Fairy…Tail???!!! #42

22 Sep



But look at the conspiracy of nature…today her MK is standing right behind her…enjoying her…mesmerized…lost in her!

Nini: di..pleeejjj jaldi se play karo na..shab wait kar rahe hain!

Geet looked around..the customers, the regular ones who knew about her piano forte, waiting for her to start! She smiled at them, took a deep breath and ran her fingers on the keys!!!


The first note itself sounded so sweet..he looked towards her,,,wanting her to play more and more!

Geet ran her fingers along all the 88 keys pf the grand piano…relishing the sweetest moments of her life! At times, she’d feel like crying out loud…but immediately she’d opne her eyes and look at the two cute little kids standing beside her and smile!

Ohh how much she wished her MK was there with her today….then probably she’s not have to hide her tears anymore… she’d not have to hide her true self! The old Sweetu was still locked somewhere inside that heart…that wanted to come out so very badly…but would this world ever let someone like Sweetu live happily???

If you wanna survive in this ruthless world and make your presence obvious to its people, you have to abandon your principles and ethics and have to become strong…cruel…heartless…just like this world!! This was something that Sweetu had leant over the years and this was something that transformed her into GEET….the heartless, strong headed Geet…leaving Sweetu far behind…ahh very far indeed!

The music was soft and slow…. But something was going on in Maan’s mind! For him, it felt so familiar…like she was playing for him! He could feel a strange connection towards her and that piece of music….why did he feel that? why did he feel her so close to his heart??? Kuch Anjaana….phir bhi kuch jaana pehchana sa…..

Why was there something inside his heart trying hard to come out? What was it? He didn’t have the answer to any of them but the only thing he knew at that moment was her and only her!

Geet was lost in her own world…in her sweet memories…how MK used to help her always…like in case of the “not-so-wide” swim tube she was stuck in or when the bullies kicked her sand castle into fine sand or when it was time to shoo off that good for nothing Suzy….she actually chuckled with those sweet memories…she smiled wide and raj and Nini smiled back at her too!

Maan smiled too…as though he knew she was smiling…it was evident from her music…it felt so happy! His heart could jump out of his ribs and dance around!

Okies dearies…here is the vm made by me Embarrassedto make you all aware of the current condition of MK and Sweetu..oops I mean Maan and geet!!!! And the music is the same piece that Sweetu is playing now!!!

And here is the VM by roopali which showed the situation of Sweetu and MK!!! Pls do see tham and compare the then and the current situation!!!

As the song neared its end…geet’s mind drifted back to those days and conditions under which she had composed this piece! He left her behind all alone…he betrayed her at the most crucial moment…he played with her emotions and at the end…she again was able to convince herself that she hated him to have done that to her! but a drop of tear did not forget to fall out though!!!

The atmosphere suddenly became gloomy! People in the caf had tears in their eyes…like they could relate to her pain through her music! Maan’s heart felt heavy…as though all her emotions flowed in her music and settled on his heart!! He couldn’t see her face but could definitely understand what was going on in her mind! He somehow knew that she was feeling sad..he wanted to go there and comfort her…his legs moved a step automatically towards her but then suddenly he heard everyone clapping and he was brought back from his reverie!

Geet too was brought back to reality! Raj and Nini were dancing and clapping. She stood up, smiled at everyone and bowed so very generously like a pro! People wiped their tears and smiled at her.

Nini: are aweshum!!!

Geet: thank you sweety!

Raj: didi…abhi aap chalo and mere saath khelo!

Geet (cutely): awww but Raj..aaj mein nahi khel sakti!

Raj: kyun???

Geet: aaj to tumhare mamma ki help karni hai na!!!

Raj (sadly): ohh…ok!

Geet (cutely): achcha koi na…will play with you some other day!

And she rushed towards the kitchen!

Maan observed her each and every move! So many faces of a girl..that too totally different at all the times! Sweet Lodr…he is definitely gonna go mad!!! Hey is she suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder??? His understanding failed him completely but his curiosity went on increasing!!!!

Kawaii *gigglesLOL* lagta hai Maan babu does not know the saying…CURIOSITY KILLS THE CAT!!

How can a girl have so many faces??? None of the girls he had ever known or dated made him go mad…rather he was the one who made THEM go mad!! But this girl…..he held his head for some time and though for a while. He’d definitely find everything about her today…or else she’d make him go insane!!! Yes he would…but how??? That’s another problem!!!!

He took a deep breath and looked around thinking what to do!!! For the 1st time ever Maan Singh Khurana was out of ideas and short of words…especially in case of a girl…which was surprisingly quite unlike him, considering the number of girls he had dated till date!!! Okay…”till date” seems to be history now though!!!

Maan (self thought): aaj to iss witch ke bare me jaan kar hi chain ki saans loonga! Now its confirmed that she is really a WITCH!

Just when he was about to bang his head on the pillar, behind which he was hiding, he saw raj and Nini playing around the caf and talking to the customers!!

A wide grin plastered his face suddenly and the EVIL MSK within him woke up!!! When the kids were just near the pillar, he peeped his head out and called them!!

Maan: hey..tch….tch….shhh….shhh….

Raj heard it and looked towards him! Maan smiled and gestured him to come to him! Raj narrowed his eyes! Nini joined him too!

Maan smiled wider, which he hated, and called them to him! And since kids are kids and they have very very very high affinity towards smiles, both got pulled towards him as though he had a magnetic effect on them!!! As they reached him, he kneeled down and smiled again!

Maan (sweetly): hiii

Maan self though…sweet…my foot!

