Fairy…Tail???!!! #40

16 Sep

~PART 40~~

Maan: 90 degree? Geet don’t confuse me and tell me whos this 90 degree fellow!!!

Geet (annoyed): ohh God Maan..why are you shouting? 90 degree is my cat! Don’t badmouth him okay!!!

Maan: whaaattt??? 90 degrees is a cat???

Geet (sweetly): yesh!

Maan couldn’t control his laughter and burst out laughing. 90 degrees..what a silly name!!! 90 degrees…his tummy was aching by now!

Kawaii *ROFLOL* ouch…ouch…tummy hurts…hahahaha…know what…this name should be given “THE FUNNIEST NAME” award.ROFL

He went on laughing for some time. Now Dadima was coming downstairs but stopped in front of Maan’s room, hearing the laughter!

Dadima (self thought): OMG someone laughing this loudly and that too in Maan’s room!

She peeped into the room only to get a shock of her life. Maan was standing by the window wearing only his trousers and laughing his head off. She noticed him talking to someone over the phone.

Strange, Dadima wondered! Her egoistic, proud grandson, Mr. Perfect, Mr.MSK laughing…and that too so openly when he is all the serious types and preferred funny things as time waste!!! She ought to be dreaming! She actually pinched herself only to realize that it was as real as it could get!!! She stayed there for a while listening to what and whom  he was talking to.

Geet puffed up her cheeks hearing him laugh like that. she didn’t like anyone making fun of her 90 degrees. She waited for to stop laughing but he didn’t. Actually he couldn’t!!!

Geet (angrily): Maan…stop it!

Maan (LOL): not laughing.

Geet: achcha then what is hear is not your laughter?? Mere itne bhi bure din nahi aaye hain Mr. Maan that won’t be able to understand anything!

Maan (trying to suppress his laughter): umm…geet seriously.. am not laughing!

Geet (angrily): ok fine! Am hanging up.


Geet: then why did you laugh at the 1st place hun?

Maan: ok ok sorry baba, ab won’t laugh.

Dadima was about to faint! MSK & SORRY??? There must be something wrong… there IS something wrong.she didn’t the energy and courage as well to stand there further and get unexpected surprises! She supported herself holding the wall and slowly reached back to her room to take rest for sometime!

Geet didn’t reply! Maan got worried knowing her “paagalpan”.

Maan (worried): geet…geet you there? Hello???

Geet: hmm..

Maan (sigh): geet you okay?

Geet: hmm..

Maan (rolling his eyes): ok am really very sorry for laughing! Ab gussa mat karo please!

Geet: umm ok but you have to promise not to badmouth 90 degree okay!

Maan: okay

Geet: and not laugh at his name

Maan (nodding his head): okay

Geet: and accept him as you own?

Maan rolled his eyes! This girl is really silly. He smiled at her innocence.

Geet: Maan??

Maan: ummm yes yes anything! But don’t you think 90 degrees is the stupidest…..

Geet narrowed her brows! Maan ate his words realizing what he had blurted out!

Maan: I mean kinda ummm…..err…I mean a very…ummm different name for a cat?

Geet: aahaan! Theres a logic behind it too!

Maan sighed in relief..phew she is pacified. Or else god knows what more “paagalpan” she will do! He had got the glimpse of it last night itself.

Maan: and what is that my dear witch?

Geet: ummm..actually its really simple. I named him 90 degrees because of the position of his tail.

Maan (surprised): what?

Geet (cutely): yes..yes…his tail na…it always remains up, ekdum perpendicular to his backbone! Wo to kabhi niche hi aata! So I named him 90 degree because his tail is at 90 degrees with his body!

She sounded so positive and so proud about it. Maan controlled his laughter as he knew perfectly by now that she doesn’t like being made fun of. Infact he put on of his hands on his mouth to suppress his laugh.

Kawaii *ROFLOL* ohh god…Sweetu and her silly logics! Hahahahaha remember her Sweetu-MK basketball logic??? HahahahahaROFL

Geet didn’t hear him say anything!

Geet: hello? Maan?? You there?

Maan (trying to control his laugh): umm..g…geet…have to rush! Urgent  work..OK bye!

He hurriedly finished up with the last line, hung up the call and fell on the bed laughing! He had never laughed so much before..he didn’t even know what actually made him laugh..her innocence or her stupidity! But whatever it was…he just loved that feeling. He laughed and laughed and laughed till his tummy ached. It made him feel so light!

He shook his head…silly geet…and…uff her silly logics!!!

He really missed seeing her around as it was a Sunday. He had his plans but still, he missed seeing her around.


