Fairy..Tail #16

27 Jun


Jasmeet (smiling): theek hai aap Maan ko dijiye….mein geet se uski baat karati hoon! This girl hasn’t stopped crying since the moment we had left your place!!!
Jasmeet  immediately handed over the phone to geet, “le..MK ka phone hai!

Immediately she ceased her wailing, though she couldn’t stop her sobs. Phew……..what a relief – the Handa couple wiped the sweat from their forehead!
Geet: sob…….sob…..MK???
Maan: sniff…….sob….sweetu tum ro rahi ho??
Geet: sob…..yes……sob
Maan: sob…..CHUP…..sob….BILKUL CHUP….sob……
Geet: I want sob….to sob…to go…..sob….to you!
Maan: sob…..then why sob….don’t you….sob…..come???
Geet: sob…..mamma papa  sob….not allow …..sob…..
Maan: sob……hmmm….sob….did you…sob….see my gift???
Geet: ummm….sab……no…..i will when …..sob I reach India sob…aapne dekha?
Maan: sob…..haan….dekha….sob……it is very very very beautiful….sob…………I loved it!

Now Sweetu’s sobbing stopped! A cute smile touched her face!
Geet (happily): really??? You loved it???
Maan also felt calm after hearing her happy!
Maan: yes…..i really loved it!
Geet: see, now you won’t forget me! Hai na???
Maan (amused): arrey….why will I forget you? You said na ke you are coming back oneday!!!
Geet (cutely): yes and till that one day comes, my gift will never let you forget me!
Maan (smiling): yes and my gift also!

Avantika and Yash sighed in relief seeing their champ finally in a good mood! Maan sat on his bed with the phone talking to seetu. Then he heard some announcements being made and Mr. Handa saying something!
Geet (sadly): okay MK….me keeping the phone. Its time to leave.
Maan (feeling sad): ok but call me when you reach home ok!
Geet: umm…okies….bye!
Both kept the phone sadly. Mr. Handa and Jasmeet got ready to beard the flight. But poor angel again launched her SATYAGRAHA and refused to move. She wanted to stay back in London. And then what… was the same old story again.

People again stared suspiciously at a couple who were already much embarrassed. Mr. Handa carried his chubby geet in his arms. She warpped her arms round his neck and was crying endlessly. Poor poor Handa couple…….they wanted to hide somewhere once again!

X            X          X         X          X         X            X

TIME: 12:03 pm

Maan sat in his room quietly. Everything seemed so empty….so dull! Suddenly the day had become very silent, very peaceful….too very peaceful! He felt so lonely….solitary….
He again looked at the gift his Sweetu had given hin. There was a small book like photo frame. If ayone say it for the first time, he would certainly  mistake it as a book. It opened and photos could be inserted on both sides. On one side, it contained a photo os Sweetu giving her kissy-wissey to Mk sitting on his bed. He ran his fingers on the photo…… was the very 1st time she had kissed him.

The other side had another photo with MK standing in his prince Richard attire and Sweetu holding a tray with chocolates and orange juice in a glass  serving him!!! Ohh how could he forget that day….it was post the annual function. They reached home and he had ordered Sweetu to get him chocolates and something to drink!!!

Ohh…how he missed those days! It was only 1hoursince Sweetu had left and he had seen that gift more than thousand times! But this 1 hour for him had gathered an era of loneliness!

Then his eyes fell on another tiny packed that he had failed to notice earlier! It was securely packed and tucked carefully in the same box which contained the photo frame! He tore open the packet and a tiny note fell down on his hands with something written……….no no….scribbled in a clumsy handwriting.
It was his Sweetu’s handwriting…..he could never fail to recognize that!
To My MK
Even though it was a small note, he read it again and again and again!!! He found a tape inside that packet. He immediately ran downstairs and played it. When he knew what was inside, his tears didn’t stop. It was his favorite cuppycake song recorded in Sweetu’s voice along with the piano rhythm. It was just as audio tape…but it meant so much to him. He decided to preserve each and every memory of hers that she had left him till the day she comes back!

yes….one day she’ll come back! And I will wait for that one day to come!!” he vowed.

X            X          X         X          X         X            X

TIME: 10:00pm IST

Geet lay on her bed thinking……what would MK be doing??? It was yesterday when she arrived in India and not a single second was there when she had not missed her MK! she wanted to call him yesterday itself but she was kept so busy with her relatives and cousins that she didn’t eeven get time to call him! Moreover…..jet lag!!!!

She really felt miserable. Tears rolled out of her eyes……then she remembered! She had forgotten to open MK’s gift!!!
She got up abruptly and ran to get the packet. She opened it hurriedly nearly tearing the wrapper. A card was pasted on the packet with something written on it with beautiful handwriting1

To My Sweetu” – it read! Ohh…how could she forget his beautiful handwriting….unlike her illegible ones! There was something shiny inside.she took it out carefully………it was a beautiful golden colored music box!!! She loved music and getting a beautiful music box…that too from her MK… was like heaven!!!
She searched for a key but couldn’t find it! Now that was strange!!!

A music box without a key??? How is one supposed to play it??? She again searched the whole packet to check if it was inside! But she was surprised when a beautiful chain with a flower shaped pendant fell off!!!

Her eyes twinkled in joy!!! It was very beautiful. But she needed to find the key….she tried to open it without the key….but it didn’t!!! they key must be there somewhere! She held the pendant on one hand and the music box in another. She turned then up and down, left and right…..she searched the packet again and again but found no key. Oh dear….how is she supposed to open the box???

Kawaii *confusedConfused* oye….do any of you guys know how to open it??? Kawaii doesn’t have any idea either!Confused

Geet turned the music box upside down, left and right! Hmm..where was the key???? Then her eyes fell on a tiny hole on the box…it was flower shaped! She wondered what was that for!!! She thought and thought and thought……and BINGO!!!! May be the pendant was he key!!! She tried to insert the pendant in the tiny hole……..well it was just a wild guess of hers!!!!

But it did fit in…..PERFECTLY!!! she has found the key!!! She was overjoyed at her achievement! She turned the pendant and there it was!!!! The music box opened and a dancing couple emerged………turning round and round with the music!!!! Ohh how beautiful it was!!!! And the music…….she just loved it more than anything else!!!

Kawaii wants you all to hear the music which Sweetu had found!!!

She played it again and again and again till late into night. And finally when she was tired enough, she wore the chain along with the pendant round her neck, placed the music box, the torn packet and his hankie carefully in her cupboard and slept off!!! She even smiled in her sleep!!!!

“HER MK….” Ohh what a beautiful phrase it was!!!

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    sibangee feeling very sad


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