GW – 3

26 Jun


Maan moved a step backards holding her hands tightly, he led her outside her room. Geet was so much lost in the eyes of this man that she willingly retraced his steps without averting her eyes from him! Befor Geet couls realise anything she found her hand being let lose. She was surprised!..later did she realise that Maan had led her to the terrace where the fullmoon with soothing breeze welcomed them.

” Why did you get me here?”, asked geet coming to hr senses. At this Maan held both her hands and looked at the silvery white moon'” to make you mine forever in front of the witnesses!” Geet’s cheeks turned rosey pink.

” The moon”‘ continued Maan, ” the stars and the gods will today witness the love and the strong bond between us’.so that they don’t even dare to try separate us’..”  Before he could say anymore, Geet’s tears brought him to a halt!

” Please don’t say anymore!”. Cried Geet, ” the word separation  always reminds me of the dreadful days of our separation’your accident’and’.and'” at this she burst out crying as hard as she could.

She sat doen and cried’.precious teardrops’.sparkled like pearls in the moonlight’.Maan slowly lifted her up holding her with shoulders’.she was still crying’.he wiped her tears and looked at her lovingly.

” Mein yeh kaise nahi dekh paya Geet kaise?”, Maan questioned her’

” meri wajah se tume kitni takleef hui hogi’ kaise nahi soch paya’tumhari aankhon mein ab abhu uska darr and dard ‘kaise mein nahi samajh paya’.kaise?”

Saying these words’he pulled her close and hugged her tight’.she burried her face in his chest and closed her eyes’feeling the warmth of his love and the force with  which his hands held her.

How much time did they spend like that’.feeling each other after so long’..nobody knows! Geet’s mind flashbacked to the days of their separation, Maan’s accident, her discovery of him in the hospital, his recovery, Dev’s apology, Dadi’s acceptance of her as her BAHU”.and finally their current hug’.their first ever meeting alone after all these incidents! As her mind ran down to the pages of past’.her hands clutched his shirt tighter!

” I’m sorry Geet’.please forgive me for the pain I’ve caused you'” said Maan, slowly opening his eyes! By this time, Geet’s tears had stopped. Her head rested on his chest softly.

” please don’t apologise,'”, said Geet without opening her eyes..” jo hua’who shayad humari takdeer mein likha tha’humati pareeksha thi..par aaj shayad Babaji ko yakeen hoi gaya Geet ko Maan se kio alag nahi kar sakta’Babaji khud bhi nahi!”

Both were so much lost in each other that they knew not how much darker the night had become!!!



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