Fairy…Tail???!!! #34

01 Aug

Geet was still wondering where he was lost! Rain caught speed but Maan’s gaze was still hovering around her! Geet was already irritated with his rude attitude….and now his ignorance…that was enough to make her angry…so very angry! She looked here and there trying to figure out what jhe is looking at. She even loked up and down but failed to realize! And finally her patience snapped!

Geet (shouting angrily):Aap aise kya dekh rahe hain?

Maan snapped out of his dreamworld…OMG did he get caught? He felt embarrassed and frustrated at his own thoughts! Oh God, he is supposed to hate her and not dream about her!!!!

She was looking at him in anger with her hands on her slender waist and tapping her foot.

Rain had soaked them completely. Maan just shook his head and started the match all over again. But this time, the match started to heat up when Maan made the 1st basket and looked at her, smirking.

Geet definitely didn’t like that…no one defeats her like this…no one…not so easily! She gathered all her energy and ran along with Maan trying to get the ball. And say it lucky or inlucky….her bare arms just slid over his toned muscular arm…that actually made him shiver! They were playing really really close. Maan’s concentration just snapped for a moment and the next moment, her long wet hair just caressed his cheeks as she took control of the ball, sliding in front of him.

aah…‘…that is what came out of Maan’s mouth…a slight moan! Before he could even get back to his senses, her voice made him jump!

basket!” she shouted an they were 1 each!!! Maan just shook his head…ohh dear, he wondered! What had happened to him in that one moment? He brushed his hair back with his fingers…his skin burned in that rain where she had touched!

Maan…what is happening to you dude….BEHAVE!!!” he cursed himself.

He tried to concentrate on the game hard….real hard….ut he was finding it difficult with the thoughts running in his mind.

By this time, geet was able to take advantage of his plight and led the match by another basket! Maan was still lost in his own world.

Geet (smirking): kyun Mr. ghamadi…ready to accept defeat?

Now that brought Maan back from his lala land. She just insulted him once again! He really wanted to kill her there and then…he cursed himself for thinking something like that about this Witch…yes, a Witch she was!

They continued their match for a long time till they were even again! Rain never ceased to stop and these two never stopped playing.

okies dearies…heres my fav scene from Movie Dhoom 2 and i really wanted maaneet to be there in this scene!!! so watch the scene and yeah…imagine maaneet playing there and do co-relate their match and dressing sense okies!!!!

The ball was again in geet’s hands! She raised her hainds holding the ball andraised to her tip-toes, getting ready to jump!.

While she lifted her hands, her tight fit shirt also slid a bit up exposing her bare waist. But this time, Maan didn’t notice it, rather he was more keen on not letting her score. He swiftly moved behind her and lifted her up holding her aist and placed her to his right, away from the basket, just like you lift a mannequin!!! This startled geet and her concentration broke. The ball missed the basket by a few cms!

Geet (angrily): you…you cheat…how dare you touch me again? You cheated. How could you life me like that while I am scoring?

She was fuming…water droplets flowed down her angry red cheeks. Maan couldn’t stop noticing that…aww…how cute she looked in her red plump cheeks….he thought and actually smiled instead of getting angry as usual!

Maan (shrugging his shoulders): how could I help it if you are so light weighted? moreover….i had to stop you from scoring, so stop accusing me!

Geet puffed up her cheeks…like she used to when she was young, and glared at him.

Maan couldn’t stop admiring her…..god..she is sooo cute…or say cuter when she is angry!

He smiled inwardly…he didn’t know why..but he just couldn’t get angry only!

Geet (blabbering): aap khud ko samajhte kya hain hun? Ek to you cheat and then smile…ugh…

She kept on blabbering while he stood there with his arms crossed over his chest. He just smiled looking at her antics….

The way she blabbered…the way she moved her hands…the way she complained..he felt like standing there the whole night and relishing her cuteness!

He didn’t know what held him there…..he had never ever felt something like this with any other girl before….but something was about her that kept him captivated from the very 1stday!!!

Kawaii *announces* guys for now. Their 1st meeting will always mean when they met in the rain while geet was singing!

Rain had stopped by now….they didn’t even realize…geet was lost in cursing him while he in her cuteness! Both were drenched to no ends…but that never bothered either of them!

Just then someone’s phone rang endlessly. It was then both realized the time….already quarter to ten at night! Maan recognized his ringtone and realized….DAADI…OHH NOOO!!!!!he ran across the court, scanned his bag and took the call!

Maan: ya daadima….juat coming….. 10 minutes!!!

And he hung up thecall. Geet just kept looking at him. He walked towards geet and smiled. Geet started cursing his yet again…she hadn’t calmed down yet!

Geet: mein tab se unse baat kar rahi hoon..but dekho….ye besharmon ki tarah kaise hans rahe hain…am sure he doesn’t have brains!

And she went blabbering all over again giving him “you are so disgusting” looks!!!

Maan stood in front of her again, rolling his eyes! “does she ever stop“, he murmered! He stood there quietly until she took the pain of finishing off with her curses!

Maan (sigh): ho gaya??? Ab mein kuch bolun???

Geet (angrily, looking away): Hmmm!!!!

Maan: phew…okay so match is a tie. I need to rush now….will finish the match someday soon!

Geet(surprised): whattt???? You backing out???

She smirked……that ghamandi backing out…wow…what a sweet victory!!!

