Fairy..Tail #9

24 Jun


TIME:11:30 pm

Maan and geet lay beside each other on geet’s bed…comfortably….why of couse…it was Maan’s sleepover night at handa’s! jasmeet had tolde them various stories and had left them. Maan was trying to sleep but sweetu…..she was just restlessly changing sides! Maan got up worried and switched on the lights!!!

Maan: shweetu…kya hua?
Geet (sadly): umm…MK….neend nai aa rahi!!
Maan (worried): achcha…mom ko bulaoon??
Geet: umm…na…don’t call.
Maan: tumhare liye water laaoon??
Geet: nai
Maan: milk??
Geet: naa…
Maan: ice-cream???
Geet: nai….(then thinking 4 sometime) aap mujhe ek fairytale sunao!
Maan: hmm….par mujhe to nai aati!
Geet (poiting towards her table): wahan book rakhi hai…..usse padho na!

Maan nodded and jumped off the bed, ran towards the table, grabbed a story book that his hand could find and ran back to her! He sat on a chair beside her and started reading.
Maan: once upon a time, there lived a king and a queen in a far far kingdom……
Geet tucked herself in the bed comfortably pulling her blanket closer towards her neck and listened to him carefully.

TIME:12:00 am

Maan (yawn): eventually, the princess married…..
Geet(cutting in between): Mk…
Maan (peeping his head out of the book): yes shweetu….
Geet (with a confused look): what is evenshiladee???
Maan (thinking): umm…eventually means IN A LITTLE WHILE!
Geet: umm ok.
Maan (continued): …..the prince and lived happily ever after! And that’s the end of the fairytale.

He looked at geet…hoping that she’d be feeling sleepy…but he found her eyes wide open…not even wanting to sleep! She was staring at him with questioning eyes!

Maan (yawn): now what???
Geet (innocently): Mk… do you spell fairytale???
Maan (smiling): its soooo easy…it spells as F-A-I-R-Y-T-A-L-E!
Geet( with a glint of negativeness): no….no…its not T-A-L-E… are wrong!
Maan (confused): really…is it???
Geet: yes…its not T-A-L-E…..its T-A-I-L!

Kawaii giggles…..did sweetu learn about animals in school???LOLLOL

Maan (thinking): but my teacher told me its T-A-L-E!!!
Geet (complaining): but my teacher says T-A-I-L! so its                             F-A-I-R-Y-T-A-I-L!
Maan: hmmm… are not wrong. Even my teacher once told about   T-A-I-L!
Geet (cutely): dekha…I told you na!
Both giggled and cuddled up to each other and slept off!

Sweetu had a weird obsession for her MK….if he says its night…..its night for her! If he says tigers eat grass…she believes it blindly…….if he says mangoes taste bitter…then be it…..she trusts him blindly….no matter how much other people try to make her understand the correct thing!

And may be it was her blind trust and faith  on him that he never complained…he never teased her regarding her chubbiness, never made a single complaint against her…even though he got angry at times…but his sweetu always knew the trick to melt him!!! Even in school sweetu hardly had any girl-friedns! How could she….if all she did was just hang out with Maan with his friends throughout the time she stayed in school! His friends always welcomed sweetu because she was his best friend! Nobody dared make fun of her….they knew the ultimate result of it……MAAN!

   *                 *               *                       *                    *  

Sweetu came running towards Maan holding a small copy in her chubby hands. She just reached KM and ran towards him.
Maan (holding her by shoulders to make her stable): oye….don’t run!
Geet: huff….puff…..hufff….pufff…Mk…they taught us a new song in the piano class!

Maan (happy):
Geet: yes…here..
She extended the copy….her piano lessons copy and he flipped through the pages to find a new song.
Maan (trying to read the lyrics): you….are…….my…..cuppy……

Geet: aishe (=aise) nai…..Mk…its like this….

You’re my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You’re my Sweetie Pie
You’re my Cuppycake, Gumdrop
Snoogums-Boogums, You’re the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to know
That I’ll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear
She sang the whole song carefully so as not to miss the rhythm!
Maan: wow….so nice….i love it…..can you sing it once again?
Geet: umm…okay…..
And she sang again! Maan clapped happily and jumped around…..he, for some reason, loved the song!
Maan: phirse….phirse….

Poor sweetu…….sang it all over again! And much to oour (ya not much to) our surprise…..she didn’t mind his repeatitive words…rather she enjoyed singing for him!
Maan: again…..i want to hear!!! Sing….sing…..
And she sang it all over again and again!

Kawaii *sigh*….poor sweetu…..she had no idea how cleverly Maan was exploiting her to his entertainment!!!

Maan : tum ise piano mein play kar sakti ho????
Geet (sadly): ummm…no…next class mein sikhayenge!!
Maan(with attitude): ok…but when you learn, play it and I’ll listen! But now….sing again!!!
Geet sat with him quietly and followed his words like a poor li’l lamb!!!

X            X             X                 X               X                X


Preparation for annual function was in full swing! All the elementary classes had been grouped into pairs to perform different events!


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  1. sherleyangel

    26/06/2011 at 20:04

    hey thats favourite song
    its from strawberry-shortcake na?
    it is too sweet


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