Nini (sweetly): hello…are you a cushtomer?

Maan: umm yes I am!!!

Raj: hello..i am Raj and this is my sister Nini!

Maan: hello raj and Nini..its a pleasure meeting you!

Nini: why are you standing here? Come, please have a seat!!!

Maan was amazed by the sense of etiquette they had at such a young age!!!

Raj: yes yes, please do have a seat! Its our caf! You can also give us your orders!

Maan was really impressed and touched! Though they are little kids, they knew well of thir surroundings!!!

Maan (thinking a bit): umm thank you but not now! Am am in a hurry!!

Raj (sadly): ohh its okay…but atleast have a cup of coffe!!

Maan: I would really love to buddy but am here for some work! Actually I was just passing by and heard someone play a beautiful piece on piano. So out of curiosity, I just came in to see! By the way, who was playing it?

Maan chose to play tactfully! Knowing geet, she’d never let anyone know about her new avatar…not only this one but all of her avatars that he had seen till date!!!

Raj (delightfully): ohh unka naam geet didi hai won a..yahan kaam karti hain!!!

Maan (sweetly): achcha??

Maan selfthought: yesss!!!!

Nini: yesh yesh…humari didi sabse achchi hain…she is the best!

Maan: achcha….waise aapki didi yahan roz aati hain?

Raj: ummm nahi…she comes here whenever she has free time!

Ok now Maan was having super fun duping the kids! But still, he needed to know more!!!

Maan: aapki geet didi actually karti kya hain?

Nini: umm didi na…koi ek bade se college me padhne jaati hain!!

She spread he tiny hands out trying to depict how big her college is!!!

Now something struck Raj…..he stared at Maan..he immediately became suspicious about the man asking so mnay questions about her geet didi!!! He might be a rouge….or a kidnapper….he had seen such men in TV!!!

Raj (angrily): why are ou asking so many things? Are you going to kidnap her?? if you are thinking to kidnap her..then mind it…I won’t spare you!!!

Maan was startled at this…he never expected that….but kids are kids…you can’t help it!!!

Maan (irritated): why should I kidnap your di??

Raj didn’t even hear him! He turned towards Nini and held her hand!!

Raj: Nini…door rahi isse…don’t you remember didi ne kya kaha tha??? Stay away from strangers! Come on lets go!!!

Nini agreed totally and obeyed her brother! Whenever it came to geet didi…raj and Nini played super over possesive about her!!!

Maan was trying not to get so angry at the audacity of these kids…yes he thought audacity just because he had never been close to kids…..but now..he can’t lose them either!!!

Maan: hey…wait..wait…wait a sec!!!

Raj turned around in attitude, with a frown on his cute face!!!

Raj (angrily): now what Mr. Stranger??

Maan gulped his anger….easy there boy…don’t get angry!!!

Maan: am your geet didi’s friend and I AM NOT A STRANGER!!! GO AND CALL YOUR DIDI!!

Nini got delighted at this..geet didi’s friend is here!!! She ran to the kitchen to inform geet whereas raj still stood in front of him with his frown!!!

Maan (irritated): what?

Raj (with atti): umm..just checking if you really are telling the truth!!!

Maan felt like either strangling raj or bang his head somewhere!!! Geet keeps people like her as her friends!!! Uff!!!

Just then Nini came running and asked Maan to sit, pointing towards an empty table!!

Nini: ahh eshcuse me..i told di that her friend is here so she asked me to tell you to sit and wait for her! she will be here in a moment!!!

Maan was delighted….he smirked…..Probably geet didn’t know he was here!!! And still..his evil mind didn’t stop thinking mischief!!! He went towards the table and deliberately sat in such a position that his back face the kitchen door!!!

Raj didn’t cease keeping an eye on him..he sat on the chair opposite to his!!! Maan called Nini.

Maan: hey sweet heart, since am already here, can you please ask your didi to get me a mug of coffee??

Nini (happily): sure..

And she ran away and told geet the same!

Here geet was busy with the orders when Nini told her her about her friend arriving in the caf! She thought her friend might be someone from that street she knew who wanted to meet her! she hurried up with her work, took her tray of orders and walked out!!!

She presented other orders and walked towards the table with the coffee mug where her “friend” was sitting!!!

She couldn’t see his face…as per Maan’s plans!!! His back faced her!

Nini walked ahead!

Maan and raj stared at each other angrily! Raj looked at him suspiciously which Maan didn’t like and got irritated!! Both were fighting a cold war! Raj was as annoyed as Maan and both exchanged deathly glares!!!

Geet was a few steps away when Nini ran towards Maan and pulled his shirt which broke his and raj’s eye contact!!! Maan looked at her and she pointed at geet with her thumb!!

Maan plastered a big smile on his face, stood up and turned around!

Maan (smiling wide, waving his hand): hey there witch!!!

Geet was just 2-3 steps away from his when she tripped….no body knows how and with what…but she just tripped the moment she looked at his face…more of a shock it was!!

Geet: wo…woah…..

The coffee mug fell on the floor with a loud crash with coffee spilled all over the floor!

Her face went expressionless out of utter shock and surprise!!1 she was about to fall down with her face hitting the ground when Maan skillfully walked a step ahead and held by her waist, thereby preventing her fall!!!

She didn’t react..she was rather numb…unable to understand…. why Maan out of all people had to find her like this???

Maan smiled and bend down to whisper something in her ears that made her eyes go wider!!!

Maan (slowly in her ears): so…found what you really are…..huh witch?????


next: geet shouting at maan!!!


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