Fairy…Tail???!!! #39

23 Aug


And he took out his phone and showed the pics he had taken of a crying geet!!! She gulped her saliva..when did he take those pics? But the least she wanted was her EVIL PREZ image being destroyed infront of those good-for-nothing boys!!!! She made a very cute baby face hoping to melt him!!! But MSK is MSK!!!! He was least affected. He shot her a deathly glare!!!!

Geet (making a baby face): theek hain…theek hian…stop looking at me with your demon eyes!!!

And she started with the hot vegetable soup making a sad puppy face!!!

She finished her soup and looked at Maan. He was keeping an eye on her so as to make sure that she finishes everything.

Geet (slurping her last spoon her soup): hey, why aren’t you having something?

Maan: am not hungry.

Geet: but you must be hungry right? You’ve been with me the whole evening.

Maan: nah..its okay.

Geet: but I won’t feel good na!!! so please order something. I’ll pay!!!

That hurt him. How could she even think like that? can’t she see how much he was worried about her? he was angered by her ignorance. She was munching her sandwich now!

Maan (angrily): GEEETTT…what are you saying? I got you here so its my responsibility to do everything! That was so rude you know!

She was amazed to see that straightforwardness in him….but she realized that he was hurt. She felt bad because she didn’t want to hurt him, especially after all that he had done for her today!she loked at him..he was facing away from her. she felt really miserable. She shouldn’t have said that.

Geet: umm…Maan?

Maan turned towards her but he looked irritated and hurt.

Maan (annoyed): hmm!

Geet (sweetly): aapko bura laga??

Maan (facing away): umm!

Geet (softly): Am sorry!

Maan instantly melted…NO WAYS MAN!!! Remember…he is the DEVIL…THE DEVIL MAAN SINGH KHURANA!!! He would never melt…so easily. Even if “Maan” melts at her words, but the “Maan Singh Khurana” in him would never….not this easily. He still didn’t look towards her.


Maan: hmm!

Geet (complaining): Maan…

Maan: umm!

Geet: Maan…suniye to!

Maan: hmm…

She was losing her patience now.

Geet (a bit sternly): Maan..kaha na sorry…

Maan: hmm..

Now that’s it! She had enough of his silent treatment. Ignoring geet Handa….the Students’ council president..arrgh…that was not good! NOT AT ALL…NEVER! She jumped off the couch and stood up putting one had on her waist and pointing the index finger of her other hand towards him.

Geet (angrily): aap samajhte kya hain apne aapko hun? I know I shouldn’t have told you like that but I am apologizing for it! Itna bhaav khaane ki kya zaroorat hain? Tabse mein aapko sorry keh rahi hoon..aur aap hain ki UMM..ya HMMM.. don’t you know how to behave when someone apologizes to you?

And she looked away…only to find everyone staring at them. She heard people murmuring. She bit her tongue realizing she had been rude again…and a but loud too! She looked at Maan from the corner of her eyes…OH NO! he was giving her deathly glares…and looked more annoyed!


She hung her head down and sat on the couch slowly. She was supposed to be thanking him…and what is she doing???

Geet (self thought): oye geet..tu bechare ki izzat ki dhajjiyan mat uda yaar…he helped you! Jhalli…Apologize to him.

She slowly looked up towards him…he was still angry at her! his red eyes said it all!

Geet (pleading): Sorry..

Maan (angrily): GEETTT

She shut her eyes tight and started blabbeing..the usual geet way!

Geet (eyes closed tight): sorry….am very very very very Sorry..please maaf kardo didn’t mean to offend you! Am so sorry…am so sorry..

And she went on and on and on. She looked so cute…Maan had no choice but to melt at her cuteness and smile!but he suppressed his smile and maintained a stern look. He waited for her to stop her SORRY EXPRESS but geet is geet! She can never stop her blabbering so easily! When she didn’t….he rolled his eyes and shouted!

Maan (shouting): GEET…. STOP IT!

She jumped at his voice and looked at him.ohh GOD…she looked just like a baby..her big hazel eyes….pink cheeks ans that vute face! He was so mesmerized….how can someone get so cute, he wondered!

As a response, he couldn’t hold back himself anymore. He leaned towards her and before geet could even understand anything, he placed a sweet peck on her cheeks and moved back to his old position, smiling!

