Fairy…Tail??!!! #31

20 Jul

Maan was going out of the college when he saw the drama. His class was also located in that corridor! That girl really had some guts. But then what the boys were doing was also not right, Maan thought, he really need to know this girl! 1st day and already so much of attitude! And his parking place also! Hmm…he really needs to check on her!!!

Maan walked away towards the parking lot, smirking evilly.

Geet walked to her car and started driving back. Soon as she reached the main entrance of XIBM a bike just blocked her way. Soon 6-8 bikes encircled her car hovering round and round. All were wearing helmets and most probably were boys!

She pushed the brakes and blew the horn for them them to move. But they didn’t. after sometime, the bikes stood still…encircling her while another bike came into view. All the other bikers swiftly moved aside to give him space.

Maan parked his bike exactly in front of her car and walked towards her throwing his helmet to one of his mates. When geet saw his face, she just realized what was in his mind. She switched off the ignition, placed her sunglasses over her head and walked out. There was a moment when both stood face to face…looking at each other…a cold war going between them.

Maan (with attitude): so we meet again, Miss Geet whatever you are!
Geet (with equal attitude): I guess we did but this this is not a pleasant one…is it? So kindly ask your boys to get out of my way.
They looked at each other…coldly…spitting fire…the aura that surrounded them…gosh it could kill someone there and then!

Maan: not so soon Ms. Attitude. You still have to learn the rules of this college…MY rules!
Geet: if you please excuse me, I’m not interested in any of your rules mister….so get out of my way!

The word “get out” actually made Maan’s flesh crawl under his skin. How dare she say something like that to him? Nobody ever did, then who the hell was she?
Maan walked past her and both stood with their backs facing each other!

Maan: Rule 1…you have to be here by sharp 9 o’clock.
Geet: college starts at 9:45am…scheduled time is 9:30am
Maan (rudely): My College…My rules!
Geet hated his attitude…..who does he think of himself hun?

Maan: rule 2—do what the seniors tell you….
Geet rolled her eyes….ugh…irritating!
Maan: rule 3—no defiance to seniors…& rule 4…no rules to be get that?
Geet: I don’t care about your stupid rules….count me out!

Too much attitude…Maan thought! He turned and walked towards her….till his face was closer to hers and smirked!
Geet (rudely): now if your boring lecture is over would you kindly do the honor of getting out of my way?
As she turned to leave, his voice checked her!

Maan: not so soon baby…
Geet again turned to look at him…only to find a devil on his face!
Geet: now what?
Maan: since you have broken the rules be prepared…its pay back time.
Geet: huh..what broken rules?

Maan: of course…if you don’t remember, then let me do the honours—you arrived late…1st rule broken. You parked your car at a forbidden place…MY PLACE to be precise…2nd rule broken and your attitude…I hate it…so its payback time!
Geet: I don’t care about your whatever rules..and YOUR place? Huh…who told you that?
She was sarcastic in her approach! Maan was really really really hating that.

Maan: its MY place and everyone knows that!
Geet: well I didn’t know…
Maan: then that’s your fault…guess I was right…your brain is as small as your clothes!
Geet was so so so annoyed by that comment…who the hell is he to tell something about someone like this? But she was no less either!

Geet (with a mean look): guess what Mr. Showoff, if I’d ever have to commit suicide, then I’ll definitely jump from your ego level to your IQ level!

Kawaii *salutes* what a classic insult!!! Great going geet!Thumbs Up

Another hit….and his temper reached the danger level….a mere newbie insulting him? He clenched his fists toght….guess she didn’t know his IQ level then! He closed his eyes…if she wasn’t a mere girl, she’d have been in hospital by now!

No one has ever insulted him like this…nevertheless she is just a showoff..he thought…will probably go back to her timid self pretty soon! Trying to impress boys with that damn attitude of hers…damn it!

Geet was smiling inwardly seeing his reaction…what an egoistic she thought!

Maan (angrily): fine Ms. Attitude…I’ll definitely give you a chance of committing suicide..only after you get to know my IQ level. But till then…get off that filthy car of yours from my place!
Geet: who said that place is your? Is your name written on it?
Maan: no…But I’ve claimed it better stay away!
Geet: no ways…I liked that place…so you get off that place…moreover its college property..everyone has the right over it..not you alone!! So better forget it and get off….

Maan: You get Off…
Geet (shouting): no..YOU…
Maan (almost screaming): YOU…
Geet: YOUUU….

