Fairy..Tail #20

27 Jun

Geet (looking up): hey Babaji…mein yeh kya soch rahi hoon? Nahi nahi…Mk said na…he promised na he’d always be there for me…then I don’t have to fear anything….right???

That night geet couldn’t sleep at all! Why did MK say like that? she felt sad…but MK did say na that he’d be with her right! Then she needn’t fear! She’ll also stay in contact with Meera as she is with MK! Yes…good idea…a brilliant one indeed!

X       X       X      X      X      X      X     X      X      X

Geet:…..yawn….hey MK!
Maan: Sweetu??? Is that you?
Geet: umm….yeah…yawn!
Maan: where were you? You didn’t call…its been two weeks you know! I called darji but he said you had already left for japan!

Geet: yawn……yeah MK…yawn… took time to arrange things here…yawn….and phone was …yawn…connected just yesterday!
Maan (confused): Sweetu….why are you yawning so much? Were you sleeping?
Geet: yawn..yeah…I was asleep….just got up to call you!
Maan: got up to call me??? What’s the time there?
Geet: yawn…its around 3 in the morning…yawn!
Maan: what??? 3am?? Its 6 in the evening here!
Geet (almost sleeping): yeah…Japan is around 9hrs ahead of London! Yawn..thats why!
Maan: the time-lag thing!!! Gosh Sweetu….you didn’t have to do that!
Geet: yawn….ohh…yawn…am perfectly fine!

Kawaii *yawn…* can’t bear….kawaii going to sleep…*yawn*!!!SleepySleepy

Maan: oh Sweetu…now go to sleep. Call me after you wake up! Tell me your new number!
Geet: yawn….yeah…we are in….with the ISD code….i get the number as 00183xxx.
Maan: umm…okay! Now you go to sleep! Am also leaving for basketball practice. Bye!
Geet: oh…..yawn…ok….b..bye…yawn..and all the with your practice!
Maan: ok Sweetu….bye and sweet dreams!

Geet smiled…..she was literally dangling at the edge of her bed. She kept the phone and slept off!

X       X       X      X      X      X      X     X      X      X

Geet:……Oh Mk…the new school is so nice. People are very helpful!
Maan: oh good then…you won’t feel lonely!
Geet: yeah…..teachers are very kind too. This school is so different from that of India’s! know wht…students address their teachers as “sensei” here!
Maan: umm….yawn…tell me more about the new place!
Geet: ummm….place is good…..Tokyo is a beautiful city…..

Her voice sounded low…Maan caught it easily!
Maan: Sweetu….is something wrong?
Geet: umm….don’t know MK! Since the day we’ve come here….mamma papa don’t look happy. They don’t even talk to me nowadays! When I ask, they say its just that they are busy….
Maan (ignoring): yawn….don’t worry Sweetu…..everrything will be fine!

Geet: umm…..okay! achcha Mk….whats the time there? I hear you yawing today!
Maan: yeah…its 7 in the morning na…I got up just now!
geet: what???? MK…you are late….won’t you go to school?
Maan: arrey silly Sweetu…today is a Sunday!!!

X       X       X      X      X      X      X     X      X      X

Geet: know what Mk….am planning to go back to London!
Maan: ohh really?
Geet: umm… yes! I just need to talk about this to mamma and papa! Its been two years I haven’t seen you! Wonder how you look now!
Maan: umm…ohh then why don’t you talk to them and come to me? We’ll have lots of fun!

Geet: yeah I’ll try! Waise bhi…I told you na…..mamma papa are very very busy nowadays! They look very frustrated! I wonder what is happening!
Maan: then its better if you come here! You won’t feel lonely!
Geet: I was thinking the same.
Maan (thinking): but Sweetu…theres a problem here!
Geet: what problem?

Maan: when you’ll come here…..we won’t be able to spend much time together!
Geet (confused): now why is that so?
Maan: see….nowadays am very very very busy with my basketball team….so my whole time is spent in school and court! So I won’t be able to give you time!
Geet (innocently): han…so just manage your time or say miss a session or two of your practice and spend some time with me!

Now Maan did not like that! how can she tell him to miss his practice? Its his dream to make it to the nationals…and here she is telling him to stop! He really got very angry! he is MAAN SINGH KHURANA afterall…gussa to uski naak par rehta hai!

