Fairy…tail???!!! #44

28 Sep

~Part 44~

Maan (wickedly): ah..ah..ah…dear witch…please don’t think of pouncing on me…doesn’t suit your CURRENT IMAGE!

Geet closed her eyes…trying to ease her anger!!! She threw her dupatta on her sides and turned around!!!

Geet (murmuring): jerk..huh!!!

And she walked off with a huff….planning a murder!!!

She entered the kitchen and banged her hands on the kitchen slab. All the cooks and working staff present there looked at her! no doubt all were good friends with her, thanks to the little bubbly Sweetu still present somewhere inside!

She was fuming…panting! All the waitresses surrounded her!

Waitress 1: hey geet, who’s that hottie?

Waitress 2: ohh man, he definitely has looks to die for!

Waitress 3: hey is he your boyfriend???

Geet’s eyes popped out at tis…Her BF….YUCK!!!! NO WAYS…..NOT EVEN IN HER DEATH!

Preeto came in and heard the hot discussions! Even she joined them!

Preeto: geet…it’s the first time you got a friend here! You told him everything right?

Geet was already at the verge of losing her sanity… they just wouldn’t stop interrogating about that jerk! She snapped.

Geet (angrily):friend…my foot…arrrghhh he knows only one thing in this whole world..IRRITATING ME!!! Believe me….one day am not even going to feel guilty of murdering him!

At this, everyone started laughing! But geet became thoughtful!

Geet: but I wonder who could have told mhim about this place or me!!!

Waitress 2 (exclaimed): ohh yes…I remember I had seen him talking to raj and Nini while I was out there serving!

Ohh that was it! She peeped her head out of the kitchen door, so that he wouldn’t see her and shouted!

Geet: RAJ……..NINI…..

The kids were playing around when they heard geet shouting!

Nini: bahiyya..didi bahut gushe me lag rahi hain!

Raj (sadly): umm…so to hai…

They heard geet calling again!

Geet (angrily): Raj…Nini..where are you two?

Raj (to Nini, scared): lagta hai aaj humari band bajne waali hai!

Nini: but bhaiyya…what did we do wrong?

Geet was yelling by now!

Raj: oye…even I don’t know…but pehle lets go to her or else she will kill everyone there!

Both held hands and slowly walked towards the voice! Geet noticed them!

Geet (sternly): raj…Nini..idhar aao

She was fuming. The kids had never seen her so angry before! They walked slowly towards her!


And they ran. They entered the kitchen and geet banged the door shut…tightly! Everyone stood there quietly, watching her! raj and Nini stood holding hands with each other!

Geet: did you talk to that jerk?

Raj (slowly): who jerk??

Nini: did..whats a jerk??

Geet rolled her eyes. She took a deep breath and tried again!

Geet: did you talk to that man…..

Raj (cutting in): who man??

Geet: arrey wahi….sitting in a corner…bhoot kahinka..

Nini (confused): kaun wahi? Sho many people sitting…

Geet (frustrated): arrey the one who asked you to call me sometime back..

Raj (smiling):ohh…aapka friend!!!

Geet (rolling her eyes): yeah…yeah….wahi!!

Awww…how much she hated to say that last line!

Nini: yesh..we talked to him!

Geet: and what did you talk?

Raj narrated the whole incident to her…how he called them and took the details and later told himself as her friend! Raj was even proud to narrate the part where he got suspicious about that guy to protect her!

Geet closed her eyes….funming! how could he…damn it!

Preeto: oye geet…he must be waiting for his coffee…ja de aa use!

Geet snapped at this and handed the coffee to a waitress and asked her to go!

Preeto: he is your friend geet! He has come a long way to meet you. So I think you should serve him!

At this all agreed…nodding their heads, except geet! The waitress placed the tray on geet’s hands and winked at her!

When she realized no one was agreeing for the job, she half-heartedly walked away!

Soon as she got out of the kitchen, a new discussion started inside!

Waitress 1: I’m pretty sure he is her BF!

Waitress 2: hmm..even I am having doubts on this!

Preeto (confused): can you say like this? Geet isn’t that kind of girl!!

Waitress 3: but ma’am…didn’t you see, she told about her job here only to HIM out of all people…no one else!! Am suspipcious…she is hiding something!

Preeto: but I don’t think she’d have told him!! I know her well!

Waitress 1: okay lets clear our doubts then!!! Lets spy them!

Preeto (surprised): what??? Are you sure?

Waitress 2: yes yes that’s brilliant!

All the four couldn’t keep their curiosity in check and slowly followed geet without making it obvious! They hid behind the huge grand piano from where they could see them clearly!

The moment her eyes fell on Maan, geet’s blood started boiling!

