed her palms and feet!

geet…are you alright?” he reached her forehead to check her temperature. He heaved a sigh of relief realising she had slept off. A calmness seeped in…his heart beat slowing down! He sat there holding her hand….deep in thought….she was so restless…he wondered why! The moment both entered her flat..She calmed down immediately. He wondered what was wrong with her.

He found 90degrees caressing his body against her feet meowing sadly!

Maan looked at him and smiled, “you worried about her???

meeeooowww” he said meekly.

don’t worry…she is fine…just sleeping!

meow…” he sat beside Geet’s leg caressing her with his fur!

Later Maan went to the kitchen to make something for her to eat. There was only some milk, bread and butter in her fridge. He shook his head and warmed the milk, buttered the bread for her while 90degrees stood beside meowing.

you want some buddy?


He smiled and gave him some milk in his bowl.

He went to Geet’s room to wake her up and make her eat somwthing. She hadn’t eaten anything since last night. She wasn’t on bed. He panicked, “geet…geet…”

He heard her puking from the washroom. He immediately rushed to the washroom and helped her clean,

you wait here..let me get our clothes!

She was looking really pale. He was so worried that he actually forgot everything about Yash and dadi or anyone else. He looked around for her clothes…and that’s when 90degrees sat in front of her cupboard and meowed. He understood and got her PJs. He waited outside anxiously for her to come out of that damned washroom.

The moment the door clicked open he didn’t even wait for her to come out. Rather he opened the door and carried her to the bed. At that point he wasn’t thinking anything at all. The only this that he knew well was geet and her well being.

She held him by wrapping her hand around his neck looking at him in awe….he never failed to surprise her with his utmost arrogance to his care beyond limits. The way he holds her protectively..everytime….the way he makes her feel better…his tease seems sweeter now. She didn’t even blink her eyes even once!

She was feeling much better after freshening up! She looked at his face…..he looked so tensed..sweat adoring his forehead! She felt like laughing. She had never been this cared for god knows how long!!! And she felt so good too!!!

Her headache was almost calmed down. He gently made her rest on the bed and forwarded her the food!

nai Maan…nahi khana!!” she pouted.

you are too weak…chup chap khaa lo okay!!” his voice was stern as he forwarded the bread in front of her mouth.

She turned away her face making a “yuck face.

nahi khana


nahi…nahi…nahi…nahi…nahi…nahi…nahi…nahi…” she went on with her nahi shouting and shaking her head until he gave up!!

ok fine…I give up…at least have some milk!” he forwarded her the glass.

She made a baby face indicating her denial.

dekho geet…” he warned her, ” making faced won’t meklt me…you threw up so much and see how you DRINK!

And he shoved the edge of the glass in her mouth. Her eyes widened at the soft brush of his fingers on her lips. He was leaning close to her holding her glass while she drank. But the feel he was creating in her was something she couldn’t fathom! Millions of butterflies danced in her tummy while her hands unconsciously held his hands that held the glass. He was too busy to notice anything but she definitely was having that tingling feeling in her…something she hadn’t felt before!!!


What is happening with me? I’m feeling so warm…my eyes defy my will of not looking at he has casted a magic on my eyes…. I can’t even blink them. Butterflied dancing in my tummy and this feeling of serene calmness..why??? is it because he is near??? Is it because he is so close to ME? Is it because he cares for me so much?? I can just read his eyes,….don’t know how..but I just can!!! What us this going on???? I am feeling so excited….not feeling sick anymore… just the warmth and the peace settling on my heart…


Machal si gayi mein…

Unhe kareeb pakar..

Kaise samjhaoon unka yeh unkaha andaaz…..

Ulajh si jaati hoon khud mein hi…

Jab bhi samajhna chahoon unhe…

Jaise koi paheli hoon….

Jaise mein khud hi khoo gayi hoon

Unke kareeb hone ke ehsaas se….



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