Fairy…Tail #30

13 Jul

And then he recalled her dressing sense…..she had put on a simple salwar kameez but today….OMG the girl he had encountered yesterday and the one he saw today seemed totally 2 different persons to him!
Both looked at each other in surprise, in awe…nothing seemed to come into their minds at that moment…they didn’t know how to react! They stared at each other without blinking for a long time, when finally Dan’s voice distracted them!

Dan: umm…excuse me, but are you Miss Geet?
It was then Maan and geet actually came to their senses. She looked at Maan coldly where he was giving her angry glares!
Geet (to Dan): yes, I am.
Dan extended his hand for  a shake and introduced himself and his friends!
Dan: hi, am Dan and these are my friends, Mann and Rahul!
He was extremely polite to her, even though she was a newbie! Why of course…he was trying to hit on her…typical boys!

Geet looked at Rahul…he seemed too lost in his own la la land! He was staring at her continuously with his mouth wide open…which she didn’t like! Then she looked at Maan…so his name is Maan and He IS Indian..she thought! His angry red eyes greeted her. She was confused at his behavior but nonetheless, she returned the gaze with an equal coldness!

She was about to walk away when Maan extended his hand and stopped her further advancements. She did not like his attitude from the very beginning and now he just blocked her way for the 2nd time. She sure was irritated at his behavior. She shot him a glare but he didn’t seem to get affected by that!
Maan (rudely): not so soon Miss Geet, we have some unfinished business!
Both looked at each other…a cruel cold war going between them!
Geet (coldly): I don’t have time for YOUR business!
Before Maan could say anything else, the warning bell rang and all headed towards their respective classes.

Maan gritted his jaws and walked away to his class followed by his friends. Geet shook her head and walked towards her class!
Soon as she entered her class, all the girls, well there were very few girls though, surrounded her and started questioning her about her encounter with the hot shot!

Girl1: OMG…..maan just spoke to you..OMG…OMG…OMG
She was screaming at the top of her voice.
Girl2: OMG…you are sooo lucky!
Girl3: am feeling so J of you
Geet (confused): J??? whats a J??
Girl4: Jealous you see! You are the 1st girl he has spoken to since morning….so dreamy!

Geet was really confused about their behavior! What was good in that Jerk, she wondered! God, he had an irritating aura around him and she hated that!

She quietly sat on her desk and tried to concentrate on her studies! She observed her surrounding well. The girls were scantily dressed in her class but the others who were already there in the college from earlier, had some decency in their clothing! Probably the girls were new in her class! So they didn’t..or say DID pay attention to their dressing sense. Pathetic she thought!

She looked at herself. There was nothing revealing in her dressing. Just that she wore short pants…but then there were girls who wore even shorter pants than her. She sighed and tried to concentrate on the lecture….but then there was another distraction—Maan!
She felt him quite familiar last night! But today…he was a complete stranger. Why was it so? She for some reson, hated his guts! She didn’t know why but she just didn’t like it!

Maan sat on is usual last bench…surrounded by his BBS friends!!

Kawaii *thinking* BBS??? Umm..BBS??Geek erm…BBS???Confused Hey guys…do you know whats BBS?Confused
Soch Kawaii soch…think…think…think..hard…Geek
Ohh teriD'oh…yaad aaya…..yaad aaya…BBS=Back Benchers’ Society!LOL Hehehe now come to think of it…Kawaii was the president of BBS in her class tooBig smile…did nothing but sleep and finish off her and her friends’ lunch before recess!!!Big smileROFL *collar up*Approve

Boys hovered around him like bees. They were asking him about that hot girl who joined this morning. He was the only one who actually stood close to him, according to them!
But Maan is Maan and no one can change this fact! He couldn’t stop thinking about that newbie!

1st of all, she came late—first rule broken.
2ndly, she parked her car in his fav. Place which had a star sign to show his possession! She disregarded that….2nd rule broken! No one dared to do so..not even the newbies! But look at the audacity of this new girl…challenging him…challenging the Maan Singh Khurana!!! And lastly….she dared to answer him back…that was the worst part! Usually girls drooled over him and this girl…gosh she was showing off her attitude!

His temper reached a new height. He hated that,…his ego was hurt big time! He despised that feeling….he loathed her attitude……and above all, he hated her!

His chain of thoughts were broken by Dan. Dan patted his back when he came back to reality!
Dan: whats up dude?? You don’t seem very happy!
Maan looked at him frustrated!
Rahul (intervening) are you still thinking about geet? She has got some guts man! watch out your position Maan!

