Fairy…Tail #2

24 Jun


Maan looked at the little girl….she was totally red and was crying non stop. He didn’t know her name or anything about her. All he knew was he had to stop her crying!!

He just stood there and kept looking at her! Suddenly a bell rang and all the children left to enjoy their lunch break! Maan went a few steps ahead but stopped. He looked back and saw the little girl still crying. She stood at the same place and kept on crying. He thought she was probably just scared! He walked towards her and tried to get her attention!

Maan: umm….missh(=miss)!

Geet didn’t hear him and kept on crying.

Maan: missh…won’t you go and have youl(=your) lunch???

Geet hardly heard him……she continued crying. Tears didn’t stop from her eyes and neither she moved! Maan was getting irritated!!! she wasn’t even listening to him! All the girls drool over him…….even the older ones too…….he had that charms and he knew it clearly! He was used to such drooling sessions!!!

Kawaii wonders…..used to drooling sessions at an age as early as 5….kawaii *faint*!!!

But this girl was not even looking at him! He felt more annoyed. He couldn’t even leave her alone and go away either!! Poor soul….he thought. He looked at her annoyed one last time! She was still crying!

Maa ( in a high voice): just shtop clying!

To his surprise….geet never listened to him!!! She didn’t stop crying…..rather she started wailing louder!

Now that was enough to blow up LITTLE Maan Singh KHURANA’S temper!! He just shouted at the top of his voice : CHUP……BILKUL CHUP!!!

And at once all the wailing stopped! His voice echoed in the empty room.she slowly looked up at him……he could hear her sobs. She was feeling scared!

Maan: why aal you clying now??? They aal gone. Sho shtop clying go for lunch!

Geet looked at him amused yet a bit scared due his shouting at her! She quietly tried to wipe her tears and nose with her tiny little chubby hands. Maan kept looking at her for a while!!! She is cute…..he thought! Then he saw her wiping her tears and nose with bare hands….she probably had no hankie!!! He made a “she-is-so-clumsy” face and took out a stark white cleanly ironed and neatly folded hankie and extended it towards her.

Maan: here take it!

She took the hankie in her little pink fingers and wiped her tears! She blew her nose in it too!

Maan helplessly looked at his hankie and then at her!!! After wiping herself dry, she forwarded the hankie towards him holding it between her two cute little hands!

Geet: th……..thank you.

Maan looked at her and then his hanky and said: its okay……you keep it!

Geet noded obediently, folded the hankie neatly and placed it carefully in the little pocket of her pink frock!

Maam: come lets go for lunch!

Geet: hmm….bu….but they will come back!

Maan (with a glint of confidence): don’t wolly(=worry)! I’ll be with you.

Saying so he held her hands and led her towards the lunch area!!! He held her ever so gently yet so carefully…….it just felt as an indirect way of saying I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU!!

They sat on a bench in the school garden and took out their lunch boxes. Other children were busy having the lunch and enjoying their lunch break!

Maan(taking out his lunch box): why aal you shtill (=still) sad??

He had noticed geet was feeling still down!

Geet: they bloke(=broke) my shand dlawing(=drawing).

Maan thought for a while. Tears had started to build up in her eyes which didn’t go unnoticed by Maan!

Maan(self thought): agal(=agar) abhi isshe nahi shamjhaya toh phil(=phir) se lone (=rone) lagegi!!!

Maan (to geet): hmm….don’t wolly (=worry)…we’ll make it again tomollow(=tomorrow) in activity room. I’ll help you!

Geet looked at him……she was sad because she couldn’t complete her master piece but now………tears just vanished!!!

Geet: really…’ll help????

Maan: hmm…..yes!

Geet: pomish (=promise)???

Maan: pakka plomish (=promise)!!!

Both stared eating their lunch quietly. Maan had brought pasta whereas geet brought wafers and cakes.

Maan (while eating): what isz youl name??

Geet : my name ish Geet Handa!!! Youls(=yours)???

Maan (proudly): my name ish Maan  Shing Khulana .

Geet looked confused…….. .such a big name didn’t  fit into her  little brain!!!!!

Geet: Maan shing thu…..thulana  what ??????

Maan: NO NO, its not thulana…….. its khulana.

Geet’s eyes widened : youl name ish shooooo ….big!!!

Meanwhile, Maan noticed some cake crumbs on her cheeks!!!!

He extended his hands & wiped  them!!!  He felt something very soft!

He pointed one of his fingers & poked her  pink  cheek!

Wow…….so soft………he thought! Then he poked her other cheek ……and kept poking both her cheeks for some time. He was amused by them!!! So pink…….and so soft!!! He loved the feeling!

Geet: umm??

Maan realised what he was doing and retired his fingers from her cheeks.

Maan: youl name iss geet light(=right) ??

Geet(nibbling her wafer):

Maan: but I’ll call you shweetu!!!

Geet was surprised : shweetu??? No…..that’s not my name!

Maan:  but I am seniol (=senior)and I  shaved (=saved) you. Shooo I’ll call you shweetu because you aar shooo cute!!!

Kawaii wonders…….now that was blunt! 

Geet (approving): okay……but youl name iz shoo big….i…i…….call you what??

Maan thought for a while……he remembered his father being addressed as Mr. Khurana. He so much wanted to be addressed like that…….he just loved that it because it seemed very prestigious to him!!! people bowed in front of his daddy!!!

A smile touched his lips. Geet was his junior  by a year and he knew she would never deny him………he just knew it!!

Maan: okay… me  Mishtel Khurana!!!

Geet : hmm….okay!!! Mishtel Khurana!!!

Now Kawaii is amused at the authority of this little Maan…….demanding Mr. Khurana at such a young age!! Wonder what happens in future!!!


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