Fairy…Tail???!!! #37

14 Aug

~PART 37~

He looked towards the direction of the sound and found almost the whole college staring at them with their eyes wide open!!!

It was then he realized what might they be thinking seeing them in such a position!!!

He sighed and put his head back on the floor closing his eyes!!!

Maan (self thought); ohh Maan..not again!!! Maan…ye ladki teri image kharab karke hi rahegi!!!!

Geet slowly opened her eyes and the 1st thing she saw was Maan lying below her with his head resting on the floor and eyes closed. She remembered their fall and Maan rolling on his back just to prevent her from getting hurt.she looked at Maan. He was holding her by her waist protectively. She panicked…did he get hurt? No…no…he should be fine!

She slowly raised her head. Maan didn’t move! Is he hurt? And that too because of her? No…no…that’s not possible…she tried to wake him up! Her voice was trembling…cracking!

Geet: m..maan…you okay? Maan???

When she didn’t get any response, she panicked more…still clutching his shirt tight!

Suddenly she felt something go loose around her waist! She tried to look around..maan’s hands released their hold on her waist and lay on the floor…lifelessly! She panicked more…fear gripped her heart…tears threatened her eyes! She raised herself whithout getting off him and patted his cheeks with one of her hands, with the other still holding him tight. Her voice was cracking…tears already clouding her brown eyes!

Geet (nearly breaking down): m…m..maan…open your eyes….maan..

She patted his cheeks a few more times, “Maan…wake up…”

When she still got no response, she thought he may have fainted. May be he hit his head hard on the floor. She raised her hand to slap him a bit hard so as to get him back to his senses!

Just when she was about to hit him, a firm hand held her wrist preventing her from slapping!

Geet (surprised): huh???

She looked at the hold…ohh teri…it was Maan’s hand holding hers! She narrowed her brows and looked at his face carefully.

He opened only one of his eyes and looked at her! Geet was a bit surprised!

Maan (with his one eye open): stop hitting me…it hurts you witch!

Geet could say nothing…she was so relieved to see him alright. She kept looking at him…trying to hide those tears which were never meant to fall….calming her freaked out self! She kept gaping at him in awe! Maan still looked at her…amused! Why was she behaving weirdly? He slowly opened the other eye of his and waited for her to get off. When she didn’t, he wondered what happened to her!!!

Maan (self thought): kuch to gadbad hai Maan beta….yeh aur itni shaant???

Maan thought of distracting her from her laLa Land!

Maan: geet…geet???

Geet (snapping out): huh…yes?

Maan made a strange face…what happened to her? he waited for her to get off him..and when she just didn’t…he spoke up!!!

 Maan: ohh…if you could please get off me!!! You are crushing me!!!

He said making a baby face. It was then geet realized that she was sitting on his tumm, leaning over his chest! She regained her Devil-Avatar and immediately got into her feet, brushing herself clean. Maan got up slowly behind her.

Soon as he was on his feet, geet turned to him shouting, “How dare you call me fat, you jerk?

Maan rolled his eyes…uff back to her devil-self! Hey wait…when did he call her fat??

Maan put his hands on his waist and turned to face her!

Maan (narrowing his brows): excuse me…but when did I call you fat?

Geet (angrily): you jerk…just now didn’t you say I was crushing you?

Maan: when did I call you  fat then?

Geet: you didn’t but you meant fat right? I could understand in between your words!

Maan: ugh..i didn’t!

Geet: well you did!!!

Maan: didn’t!

Geet: DID!

Maan (frustrated): ugh…okay fine…if you fall on me like that and then don’t get off, I’d definitely feel being crushed na!!!

Geet: what? Then you are accepting that you meant Fat and you can’t bear my weight?

Maan (nodding his head in affirmative): BINGO! You guessed it right! You are as heavy as an elephant!!!!

Geet’s mouth turned into a big O…he just compared her to an elephant! She’d kill him now!

Geet: then how could you lift me so easily that night in the basketball court? Just like a light mannequin hun…answer that now!!

Before Maan could even open his mouth, they heard a huge chorus: ooo….. aaa…..oooLALAaa…

Both turned towards the noise…ohh man..the whole college…whole college standing at the door and windows, climbing on each other to look at them. And they were anyways shocked to see Maan and prez in “that” position and now…his lifting her!! They just couldn’t stop expressing their emotions in chorus!

Both were shocked to see the whole college staring at them….they had really forgotten about about them in their stupid fight!

Geet (shouting at the boys): I’ll count upto 3 and I want the entire college back to their classrooms by then!!! 1….

The boys ran….for their lives, to be precise, here and there…colliding with each other…with pillars and walls…

Geet: 2…..

And before she could even reach 3…the whole corridor was as silent and empty as a graveyard! Only Rahul stood at the door with all the magazines…dead….lifeless…shock after shock…really got into his head!

Geet (to Rahul): you keep the magazines on my table and go back to your class. I’m leaving for my classes and check these stupid magazines after that!

And she walked away!!!

Maan stood there watching everything quietly! As she walked away,

Maan (self thought): at least..a thank you would have been better!!!

Rahul slowly walked to her table and placed att the magazines carefully. Then he turned to Maan and put his hand on his shoulder and shook his head sadly!

Maan (rolling his eyes): now what?

Rahul looked into his eyes and spoke, ” don’t let that demon control you Maan…your life will be ruined!

And he walked away!maan stood there sighing…since the day geet has joined college everything has changed…everyone around him have changed too…he wasn’t an exception either! He wondered…he’d been rejecting every single girl who propose him since then.

Normally, he’d change his girlfriends every 2 days! But god knows geet ne kya jadoo sa kar diya…that the normal things in his life are just not happening! He shook his head and raised his hand to caress his temples but a sharp pain in his wrist stopped him!

