25 Sep

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3 responses to “Poll….HELP NEEDED!!! PLZ DO VOTE!!!!

  1. khushifantasy

    26/09/2011 at 21:39

    Kiddo di,
    Well, about continuing gentle whispers, you already know Kiddo di that I have hard time keeping up with just FT! Even though it’s my really favorite ff, other things just come up in my way. Not that I am saying you should stop. Well, why you shouldn’t? Cuz am sure it’s just as outstanding as FT is. YOU have a unique way of thinking and penning it down. Really hats off to you for that!!!

    But I say other since it shouldn’t depend on readers whether or not you continue. You should listen to what your heart says and act like wise. If you love the concept of what you’ve thought, then worry not about others liking your idea or not. Keep on continuing.

    Take me for example. The first story that I ever came up with is really special to me and only about 5-6 people read it. It makes me sad but I still keep on posting. Cuz it’s closer to my heart than anything will ever get. In LSO, I get around 85 likes and maybe 60 comments. I’m happy for that. But one thing I do wonder is that are readers only reading it cuz it’s on Maaneet? Or do they like the way I write and the message that i’m trying to pass on indirectly through the FF?

    Just like that, do not care how many people comment on it. Just know that who all do comment, should like you for what you write and not for Maaneet. No offence to anyone. Just how I think…. I will always encourage you to keep on writing. If I were someone famous, I would’ve definitely approached you to publish a book .I know you tell not to give such good compliments. But trust me, this one is true and you deserve it!

    No matter what the reason everyone else is reading your stories for, I will read it because of your thought process and concept and your style. Not because it’s on Maaneet.

    Getting out of serious mode now. He-he… Wow! that was long. Hope I didn’t bore you! =P

    I would still say, don’t let others change your decision. And don’t get disheartened on less number of likes. It’s their loss that they are not reading such an amazing FF. Not yours. Be happy with what you receive.. 🙂

    Ur bacha.


    • babydqash

      27/09/2011 at 05:19

      thnxxx a lottt bachcha…whtever u said..its right also….!!!!
      lemme think abt it again!!!

      • khushifantasy

        27/09/2011 at 18:46

        No thnx kiddo di. it’s what m ur friend for. Ryt? I’ll always do this.
        Yes. it is ryt. good. u understood :I

        U do just that 😉



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