Geet froze at that moment…for her everything came to a standstill! A weird anxiety filled her heart….something familiar cropped up in her… and before she could even relate it to what was so familiar…Maan’s voice caught her attention!

Kawaii *lost in her thoughtsErmm* hey is the kissey wissey back???Wink

Maan: geet!

She snapped out of her thoughts!

Geet (weakly): umm!

Maan (politely): shall we leave?

Geet looked at her plate…she had forgotten that she had already finished her food.

Geet (nodding): umm..

Maan got up, cleared the bill and walked towards the exit. He didn’t feel her around and looked back! He rolled his eyes seeing her standing near their table with her hand on her cheek where he kad pecked her, lost!!!

Maan (self thought): she is really mad!

He walked upto her, held her hand and led her towards the exit! She didn’t react…rather followed his lead quietly… just like Sweetu always did with MK around! It was so spontaneous…just like a reflex!!! She followed his lead and quietly sat in the car and they drove!

The drive was silent…she looked lost somewhere. She was totally blank! She didn’t know what to think at that moment! It was just a small peck…and here she was going insane!

Maan looked at her! he didn’t like her so dull! He loved her bubbly self, not this! He realized his actions!

Maan (self thought): OMG..kahin wo mere peck ka galat matlab to nahi nikal rahi? Iss ladki ka koi bharosa nahi!!!


He watched her carefully..was she feeling uncomfortable? He tried to distract her mind!

Maan: cough..cough…

Geet (snapping out) hmm!

Maan: tell me your address!

Geet: for what?

Maan (rolling his eyes): since I have kidnapped you..i must drop you home right? So tell me the way!

Geet didn’t reply. She was still blank. Nothing came into her mind! Maan again looked at her…..she agagin looked lost! He recalled their time together and then her cute antics and burst out laughing.

Geet was surprised to see him laugh like open! For a moment she just gazed at him…looking at his face..he really had a beautiful smile!!! But then snapped out of her thoughts!

Geet (self thought): geet…what are you thinking?? This ghamandi and laughing??? There has to be a strong reason!

Geet observed him and was really annoyed to see him laugh like that looking ta her!

Geet (annoyingly): hey why are you laughing like that?

Maan (laughing):!

Geet was not convinced.

Geet: Maan..bataiye what made you laugh?

Maan: seriously geet…its nothing that you’d like to know!

Geet (shoutihng): TELL ME!!!

Maan (making a sad face): ok ok batata hoon…chillao mat!

Geet (crossing her arms over he chest): umm go on!

Maan (suppressing his laughter): ahh..just a thought came to my couldn’t stop laughing!

Geet (narrowing her brows): and what is it?

Maan: you seriously wanna know?

Geet nodded her head like a kid and affirmative! He tilted his head towards her and smiled: I was actually wondering…

Geet (curiously): yes….

Maan (suppressing his laugh): that the EVIL STUDENTS” COUNCIL PREZ rooti bhi hai!!!

And he burst out laughing once again! Geet’s curiosity was replaced by sheer annoyance! She gave him an angry look, twisted her lips and looked away!

Maan  realized her discomfort but scouldn’t stop laughing!

Maan (trying to suppress his laugh): ok..geet…naraaz mat ho! Just kidding..

Geet didn’t’ reply.

Maan: come on geet….it was just a joke!

She didn’t reply rather looked outside the window,.

Maan (sternly): geet…

Geet (angrily): get me back to college!

Maan: what? College? Have you seen the time…

Geet (cutting in): GET ME BACK TO COLLEGE..

Maan (worried): but geet…its already dark! Come on say me your address..i’ll drop you!

Geet (sternly): NO need! Can you please drop me back to the college!

But Maan was persistent too. It was not safe to move alone at night here!

Maan (defiantly): what if I say no?

Geet (angrily): then am getting off here itself!

saying so, she opened the door of the car of her side from that moving vehicle and tried to jump off! Maan’s heart literally stopped beating for a moment. It was so dangerous as other vehicles were there on the road…you cannot avoid their speed either!

He immediately slowed down and pulled her back by her shoulders. He parked the car beside the road and looked at her angrily.

Maan (angrily): geet…yeh kya paagalpan hai? Why did you do that?