He made a baby face: owww….it hurts!

He checked his wrist and sighed in relief! Nothing serious. He had hit his wrist on the edge of the table while falling down. A mild pain killer would just be fine!

His whole day went thinking about his witch….well that’s not surprising at all! Nowadays all he does is just think of her and her only!

But something caught his attention today…her concern…when he didn’t respond to her…her tears !! he didn’t miss her tear clouded eyes when he held her wrist and opened his eye…he just couldn’t forget that painful voice, ” m…maa…wake up!

He had never seen her getting this emotional before today! Yes she is very helpful to other…he can’t deny that! he had noticed how she helped that girl on her 1st day. And just a week back, he recalled, the students’ council members were putting up some banners in the hall for some meeting and one of the boys climbed a ladder to put on a banner when he suddenly lost his balance!

The ladder began shaking and sliding off the wall. Geet was there standing nearby and instructing . just when the ladder was about to slip off completely, she immediately ran and supported it thereby hurting her arm. Other boys followed later. Maan was just going to the sports club when he saw the whole  incident!

He smiled at his thought—pagal hain yeh ladki! She wants to help others but never shows her soft side!

He did get a glimpse of his witch every now and then throughout the day but every time he found her face a bit pale. He wondered why was that, because in the morning…she was just fine! In fact he saw her hurring to get back home just as the college got over!!  he has been noticing her always in a hurry to get back home soon as the college was over for the past 2 weeks! It wasn’t hard for his clever mind to guess whats wrong as he regularly stalked her in college!

Kawaii *wonders* yaar he became a stalker???? Doesn’t suit MAAN SINGH KHURANA though!!!LOL


Next day—

He didn’t see her around…mostly because he had a hectic timetable that day…class after class and then basketball practice after classes!!!

He did see students’ council members panicking and running here and there and so he was sure that she had come to college! Infact he even heard the boys gossiping that the prez was not in a very good mood today!

He thought of seeing her once but he got realy busy with his classes that he just couldn’t!

As for geet,……it was the hardest day of the year for her! It was her beloved papa’s death anniversary…the 6th one! It reminded her of the aim she has joined XIBM for! It was the day that always reminds her oh her duties….it was the day when she hates herself for not being able to do anything for her parents!

It was also the day to remind her vengeance…to avenge her father’s death…the cruel corporate world had made her cruel too…indirectly…and she just wouldn’t spare them! Not even if they begged for their lives! The day also encouraged her to remain how she is now…and just not go back to her old self…ever again!

It was nearly around 4 in the evening. Sun had already become red and the whole college was empty!

Maan and his team finished with the practice in the college court and were heading back home!

Just when he reached the parking lot. He saw geet’s car just a few lots away.

Maan: she is still here? Strange!!! Usually she hurries up…how come she didn’t leave today?

His feet automatically walked into the college and he knew perfectly where could she be!

Soon as he reached near the council room, he heard her cough! Is she sick? He peeped into the room and saw her sitting all alone on her desk, reading something!

May be she was reviewing those p*** magazines she had confiscated! He looked at her table….man she had a long way to go with the pile of magazines.

He went closer to her and peeped at her face. She looked so damn pale…her eyes puffy and red! He instantly knew she was sick!

Geet didn’t notice his presence as she was engrossed in her work! He slowly held the magazine , which she was holding from the tip and pulled it out of her grip!

She was startled at 1st and when she saw him, she just got up from her seat and shot a stern look to him!

Maan (sternly): tum ab tak ghar nahi gayi?

Geet (very rudely): aapse matlab?

Her look was cold…colder even that the graveyard. He was shocked to see her like this! She coughed again!

Maan: geet…ghar jao!

Like she’d ever listen to him! She took a step forward to get back her magazine that he was holding. Sudeenly she felt so weak and dizzy  and stumbled! Maan immediately left the magazine and held her immediately from falling by holding her by her shoulders! He couldn’t feel her body temperature as she was wearing a full sleeved top!

Maan: geet sambhalke…

And before he could say anything…she just gave his the rudest behavior ever! She snapped throwing his hands away and pulling herself back! She gave him a cold look…no emotions….no liveliness in her eyes! Maan was too shocked to see her condition like this!

Geet (angrily): don’t touch me..Just DON’T!!!

Maan couldn’t understand her sudden change in behavior!!!! What has happened to her? is she upset about something?

She was panting…all due to her sickness!

Maan (softly): geet…tumhari tabiyat then nahin….

He moved towards her trying to support! She just moved away!

Geet (coughing, shouting):kaha na…DON’T TOUCH ME!!!! Mujhe nahi chahiye kisi ki madad samjhe aap! I can take care of myself! Meherbaani kijiye aur chale jaiye yahan se!!! mujhe kisi ki zaroorat nahi!!! JUST LEAVE!!!

Maan tried to understand her mind…her eyes were cold…but he couldn’t miss that immense pain in them that hid behind the coldness…the rudeness! He didn’t know why..but he felt so helpless….so sad!!!

Maan (trying to calm her): geet…chalo yahan se…

Geet (angrily): kaha na..nahi jaana mujhe!! GO AWAY!

As she turned to her dest, she felt  so darn dizzy…everything went blurred and she just fell backwards!

Maan was about to turn back and leave when he saw her fall! He immediately inched closer and held her tightly in his arms preventing her from falling!

Maan (worried): geet…geet… open your eyes….geet!!!!

She had fainted! He panicked. He touched her forehead…it was buring like hell!!!

Maan: you really don’t take care of yourself!!!

And he just heard her murmer… mujhe…nahi chahiye….kisi…ki madad….nahi chahiye……nahi…


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