Maan (angrily): I cannot do that Sweetu! You know perfectly that it is my long cherished dream to get into the nationals and am working very hard on it. And you are suggesting me to miss a practice session?

Geet was taken aback by this sudden outburst! She felt sad…..Mk actually shouted at her just for suggesting a way to spend tuime together?? Not that she was feeling bad….but guilt ate into her….how could she take her Mk’s dream so lightly? How could she? She knew its his dream and she shouldn’t have said that!! it hurt Mk na….
Maan (frustrated): ohhh God… have become so selfish nowadays!

Another word…SELFISH…..
At first she didn’t believe her ears…..and then she didn’t want to believe them! She was actually shaken! From where did that word come from? “selfish”…how on earth was she selfish?? She was just saying it….she didn’t mean it literally!!! Such a small mistake…and such a big word???

Kawaii *wonders* Mk told her selfishCryCry….ohh god….where is their fairy…Tail!! Going???Confused

Tears burned her eyes…..she was not even able to squeak…..words didn’t feel like coming out of her throat! She knew Mk was angry on her…still she cannot let Mk go away!!! He is her BEST FRIEND afterall!
Geet (with a shaky tone): na….nahi Mk…me…mein to…b..bas…aivayin b…b..bol rahi thi!
Maan: theek hai….theek hai…ab roona mat! Don’t ever say that again okay!

As both kept the phone, geet sat there thinking…tears didn’t stop! Was she selfish? How come? Why so? May be she was wrong!!! Mk was right…she shouldn’t have asked him to quit his sessions….it was his dream and she should support him….not discourage him! But again the word came to her mind…selfish!!!

Was she selfish in wanting to spend some time with him???

She couldn’t understand anything! After a long battle with between her brain and heart….she decided to go with her heart! She wiped her tears and got back to her daily routine! But somewhere… somewhere.. it did hurt…hurt very badly! Yet again she didn’t notice it…may be she didn’t even want to….or bother to!

X       X       X      X      X      X      X     X      X      X

Maan: hey swwetu…where were you for the past one week? You never called?
Geet: ummm….i was a bit busy Mk. Achcha…I found a solution to our problem when I go to London!
Maan: umm….and what is it?
Geet: I’ve also joined a girls basketball team here!
Maan (shocked): what?? You joined a basketball team???

Geet (cutely): haan…what is so shocking about it MK?
Maan (still trying to get hold of the situation): ahh….i mean…I mean can you play basketball?
Geet: but I’ll learn how to!
Maan (thinking about her chubbiness): umm but can you really?? I mean you are so fa…I mean chubby?
Geet (angrily): aaahhh..are you making fun of me MK?
Maan: uh…no no Sweetu..i didn’t mean to mock you but I was just reminded of that day when you got stuck in thet swim tube!

Soon as Maan spoke about the swim tube incident…both started laughing their heads off! God,….she got stuck in that silly swim tube! They actually missed those days badly!

Geet: ah ..ya….i joined the team because theres a logic behind it!
Maan (still giggling): logic? What logic?
Geet: see! As per my calculations and speculations..ONE DAY am going back to London right?
Maan: hmm yeah right!

Geet: then I’ll definitely meet you there and we’ll go back to the way we were then…right!
Maan: right! Go on!
Geet: then I’ll want to spend good time with you after so long and so would you! BUT YOU ALSO CAN’T MISS YTOUR BASKETBALL SESSIONS! RIGHT!
Geet: SO..IF I LEARN LEARN TO PLAY BASKETBALL HERE, THEN IF I GO BACK THAT ONE DAY, THEN I CAN JOIN YOUR TEAM! In that way you won’t miss your sessions and we’ll also get our much needed SWEETU-MK time!

At this…Maan started laughing aloud!
Geet was at first surprised…and then got angry!

Geet: arrghh  MK….you are again making fun me?
Maan (still laughing): haha…are yu serious about it Sweetu??? Hahaha…and I was not making fun of oyu….hahahah…I was just wondering how silly can you and your ideas get! Hahahah
Geet (angrily): MY IDEAS ARE NOT SILLY…SAMJHE AAP! You don’t understand anything!

And she banged the phone on the receiver and walked off. She sat on her bed, legs crossed, arms crossed on her chest and cheeks puffed up!

Geet (angrily to herself): stupid MK….doesn’t understand anything…huh!


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