Maan smiled as if he knew what was going in her mind!

Maan (smiling): not so soon my dear witch….if I didn’t have any personal commitments, I’d have definitely finished this little game! So if could please excuse me….

And he just picked his wet shirt lying on the ground, and put it round his back, hung his bad on his shoulders and walked off!

Geet stomped her foot……witch…did he just call her a witch??? How dare he? She just shouted behind him, “STOP RIGHT THERE Mr. Ghamandi…we are not finished yet! STOP! And you called me a WITCH… dare you….

Maan (st, walking away, rolling his eyes):there she goes again!!!

He raised his hand and waved a “bye” without turning back, and shouted: so long…WITCH!!!

And he disappeared with his car in the dark lanes!!! Geet stood there…wet and sweaty…still cursing him under her breath when her phone cried! She immediately checked her pocket…thank god, she had put on a water-proof cover on her cell…Saved!

It was MM. she immediately answered it…but poor she….she too had to bear MM’s wrath for being so late! She immediately rushed to her car and drove off!!!

Maan got a good scolding from daadima for being late..but strangely he didn’t make any silly excuses as earlier! He just stood quietly but kept an unnoticeable smile on his lips throughout the lecture! Daadima noticed it and wondered what made  her stubborn and arrogant grandson smile like that when she was scolding him!

Just when she finished, he immediately rushed to take a shower!

 All through the shower, he couldn’t stop thinking about her! He tried to analyse her—1st, she suddenly comes out  of nowhere and sings in the rain like a lunatic, then she punches two guys on the 1st day of her college defending a girl, then she insults him and again lies to him! Then she shows her professional and sexy avatar during their match and then suddenly becomes a cutie pie…getting angry and blabbering continuously like a little kid in one breath!

He smiled….she is really a WITCH….and he felt like being bewitched by her!!!

Even geet had to bear MM’s lecture at her apartment! Later she quietly retired to her room, took a quick bath and cuddled up on her bed holding the pillows! She recalled the whole incident with Maan…though she was angry with him..she must admit that she really enjoyed the game a lot…may be after so long….this was the 1st time in those 5 years she had acrually enjoyed something from her heart!

But then…somwhting struck him…..what was he staring at the whole time…she thought hard but couldn’t figure out!!!!

Kawaii *hitting her head* is she that innocent or is she pretending not to notice??? Jhalli hai shayad!!!

Geet recalled him lifting her by her waist…gosh…he just thought her a mannequin! No one…especially boys…no one ever had the courage to touch her like that…if they dared….she never hesitated to beat them up! Then why the difference today?

Her chain of thoughts was broken by the ringtone of her phone! It was Jasmeet!

Geet: hieee manna…aap abtak soyi nahin?

Jasmeet: eh lee…meri gudiya bhi to ab tak soyi nahin?

Geet: mamma…its just 10 here!

And they chatted about her college, friends, MM and so on! Jasmeet could notice the strange excitement in her daughter’s voice….she wondered wht it was….but then..thought of letting it go! She had never heard geet this cheerful before in those years! 

May be the change in environment, new friends, new college did the magic…she presumed! Both talked for a long time when Jasmeet finally asked about something that just left geet numb!!!

Jasmeet: oye…tu apne MK se mili ya nahi?

She sounded so excited!!! But geet….she froze!!! MK…since the day she had come to London…she got herself engrossed with her college and fighting with Maan so that she doesn’t think of MK!

Apparently…he had not told anyone about wwhatever had happened between her and MK a few years back! She didn’t want anyone to know that they hadn’t been in contact since the past 5 years…Jasmeet always thought that they are still good friends!

Jasmeet: hello?? Geet? Did you meet MK? Did you visit their house and did you see your mom????

Kawaii *remindsGeek* mom refers to Avantika Khurana, Maan’s mother! Since MK called her MOM then why would his shweetu?


Geet became lost in her world….she dare not tell anything…..jasmeet would feel bad…hadn’t she tolerated enough?

Jasmeet (worried): hello??? Hello?? Gudiya??? You there?

Geet (snapping out of her thoughts): mamma…I don’t think they are are staying in London anymore!

Geet lied….she didn’t want to…but she didn’t want to hurt her mother either…she didn’t want to relive the past!!!

She knew how much Jasmeet gets worried if something happens to her…be it a minor scratch…Jasmeet would end up crying!

Jasmeet: what??? They don’t??? did he tell you where he is now???

Geet (tring to avoid):…not yet told…may be busy with his new life there….any ways am feeling sleepy. Good night!

And she hung up!!! Those last lines of her..sounded sooo cold… emotionless… like she has just given up on it!        

Jasmeet really missed that cheerfulness in her voice wheb geet talked about MK! Is somehitng wrong? She wondered! She tried to shrug off the negative feeling by consoling herself—maybe she misses him a lot!!! They are very close friends na….she smiled and slept off!!!

Geet slowly walked out of her room to prepare her dinner. All the while..jasmeet’s words kept ringing in her mind, ” oye..tu apne MK se mili ya nahi?

She lied so smoothly…she felt bad! But what if MK still lives here? How would he be looking now? How would his voice be now? Its been 15 years since had last seen him…he was in std III then and she in II….and 5 years since both were out of contact!!!     

She microwaved the frozen pizza and ate it slowly..thinking about what had actually happned that fateful day when she had called him……


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