Fairy…Tail #3

24 Jun


Maan: ohk…we’ll have aawl (=our) lunch tomollow (=tomorrow) togethel (=together) okay???

Geet was really liking his company….he was sooooo nice to her. She just loved it!
Geet: umm….okay! you in which glade(=grade)???
Maan: I’m in montesholly 3A. you sit tomollow here…I’ll come!
Geet: okkkk… in monyesholly 2B. I’ll wait.

Maan and geet sat for a while. Both finished their lunch and packed their lunch boxes.
Maan: umm…shweetu…..lets become besht fliends (= best friends) okay???
Geet thought for a while….the idea was nice!!!
Geet: okay, we aal besht fliends!

She smiled at the words “best friends”. Wow…she thought…now she will also have a best friends just like her other friends have!!!

But Maan…..god knows what his clever brain was thinking….he was smirking! Since he was too small….no one listened to his stubbornness… he got someone to show his attitude to….he knew she wouldn’t deny him anything….he never knew the reason as to why…he just simply knew it!

Kawaii wonders…..poor geet….became more like his punching bag…pook kid!!!!ConfusedConfusedOuch

Bell rang and both the kids ran to their respective classes!

X    X    X    X    X    X    X     X    X    X    X     X     X     X     X


They were having their art-and-crafts class. Geet and Taylor sat on a desk together trying to draw an apple, an orange and a bunch of grapes, as instructed by their teacher in their respective drawing books. Geet was looking very calm and happy….especially after what happened before the lunch break! Taylor wonders…..why was she happy???  She was a crybaby who made a loud wail over every little matter…..taylor had known geet since Montessori 1! But what happened today????

Taylor: geet???
Geet was busy coloring her distorted apple which looked more like a red colored egg!!!
Geet: umm what???
Taylor: you aal looking shoooo happy!!! What hap (=happened)???
Geet (looking at her): you know Taylor……I got a besht fliend today!
Taylor(raising her brows): umm really??? Who’s it?
Geet (proudly): hish (=his) name izz Mishtel Khulana!!! He helped me today!
Taylor: ohh that cute boy…..hi ish shooo cute!!!! Taylor was blushing…

Kawaii wonders…uff these kids….hey Babaji….inka dimaag to bahut tez chalta hai!!!Shocked

Taylor: did you take his phone number?
Geet: no…why? Do we need it???
She asked her ever so innocently: ish it imp???
Taylor: of coush (=course) it is imp! Besht fliends musht have each others phone no.!!!

Geet thought for a while….taylor was right…..they were supposed to be best friends……best friends ought to have each other’s phone numbers! She kept on thinking about the phone no throughout the classes. She decided…when the school gets over, she’ll look out for him and ask for his phone number!

X    X     X     X     X     X     X       X      X      X      X       X      X

TIME: 12:30 pm
Harvard elementary school

The final  bell rang and all the kids ran towards their parents who were waiting outside the school gates. Geet walked out slowly holding the straps of her pink Barbie bag that hung on her back! Her eyes were restlessly searching for her Mishtel Khulana!
She went towards a black limousine waiting near the school gate! A tall lady with formal knee-length skirt, a white shirt and a blazer stood there waiting for her. She looked very elegant!

As geet reached towards her, she bowed down and placed a kiss on her chubby rosey cheeks.

Jasmeet: so, aaj meri princess ka din kaisa tha?
Geet looked up at her sadly!
Jasmeet: kya hua geet…kisi ne kuch kaha kya????
Geet: mamma have you sheen (=seen) Mishtel Khulana???? He musht be there shome whele(=somewhere)!!!
Jasmeet thought….Mishtel Khurana?? Who might that be??
Suddenly geet shouted, ” thele(=there) he iss….mamma pleej wait…I come now!”

Saying so she ran away towards another black limo , just like theres! Maan’s dad, Mr. Yash Khurana was waiting for his son!
As Maan reched the limo, he smiled and asked, ” how howz my champ today???”

Before Maan could say anything both heard someone shouting, ” Mishtel Khulana pleej wait…..wait Mishtel Khulana!!”
Jasmeet stood near her car and saw her cute football running towards someone! May be a new friend…she guessed! Then her eyes drifted towards Mr. Khurana. What was he doing there?? One of the richest business man here??? May be he came to pick his child up…she concluded! Nevertheless her eyes went back to her little football!

Meanwhile geet reached near Maan panting……huff…puff….hufff puff….not because she ran for a long time…the two limos were hardly 1mt apart!!! She was panting because of her chubbiness!!!
Maan saw her running….she definitely looked like a pink football to him!
Geet: huff….puff….ohh I found you Mishtel Khulana!!!
Maan: shweetu…what aal you doing here?? Won’t you go home?
He asked with utter concern towards her!
Geet: we aal besht fliends light(=right)??
Maan: yesh we aal!!!
Geet : give me youl phone no. besht fliends aal supposed to have phone no!

Mr. Khurana smiled at the kids! They were so adorable! Maan looked at him…he nodded for a yes!
Maan took out a small paper and wrote his phone number!
Maan: give me youls (=yours).
Geet: hmm okay!!!

And she wrote her number on a piece of paper which she just tore from one of her school copies!

Yash could do nothing but smile at their innocence!  After exchanging their phone numbers, geet walked back towards her mommy!!!


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