Kawaii *confused*Confused: what happed to these two??? Just a moment ago, it felt like they were fighting the battle of their lives…and now… two kids from std 2!!!! Guess we can’t help it if it’s the case of Maan and geet! Sigh…..D'oh

Their silly “YOU” fight continued! Dan and Rahul stood watching the drama far away.
Dan (thoughtfully): Rahul…don’t you think she is just like MK?
Rahul: yeah…her attitude…her way of talking…does she descend from MK’s family tree?

Both looked at each other and shrugged sadly.
Dan & Rahul (together): sigh….now…how can you fight your mirror image?
Rahul: if we don’t stop their silly fight now…am sure they’d stand the whole day here…quarrelling.
Dan: yeah..lets stop them.
And both walked towards Maan & geet who were by now getting ready to pull each other’s hair!

Dan: hey…hey stop it you two. Enough already!
Both were nowhere near listening and it felt as if the next moment..They’d strangle each other to death!
Dan and Rahul looked at each other and sighed sadly. Their stupid “YOU” fight was nowhere near stopping.

Rahul (screaming): STOP IT!!!!!!
And there was a complete silence…Maan and geet looked at each other angrily and turned their faces away!
Maan & geet (together): huh!!!

Rahul: enough of your stupid both just met each other today and look at the way you two are fighting!!! Feels like you two have known each other since long!!!
Both looked at each other. They had felt that the other looks a bit familiar..but then their ego……off

Geet (self thought): know this JERK….not in this life!!
Maan (self thought): who’d like to know this witch..yuck!
Both glared at each other with their thoughts… and again looked away.

Dan saw the fire rising between them.
Dan: and if you both want to fight…then please do so with pleasure but not like this…ruining your image in front of others!
Maan listened carefully…Dan was right. He had a certain image of his own in the college. Even geet went thoughtful about this! Both back up a few steps trying to calm themselves down!

Rahul: if you two want to settle your scores, why not do it fair & square rather than quarrelling like kids?
Dan: ya..ya..he’s do some kind of match or some challenge and decide yourself..what say?

Now Kawaii *wonders* isn’t it fuelling the already dangerously burning fire???Stern Smile

Now something struck Maan. His tensed muscles immediately eased down and the frown on his face was replaced by an evil smile. He turned to look at geet who just twitched her brows seeing that evil smile of his….she knew he was thinking something or the other…and she just can’t trust his intentions!

Maan (calmly): you are right Dan…we should play fair and square. Then he turned towards a suspicious geet and chuckled.
Maan: am I right miss geet?
And he just winked at her. Geet was more confused about her behavior now! Something evil was cooking in his brain, she was 200% sure now.

Maan: so I challenge you for a basketball match Ms. Attitude.

Basketball……geet’s mind just got stuck on that. her confused face just turned into an agonized one. She hadn’t touched the ball since she had been preparing to leave for London…about a week that was..and again.some old memories relived within her mind…

Guess what Sweetu..I just learned a blind pass today“…her MK’s words just echoed in her mind.
you and basketball…no ways Sweetu..don’t joke
And then another string of words…”Let me just tell you, MK has won the match and we are partying for that…..

Tears burned her eyes..why..why does she has to be reminded of all the things that she wants to forget again and again? Why does her past keeping haunting her even now when she has changed herself completely? Why? Why? Why?

There was no answer to those questions. She closed her eyes just to stop her tears from falling out and her head just bent low. She clutched her fingers into a fist tightly.

Maan stood there grinning….waiting for her answer…but then she saw her…she suddenly looked so down! All her energy  has just been drained out it felt! But Maan is Maan..and you cannot change the fact.
Maan: huh..are you scared…

Before he could say anything, she fought back her tears and just cut in!
Geet: I’m sorry…b..but I don’t know how to play basketball.
Saying so, she just put her glasses back on her eyes just to hide her red eyes and went back into her car. She pulld the reverse gear, backed her car and drove off.

Maan stood there quiet…she suddenly sounded so low…that was strange!
Dan patted Maan’s back.
Dan: hey dude..did we hurt her in any way?
Rahul: I don’t think so..but she sounded low.
Maan was not sure about her behavior…but then his ego….uff!

Maan: leave her. Am sure she is scared and that’s why backed out. She probably doesn’t know how to play basketball so walked off fearing her defeat. Don’t worry that’s her real self. She is just a showoff…so forget it.

And he walked off. Dan and Rahul followed him but the three of them somewhere had a feeling that her backing out wasn’t of fear! Something was amiss. Nevertheless, most probably, Maan got back his parking lot..that was one good
thing for no

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  1. sherleyangel

    25/07/2011 at 05:40

    it was nice
    the YOU fight of maan and geet was the cutest part
    geet’s dress up description in the previous part was hot


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