GW – 9

26 Jun


It was 12 midnight and dadi had called  Geet to her room to talk about some important stuff. Since the outhouse wasn’t very far from the mansion and was within its premises, dadi found no problem in letting geet stay this long!

Geet (entering Dadima’s room) : ji aapne bulaya tha Dadima?

Dadi (lying on bed) : haan beta….aap aiye aur humare paas baithiye!as geet sat near Dadima, she gently caressed her face and placed a kiss on her forehead!!!

“Beta”, continued dadi, ” hume maaf kar dijiye! Pichle dino jo kuch bhi hua, humne bina jaane bina soche saara dosh aap par daal diya!!!”

Geet : maafi mangne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai Dadima……aap to mujhse badi hain! Aur waise bhi business mein to kabhi kabhi aisa ho jaata hai na!!

Dadi : nahi beta, galti humari hai. Huma Maan ko Singhanias ke saath deal karne ke liye force nahi karna chahiye tha. Unhiki wajah se Khurana Industries ko itna bada loss hua. Dev aur NT ne aap par shak kuya aur humne aap ki ek  bhi baat nahi suni! Maan ka bhi usi waqt accident hua aur….aur jab aap pareshaan thi tab humne aapka bilkul saath nahi dia!!!

At this dadi started crying.

Geet consoled dadi  : koi baath nahi Dadima. Dev to waise bhi har baat mein mujhpe shak karte the! Jabse meine company join kiya hai, tabse hum dono ke beech projects ko lekar anban chalti thi! Par ab koi problrm nahi hai Dadima. Canada jaane se pehle unhone mujhse maafi maangi aur past ke saare gile shiqwe se mujhe aur khudko aazad karwa diya! Ab aap chnta na kare aur so jaiye! Bahut raat ho gayi hai na Dadima!

She tucked dadi in her bed properly, switched off the lights and left the room!

The whole mansion was in silence1 suddenly what happened to geet, no one knows. Instead of going to her outhouse, she directly headed for Maan’s room! She was still in her party getup. She knocked at the door…….no one responded. She knocked again but found it open!

She went inside and looked around! Room was empty! She looked at the walls, curtains and bed sheets! As she was lost in her thoughts, two strong hands held her by waist tightly. It was Maan.

“tum itni raat, akele mujhse milne aayi thi?”, he whispered gently!he was in his vest and a pair of loose trousers! Geet was at first startled….she blushed and stuggled to get out of his grip. But with each try, he held her even tighter!

“Kyun bolo na geet!” he whispered!

Geet was now too close to Maan! She could hear his breaths! His tight hug and smell of his cologne started to melt her. But this time she controlled herself!

“who…mein…aapse….milne nahi aayi thi!”, she tried to make an excuse!

Maan (still whispering in her ears) : to batao na geet…tum mere kamre mein itni raat kyun aayi thi???”

With each word, Maan slowly pulled the strings of her blouse one by one! Heet knew her body was reacting to his actions but she needed to control it two more days! She and Maan had waited for this for two long months….so why not two days more!

Geet (still trying to change the topic) : who….mein…aap….b…who…ha(finding an excuse)….Mein to aapka karma dekhne aayi thi!

Maan’s mischivious hands that played with the strings stopped abruptly!

“kya???” he was amazed. He never expected this kind of reply! Geet seized this opportunity and freed herself from his trap! She moved a few steps and turned towards him. Maan was still not able to understand. Geet saw his funny face and giggled.

Maan (frustrated) : geet……what are you laughing at???

(now in angry tone) : tell me why did you come he? C’mon answer!!

Geet slowly moved towards the door and said : arrey arrey itna gussa hone ki koi zaroorat nahi hai! Mein sirf yeh dekhne aayi thi ke mujhe shaadi ke baad iss kamre mein kya kya badalna padega!!!

Saying so she ran away to the outhouse! Maan never expected this from her. Surprise after surprise!! He couldn’t understand that geet, who was always shy in front of his, now getting so staright forward and bold at such romantic situation!!! Nevertheless, Maan thought, kudi was getting bolder and courageous!

“kab tak….aakhir kab tak mujhse aise bhagti rahogi geet! Bas aur do din! Then you’ll pay for being so bold in front of me!”, Maan told himself  with a naughty evil look in his eyes!


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