He had spent a good whole day with his friends playing golf and having lunch together. Golf was not his forte but he played  it just for fun! Rahul and Dan were with him too. It was only on Sundays when poor Rahul seemed a bit relaxed. He would have fun with everyone…why of course…the EVIL PREZ was not around.

One by one all the friends left leaving the trio, Maan, Rahul and Dan! It was late dust…the sun almost down at the horizon. They sat in a caf sipping thir drinks. Maan ordered a mocha as they chit chatted.

Rahul (seriously): guys..i need to confess something to you guys.

Dan: yes yes go on buddy! We are all ears.

Rahul was playing with his coke…trying to find words to speak out.

Dan:  speak man! We don’t have the whole night!

Rahul: ummm,,,we….i kinda…erm..well…i..

Dan (irritated): SPEAK OUT MAN!

Rahul (hesitating): umm..i…kinda like a g..girl you know!

Dan (nearly spitting out his coke): whaaattt??? Are you serious?

Rahul: yes I am.

Dan (happily): hey congrats the way, whos that girl? Do we know her?

Rahul: umm yes but not that well. But she is from our college!

Dan: OMG that’s a super cool news! So whats her name? is she from our our batch?

Rahul: umm yes she is in the 1st year MBA.

Dan: wow seem to know pretty much about her! so whats her name?

Rahul: ummm….her name is Jessica!

Dan: umm interesting..

But Rahul’s face suddenly turned pale!!!!

Rahul (sadly):but theres a problem!

Dan (curiously): yes go on…

Rahul sighed sadly and continued, “she is in prez’s class!

Dan sat shocked…numb…unable to digest the fact that rahul’s love interest was in that evil prez’s class!

Rahul (shaking Dan): hey dude…you okay? Dan??? Don’t tell me you are dead now…are you?

That brought Dan back to reality. He went insane thinking about his friend’s fate at the hands of that EVIL DEMON PREZ. He got up, stretched across the table and clutched rahul’s collar tightly, pulling him towards himself.

Dan (shaking him): how could you Rahul?? How could you do this? How could you fall in love with that prez’s friend??

Before even Rahul could reply, Dan’s gaze fell on Maan looking outside. He stopped there and then. Even Rahul followed Dan’s gaze only to see Maan looking outside the caf, lost! He didn’t hear a single word they were speaking! They looked at Maan curiously.

The cafe had had transparent glass walls beside the entrance where you can see the road outside the cafe.

Maan’s gaze were stuck on a sweet girl outside the caf, wearing a green salwaar kameez. He was seeing her through the glass. She has a very simple yet a cute plait made out of her long hair. She looked so sweet and innocent with that sweet smile plastered on her face as she bought the flowers from the nearby roadside vendors!

Typical Indian salwaar kameez on the streets of London…that was what had caught Maan’s attention initially! But later…he just couldn’t avert his eyes from her…her smile when the little kids of the vendors offered her flowers…ufff it suited her face so perfectly that anyone could do anything to keep that smile on her face forever and ever! She ran here and there playing with those kids…chasing them…running after them…he felt he could just fall for here there and then!

The cafe was located on a small street of London, away from the main road. Maan and his friends were coming back through that street when they noticed that cafe there and decided to have something there. That cafe was full of people…it was a small one but it looked posh!

Maan was so lost that he was totally unaware of what Rahul and Dan were talking about. Her long plait swirled in air as she  turned and ran around with the kids!         Rahul and Dan looked at Maan..he hadn’t even  touched his mocha when he was coffee lover!

Rahul: Maan? Maan?

He didn’t reply. It seemd he didn’t even hear them!dan put his hand on Maan’s arm and shook him.

Dan: Maan…you okay buddy?

Maan snapped out of his thoughts…he looked at his friends and again looked outside! She was still playing with the kids, still holding the sweet long stalked flowers. He was so enchanted by that…so mesmerized..something that his friends didn’t even understand!

Dan: Maan..what happened? Where were you lost?

Maan kept looking towards her, hoping she didn’t go away.

Maan: aahh..ummm…nothing! I need to leave, you guys carry on!

He walked away leaving a surprised Rahul and Dan!

He slowly stepped out of the cafe searching for her. he looked here and there and saw her still playing with the poor kids! Her giggles..that sounded so musical to his ears. He felt as if he could sit there and listen to her giggles for ever!!! He hoped the time to stop at that that he could cherish the beauty of the moment! A cold soothing breeze gushed past him! He wasn’t able to see her face clearly from the cafe. So her just walked a few steps ahead and stood rooted!! He gasped seeing her face— geet….


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