Geet was still angry at him. She didn’t even look at him! Maan nearly broke down at this! He rolled his eyes, controlling his emotions. Uff…she is impossible!

Maan: agar tummhe kuch ho jata to? It was so dangerous…do you realize that geet?

Geet (angrily): aapse matlab?

And she looked away again!

Maan  (sigh): ok..fine sorry! Didn’t mean to make fun of you. If you want me to drop you to college then be it!

Geet couldn’t help but look at him…his voice did shower concern on her. his eyes seemed restless. He leaned closer and cupped her face in his palms. She could feel his fingers shiver against her soft cheeks. She couldn’t believe it…she looked into his eyes… they were so he was in deep sorrow and pain by even thinking of she being hurt!

Maan (pleading): please geet…aisa kabhi mat karna..Please!!

She could feel the corner of her eyes burn..! she just couldn’t bear so much concern from his….the last few years had made her shut from all the emotions…all the feelings…all the care! But seeing him in so much concern…so much pain…that too just for her…ONLY HER…that actually brought tears to her eyes! She closed her eyes to hold back her tears and let out a deep sigh!!

Maan let go of her and straightened himself.

Maan (smiling): ab bhi naraaz ho?

Geet was trying to be normal. So she sat with her arms crossed over her chest and looked at him from the corner of her eyes.

Geet: umm..theek hai theek hai….nahi hoon naraaz…. Drop me to college.

Maan drove his way to the college quietly now fully knowing her paagalpan! She went to her car soon as they reached college. Maan was still worried about her health and insisted to drop her home. She refused and he clearly knew he could never argue with her.

But he was still not convinced. So he actually followed her till her apartment keeping a safe distance from her car so that she didn’t notice him following her. he was quite relieved to see her reach safely to her apartment and drove back home.

He was feeling so happy today…to have spent the whole evening with his witch…but it really scared him to hell when he recalled her trying to jump off a moving car.

Even while having dinner he was smiling to himself thinking of his INSANE WITCH. Dadi was surprised to see him smile…it was rare that her perfect Gentleman, The MSK smile like that.something was fishy. Just when she was about to ask him the reason a call distracted her and she completely forgot about it amidst the call.

Geet lay on her bed…she was quite calm now. The whole morning she was all in a foul mood…but now…everything seemd to calm down..even her restless heart! She had a very peaceful sleep that night….after coming to London. May be because somewhere her heart was accepting Maan in her life. She was very tired so dosed off immediately. But Maan bechara…kismat ka maara…his night went sleepless just thinking about his witch!!

Kawaii *hitting headD'oh* one sleeps peacefully because of the other…the other can’t even sleep a wink just because that one!!! Uff…Babaji…inka kuch nahi ho sakta!!!LOL

Next morning….

Time: 8:00am

Geet woke up lazily…why of was a Sunday! She was in her cute white pajamas. Just when she was about to go to the washroom, her cell beeped. It was an unknown number. She picked it up.

Geet (yawning): hello???

Phone: Good Morning dear prez!!!

Instantly…all her lazyness vanished recognizing that voice!

Geet (surprised): Maan aap??? Itni subah subah? And …and how did you get my number?

Maan: its 8 o’clock…so its not subah subah madam….and about your number..I got it..when you were unconscious.

Geet: whattt??? Hey that’s not good manners okay…taking someone’s phone number when they are unconscious..

Maan (innocently): not my fault dear…you were sick and I was worried.

Kawaii *wink winkWinkWink* oye hoye..clever munda… already making his move hun?

Geet: uff..achcha hold on a sec..

Maan heard her speaking babyishly to someone: awww…sleep my baby..its Sunday na…so aaj you can sleep till late!!

Maan (confused): geet??

Geet: umm?

Maan: whom are you talking to?

Geet (yawning again): ohh yeah..its 90 degree.

Maan took his towel and wiped sweat from his bare back and torso. He had just finished his gym session.

Maan (raising his brows): 90 degree?

Geet (cutely): ummm…my best buddy here..and I just love him!!!

Strangely, Maan was not liking this 90 degree fellow but he was curious as to know what caught his witch’s attraction!

Maan: 90 degree? Geet don’t confuse me and tell me whos this 90 degree fellow!!!

Geet (annoyed): ohh God Maan..why are you shouting? 90 degree is my cat! Don’t badmouth him okay!!!


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