Fairy…Tail???!!! #14

27 Jun


Jasmeet: ho sakta hai ki hum waapas hi na aayein! Papaji chahte hain ke hum unke saath rahein!!! Wo to shayad London wale branch ki zimmedaari kisi aur ko de bhi chuke hain!!

*             *            *              *              *           

that night was peaceful for Sweetu and MK….but not for their parents!
Its been two days since then! Sweetu’s most of the time after school was spent at KM with her Mk. They never knew about Sweetu’s departure. Their parents didn’t tell them either….fearing their reaction.

Its been 5 years since the day when they met….and never was a day when they stayed away from each other. Even when they had their silly fights, they’d be near each other…always! But the only difference was that they wouldn’t speak to each other till the matter was resolved.

“He was always there for her…..and she was always there for him….” Well that was what sweetu thought!
Their parents knew them and their friendship very well….and they knew if something happens to any one of them….the other feels the pain! Knowing the truth very well… could they break the sad news to them??? How could they???
      *             *            *              *              *              

That day Sweetu came home directly from school. She’d take her board games and then leave for KM. she stood numb……shocked at what she saw was happening in her house…….
Servants busy in packing things up……some one packing their expensive show pieces…….some one moving away the table lamps……everything was so messed up!
She couldn’t understand anything as to why was all these happening. But looking at the situation, she guessed they might be travelling somewhere!

She was scared…..where were they going…and so suddenly??? Never in those 5 years had she gone out of station during the holidays as she’d get the whole day with her Mk….but now???
She ran to her room and to her utter disbelief, she saw her mother packing her clothes and books and dolls……..
She ran to her and held her hands!!! Jasmeet didn’t expect her to come home so early….she usually stayed at Maan’s place after school!!! She thought he’d pack her things up before she returned……..
Geet (nearly crying): hum kahan jaa rahein hain mamma??

Jasmeet kept quiet. Nothing but tears flooded her eyes as she faced away!!! Even she was very much attached to this place… this house where she gave birth to hers & Mohinder’s love…… was this place where her princess learned to speak…to walk….to run to them with her arms wide open……..she was a kind of mother who taught her their mother tongue inspite of staying in a foreign land…..gave her all the Indian SANSKARS despite of living thouosand miles apart from their hometown………
Geet cupped her face turned her head to face hers.

Geet: mamma…..hum kahan jaa rahein hain?
Jasmeet wiped her tears. She could control her tears… would she stop her daughter’s tears….geet’s happiness meant everything to her….how could she stop the tears of her princess??? She gathered all her courage to face the question she feared the most that would leave her daughter with tears!!!
Jasmeet (with cracking voice): wo……wo hum India waapas jaa rahe hain!
Geet was shocked….india and so suddenly???
Geet : mamma….India???
Jasmeet: wo….darji ki tabiyat kharab hai na….to hume jaana padega.
Geet (worried): achcha….darji ki tabiyat kharab hai???
Jasmeet: umm…
Geet: hum waapas kab ayenge mamma???
Now that was what Jasmeet didn’t see coming. Her daughter’s innocent words……it pierced her heart like needles.
Geet: MK will feel lonely without me for so long! Bolo na mamma…hum kab waapas ayenge???
Jasmeet couldn’t say anything….she just held her princess close to her heart and cried, “bahut jald beta…..we’ll come back one day!


Maan came running from school. He needed to freshen up quickly. Sweetu would be coming with her board games anytime soon. He ran to his room…but something caught his attention!! He heard his parents talking something about his Sweetu in thir room. He stood there and listened.

Yash: we have to tell it to  Maan.
Avantika (sadly): but am scared of his reaction when he gets to know that Sweetu is going away.
Before they could proceed their conversation, a voice checked them, “Dad….sweetu kahan jaa rahi hai??
t first, both were shocked to see Maan but they had to tell him the truth sooner or later! They made his sit near them and told him everything. He sat there numb!!!
Maan (sadly): mamma….wo kab waapas ayegi???
They remained quiet…even they didn’t know the answer to his question!! When they were unable to say anything, Maan ran to his room, threw his bag somewhere and lay on his bed……sobbing.
His Sweetu was going away…..he didn’t know when she was coming back…..leave that aside, he didn’t even knowif she is ever coming back or not!!!

Geet lay on her bed……crying. How will she stay away from him??? Whom will she play with??? Whom will she offer her kissy-wissy?? Whom shall she share her linch with……..
Both lay on their bed….sad…..dejected…..they didn’t have energy for further things and eventually slept off.

The next day in school, both followed their daily routine, had lunch together, sat together! Sweetu came to KM with him after school. Both finished their homeworks together and played her board games together…..probably for the last  time! The only difference was that…they didn’t speak much!

He didn’t even ask her why she never came to his place with her board games the other day! She too preferred saying nothing!
Maan feared that if he asked her anything about her departure, she’ll start crying. And geet feared that if she told him anything about her departure, he’ll get angry with her and won’t speak to her ever again as she was leaving him all alone!

Silence……..sometimes when heart has so much pain that no words could ease it except silence!
Kawaii *thinks*…..and may be that is wht it is said….SILENCE IS GOLDEN.

And may be Antonio & Bassanio  weren’t that sad when the crafty jew Shylock refused to spare antonio’s flesh when he wasn’t able to fulfil the bond’s condition in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE as Maan and geet were!

Will he forget me if I didn’t come back soon….what if I never came back……this was all that geet’s heart could think of!
Will she forget me if she finds a new friend there….will she come back to me……this was all that Maan could think of now!

They clearly knew they wouldn’t be ablt to forget each other….they are best friends afterall………but somewhere deep within….a fear….a doubt still lurked!
*             *            *              *              *            *          

Maan: mamma….sweetu is going tomorrow. I want to gift her something…..something that she’ll remember me everytime she sees it.
Avantika: ok…lets got and get your “something”!
*             *            *              *              *                      

Geet: mamma….mein MK ko kuch dena chati hoon…..kal hum jaa rahe hain na…so I want to give him something….something thst whenever he sees it…he’ll always remember me till the time am not with him!!!

Jasmeet: ok beta….chalo lets  see what he likes! Choose something he loves the most!!!


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