Rahul said playfully and sat beside him! Maan looked at Rahul evilly! Rahul could understand his intentions. He now needs to protect his girl from Maan’s wrath.
Rahul (reassuring): Maan..please..forget about her! She is just a new student and she didn’t know it was your parking area…just…just forget her okay! We..we’ll talk to her later after college and make her understand the rules okay! Just..please..forget what happened today!
Maan gave him a glare!
Maan: do whatever you want. I just don’t want to see this attitude of hers from tomorrow!
Rahul sighed in relief..his girl was safe!! But Maan….his devil mind had already planned to do something evil.

Meanwhile, throughout the class, geet got to know more about the college. She also got to know that boys, many a times, tease girls so very badly that they end up crying or dropping out of the college, Just because it has recently been turned into a co-ed college, girls are few in number as compared to that of boys! She was at first surprised at this but then she realized why the senior girls were so quiet and so very decently dressed. Ugh..stupid boys…she cursed them silently!


Geet sat there sipping a coffee, carefully trying to study her surroundings! What she had heard was right! Girls really had to be careful with each and every movement of theirs!  Moreover, since it was the 1st day, she could see the new students being ragged by their seniors. Strangely, no one had approached her yet. She sighed in relief and finished her coffee!

She headed towards the library to check out the books when she heard someone sobbing. It was already time to go home but then why was that girl sobbing? She could hear some boys laughing too!
She clenched her fists….she hated to see girls weak in front of anyone. Filled with rage and curiosity, she walked towards the voice!

What she saw there actually made her blood boil. A girl was cornered by two boys beside a classroom and no one else was around! There were some mops leaned on the wall beside her and she was sobbing!

Boy1 (laughing): stop crying babes…and clean up the class for us!
Girl: (sob)…(sob)….b…but its your…(sob) turn…fo…for th…the cleaning..
Boy2 (angrily): so what hun> we are asking you to do it…so DO IT!
He angrily hit his fist on the wall, missing her face by just a few cms. The girl started crying bitterly.

Geet couldn’t bear the sight in front of her. She angrily walked towards them and stood with her arms crossed over her chest!
The boys turned to look at her..oo…wow..that hotty from the morning…they smiled evilly looking at her!

Boy1: oh look..shes that sexy from the morning!!! And who the hell are you to tell us what to do or what not to hun?
Geet (rudely): you don’t have to bother about me mister…if yu want to remain in the safe side…do as I say! LEAVE HER ALONE.
Boy1 (angrily): why you….
He angrily barged towards her to grab hold of her. But geet swiftly moved aside, curled her fingers into a fist and BANG!

She punched him right on his face with all her energy and he just fell down holding his bleeding nose!
Geet closed her eyes in anger and her conversation with her MK just buzzed in her head!!

She had just been promoted to 6th grade then and her classmates were teasing her MOTI due to her chubbiness. She was in India then! She had called MK, crying and he had taught her how to land a punch on a guys’ face who dared to tease her!
She sighed and straightened herself. She opened her eyes slowly and murmerned, ” That Jerk has actually taught me sumthing useful..huh!!

There was a certain coldness in her words! The two boys were shocked to hell. How could a girl do something like this? Even the other girl stood dumbstruck…watching all the action!
Geet glared at the other boy! And if looks could kill, he would have been incinerated by now. He looked at her surprised, shocked and somewhat in fear! Her eyes….they were so so so very mean and merciless. He tried to speak back!

Boy2: h…how dare you…
But before he could proceed any further, geet caught hold his collar and pinned him to wall with a bang. He couldn’t say anything….

Kawaii *smirks* bechara shocked beyond words….NAARI SHAKTI…..ZINDABAAD!Approve

Geet(angrily): dare you run away from your responsibilities..i won’t, mind it, I won’t even think of forgiving you!
She threw him aside and spoke, ” NOW GET BACK TO WORK…“, she shouted, “HURRY UP!

The boy picked up his bleeding comrade and both walked away taking the mops with them and giving her filthy looks…as if she cared!
Geet went to the girl and she thanked her heartily for helping her out. She also praised her courage abd both walked away!

But someone else was also watching the whole drama, hiding behind a nearby pillar.
Maan was going out of the college when he saw the drama. His class was also located in that corridor! That girl really had some guts. But then what the boys were doing was also not right, Maan thought, he really need to know this girl! 1st day and already so much of attitude! And his parking place also! Hmm…he really needs to check on her!!!
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  1. sherleyangel

    17/07/2011 at 20:05

    loved it
    keep posting a little sooner
    do send me the others parts of opposite attracts from 36 onwards and that of geetika


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