Fairy…Tail???!!! #45

03 Oct

~Part 45~

People were still clapping and cheering!! Just before exiting, he turned to look at geet…and it was real easy to catch her eyes as she was looking at him only…still that “unbelievable” expression on her face!!!

He smiled, winked at her and walked away!!!!                     

After he left, poor geet had to face so much all alone!!! All the teasing and making fun came to her plate. The more she tried to resist, the more she was teased!!! Angered, embarrassed and above all, frustrated, geet reached her flat! She entered the flat and looked here and there, for the 1st time in her stay in London, forgetting about 90degrees which kept meowing…..and there it was!

She took a cushion form her couch, threw it on the florr, took off her shoes and started jumping on it, cursing “her Jerk:!

Geet (jumping): khotte da puttar… besharam…behaya… badtameez…. samajhta kya hai apne aapko hun? He thinks whatever he orders, I’ll do it for him….NO WAYS!!!

Now MM was just passing by when she heard someone using swear words loudly! She followed the noise. Lulckily, her door was left wide open and MM stood there quietly, watching her insanity! Her baby doll wasn’t even aware of who was standing at the door!

Geet (still jumping): I’ll kill you…you had to kiss me in front of everyone…SAY EVERYONE….not once but twice…arrghh NO ONE had ever dared to even touch GEET Handa..Especially boys…..they stayed at least 1 km away from her… but who the hell he thinks he is….

MM smiled and went away to her room. She kept jumping and hurling abuses at him for some time! Finally she was too tired to do or think anything! She took a quick bath, had her frozen food and went off to sleep early!!! Poor 90degree hid himself in a corner, seeing her sooo mad!!!

Same time,

MM’s room

MM:…..i must say Jass, my baby doll has grown up so much!

Jasmeet (delighted): yes…she has…

MM: you won’t believe what I saw and heard today!!!

And she narrated the whole drama to Jasmeet, who at first got surprised and then burst out laughing!

Jasmeet (laughing): can’t believe my doll has grown up so much that someone actually dared to kiss her…not once but twice!!! Know what Mariah, usually, she used to beat up guys who even tried to touch her….and here my tigress is helpless…hahahahahahaha……

MM: ohh dear…I’m more interested in meeting that guy who made her go all mad!!!

Jasmeet: Mariah…its really getting better for her now….all these years she has completely hsut herself from everything..she never went anywhere with her friends…didn’t attend parties…fun was something that was way too far away in her life…I had actually lost all hope of seeing her old self back again!

MM realized Jasmeet was getting emotional thinking about her late husband. So she tried to lighten the mood!

MM: yeah right….but God bless that guy who actually dared to challenge her and made her this restless…

And both started laughing again…..



Cafeteria, XIBM


Maan took a long breath and looked around! Boys surrounded him, staring at him, curiously, holding their breaths! Silence prevailed and not even a soul moved!

Maan: ok…I invited the Prez to the disc!!!

He waited for their reaction! But silence…silence….. after almost a gap of 15 seconds, everyone shouted in chorus, WHAT?????

Dan: you…you invited that demon???

Boy1: but…how.,,why…when???

Boy2: Maan, that demon…No ways…she is gonna ruin our party!!! Remember those sexy magazines she had confiscated all of them!!!

Everyone started giving all sorts of reasons why not to bring prez to the disc!!!

Maan: guys….she is not that bad as you think….infact she is quite good at heart!

Boy3: are you all righty Maan??? How can you even think like that???

They were surprised to hear this from Maan, who on the very 1st day had a real bad face off with her. he doesn’t spare his enemies….then why today?

After a whole lot of discussions and arguments, finally all came to an agreement!

Dan: fine then….since you are hell bent on bringing that demon, then we shall also invite other girls and bring our girlfriends too!!! And if anything goes wrong, you are responsible!!!

Maan: sure…go on!!! But invite only college girls…from our class and prez’s!!! that’s it!

Rahul, who was sitting quietly from the very beginning, finally spoke up!!!

Rahul (delighted): that means I can bring Jessica???

All looked at him, surprised…but eventually all agreed with a bit more persuation!



Geet was again in a bad temper due to her workload! She had completely forgotten about the disc and surprisingly, Maan didn’t bug her since yesterday…nor did he ring her! she had a class free, so she decided to finish up some pending work! Off late, her workload had been increasing a lot without giving her a second even to breathe!

Maan was going to his class, when he saw her sitting alone in the students’ council room, engrossed in her own world!

Maan (rubbing his temple): uff…this girl will never change!

He walked towards her, pulled out the file she was holding and sat on her desk!!!

Geet (surprised): hey..whats that hun?

Maan: aha…am just here to remind you about the disc! Remember…this Friday…am picking you up!!!

Geet: ugh…am not going with you.

Maan (smirks): oops…I didn’t give you any choise you ARE going with me!

Geet (irritated): aarrrghhh why are you after me hun? There are numerous girls out there…whom you can go with!!!! Spare me Maan…I’ve tons of work piling! Don’t have time!!

At this, Maan’s expressions softened! He knew why he was doing this! She was already searching for another document when Maan held her hand, abruptly but softly!

She raised her head to look at him…he looked so calm…serious…concerned! She tried to look away….but couldn’t avert her gaze from those pair of chocolate brown eyes that said so many things! For a moment she thought she had seen those eyes somewhere…like she could understand what that look meant..what they wanted to say!!! Was she imagining things? Was she?? Hope she is not mistaking again!!!

Her chain of thoughts was broken by his words!

Maan: that’s why I asked you to come with me geet!!!!

His voice was so soft….something so soothing!

Geet (dazed): huh??

He held her hand with both his hands and looked straight into her eyes!

Maan: I have seen you work like a dog since the very 1st day! I don’t know why are you doing this…..that day when you  were unconscious, I was so scared! You don’t go out with your friends…you don’t even enjoy your classes….i’m not really liking it geet…

She was lost in those words…no one had ever cared for her this much…leave the word “care”…no one had even ever thought like that about her! she just couldn’t say anything…trying to take in those words…..

Maan (softly): may be you have some bad memories and experiences…I won’t even ask about it! But I can see you trying to run away from them…keeping your mind and body so busy that you are actually forgetting what a college life is! You don’t even have many friends….why are you making everything so damn tough for your own self geet!!! I just want you to enjoy and not work like a dog for all those lazy rascals out there! Tum samajh rahi ho na mein kya keh raha hoon…I’ve been noticing you for the last 2 months….why are you punishing yourself hun? What for? And this is why am taking you with me…I want you to enjoy with each and everyone of us and not slog all the time!!

She didn’t say anything….what could she argue when whatever he said was so damn true! He just read her all inside out by his piercing eyes…it felt! Once he made her so mad and now he just kept her own heart in front of her only!!!

Maan took a deep breath and smiled!!!

Maan: so Friday it is then prez..umm???

Geet (unconsciously): hmm…

Maan had a wide smile…..he could understand in her “hmm” that she wanted to go…but uff her jhoota gussa and fake mask! He leaned closer and placed a peck on her cheek and walked off!!!


Kawaii *smilingLOL* looks like Maan has planned to peck her whenever she does something cute or silly!!! Clever boy!!! But don’t you guys think that their agreement on “100 kissey-wissey” is coming true…unknown to them? (REFER PART 12 )LOL
Keep counting…lets see if they reah their 100 kissey-wissey!!!Wink

She sat there for a long time thinking everything over and over again!!! What he said…what he meant…..and what he did!!! The whole day she was lost….fighting with self…TO GO OR NOT TO GO…..



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