Geet (selftalk):control geet control…don’t react! He might threaten you again!

She reached hear the table and placed the mug in front of him with a bag!

Maan: ah..ah..ah…someone isn’t in a very good mood today! I wonder what happened!

Geet (self thought): control…babaji help…control….don’t reply!

Maan (sipping his coffee): umm..its good! And geet…I can feel an EVIL AURA around you! Tell me whats going on in your mind….can’t trust your intentions….being the witch that you are… who knows you might have mixed poison in my coffee!!!

And that was the limit! Her patience snapped and banged her hands on the table!

Geet (angrily): you want to know what’s going on in my mind?? Listen then you “know-it-all-show-off” Jerk…am so so sooo mad at you….on the verge of losing my sanity and thanks to you and….

Maan lokoed at her, still sipping his coofee! She was speaking without a pause! He wondered if she was breathing at all in between! He looked around! People were again staring at them! But he is the great Maan Singh Khurana,  remember??? He doesn’t care about people….people care about him!so he kept mum and continued enjoying his coffee!

Geet (still shouting):…..and look at the level you have stooped down to….you…you actually duped those innocent kidsYOU ACTUALLY DUPED THEM by your sweet talks to know about me and make my life a living hell……

And she went on and on and on…..without a break……oblivious to her surroundings!

By that time. Maan had already finished his coffee and waited for her to stop! Now,the four pairs of curious eyes behind the grand piano were enjoying the drama wonderfully!!!

Waitress 1: wow…what a cute fight!!

Waitress 3: ohh how I wish I was in place of geet now…with that hottie…sigh…

Preeto: shhh…be quiet and lets see how he reacts!

Maan didn’t even give a damn to the people around him! He was enjoying his withch to no ends!

Kawaii *sighs* Kawaii’s mood geeting lighterSmile…proper *Kawaii expert comments* coming back soon! Can’t stay sad for long naaEmbarrassed….she is habituated to stay all happy happy!! Thanks to all!!!Hug

And finally she decided to end her long….long…lllooonnnggg…train of words with a few concluding lines!

Geet:….and keep in mind you Dusht daanav, Dusht ta ke devta, Raavan ke chele, DUPING FREAK, UNTOLERABLE JERK…..i hate you…. i hate you… i hate you…. . i hate you…. i hate you…. i hate you…. i hate you….ooo very much and will keep on hating you till the end of my life…No…no…till the end of eternity!!! You get that!!!

And she stopped! Phew!!! She took a deep breath and looked at him…with her eyes spitting fire! Maan kept the mug on the table and sighed! Strangely, he was not angry…rather he had her own Evil world!

Kawaii *remarksEvil Smile* I’m sure he will take his own sweet time to take revenge of his insults…he remembers each and everytime she had insulted him…they had got imprinted on his mind!

He will take his revenge…but in his own way!

Maan (looking at her, expressionless): ho gaya???

Geet had crossed her hands over her chest and had lokoed away! She loked at him from the corner of her eyes!

Geet: umm…

Maan got up from his chair and stood smartly!

Maan (calmly): since you have already accused me of so many things, let me clear your misconceptions first Ms. Superfast Express!

Geet’s eyes went wide…Ms Superfast express…grrr

Maan: 1st of all its not me who is maing your life hell…rather its YOU who ahd made my life hell!!! Be clear! And yeah… you hate me…that’s cool by me…I didn’t ask you to love me either!

Geet looked at him…shocked…what is he actually trying to prove hun?

He inched closer to her! geet didn’t budge…showing her courage to stand against him, undeterred!he was a few inches from her when his lips curved into a slight smile!

Geet (self thought): now what?? Jerk smiling huh!!!

Maan: and yeah..this Friday, we are having a get together in XYZ disc…and you have to come!!!

Geet (surprised): what???

Maan: yeah…I’ll be taking you with me so be ready by sharp 8pm okay….i’ll pick you up from your house!

Look at the audacity of this man..still has the guts to say something like this even after so many things happened!!! Before she could react, he inched closer to her face and placed a soft peck on her rosy cheek!

Maan (smiling): you look cute when you are angry!!!

He didn’t have any clue as to why and how he did that..but he loved teasing her!!! geet stood numb…once again…eyes widened…totally unable to react!!

Suddenly, there was a huge uproar of clapping and hooting that brought her back to reality! Even the four ladies behind the piano had wide smiles on their faces and were clapping! She slowly turned around to look at Maan. He was already at the cash counter clearing his bills!

People were still clapping and cheering!! Just before exiting, he turned to look at geet…and it was real easy to catch her eyes as she was looking at him only…still that “unbelievable” expression on her face!!!

He smiled, winked at her and walked away!!!!



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