Fairy…Tail #12

24 Jun
Jasmeet couldn’t understand anything. Did they have a fight??? Jasmeet recalled their previous fights and arguments – they did fight over stupid things but never….never had sweetu missed his phone calls…no matter how cross both were! But today? Anyways, they should learn to sort out their problems on their own!!!

*              *               *                  *                   *

Its been two days…two days since that fateful day. Maan was going insane. Sweetu refused to talk to him…even in phone. She refused to even look at him. Only 3 more days left till the annual function. Both couldn’t even concentrate on what they were doing. And suzy…..kya chance maara hai yaar
LOL!!! She tried to stay with MK as much as possible. But what she got was only disappointment. MK never gave her a damn!!! All he was worried about was his Sweetu! He would go to Sweetu during lunch breaks but she’d refuse everytime saying,  ” Suzy is there…don’t bother me!

MK at first didn’t understand why she kept on saying Suzy’s name again and again! All he did was sit a few steps away from his Sweetu and have lunch! So close….yet so far!!! They would eat their lunch half heartedly alone….and were unable to finish it fully! Sweetu’s eyes always remained red and swollen! She never waited for Mk after school… was never easy for her either!!! And much to our surprises, she never went with MK. Nanny came to pick her up all these 2 days. Maan called her endlessly for two days, Sweetu never received his calls, neither she called back! But he was the MAAN Singh KHURANA AFTERALL!!! He won’t let anyone go that easily…especially his Sweetu!
That day, too, she went away without looking at him.

Maan lay on his bed….thinking whatever happened to his Sweetu!!! It was around 6 in the evening. He finished his homework half-heartedly and laid on his bed thinking deeply……deeply indeed! Her shouting at him, her avoiding him, her not receiving his calls, her constant words to him to go away to Suzy, her anger…..wait!!! she said Suzy!!! What was it with Suzy?? Definitely she is related to the scandal in some way or the other! He needs to talk to Sweetu! He picked up the phone but kept it back. He knew she wouldn’t pick up his call. He looked at te watch – 6:45pm. It was already dark. Sweetu had no  piano lessons  that day! He knew her schedules!!! Good…very good – he thought! He ran to his parents!

Maan: mamma. I need to go now!
Avantika: go…where??? Its already dark Maan!
Maan (hurriedly): mujhe jaana hai mamma. Sweetu bahut naraaz hai…do din se mujhse baat nahi ki! Use abhi nahi manaya to wo mujhse kabhi baat nahi karegi!
Avantika knew there was some problem between them. Moreover, she didn’t mind him going as it was his 2nd home with his Sweetu.

Avantika: par Maan, papa ko aajane to do…phir chale jana unke car se! ghar ki car to maintainance ke liye workshop gayi hai!
Maan: koi baat nahi mamma….mein cycle se chala jaoonga!
Avantika: par beta….
He just rushed like a storm and avantika knew perfectly that whenever it came ti Sweetu, he wouldn’t listen to anybody! All she could say was, ” take care of yourself“.
Maan wore his helmet, knee pads, sports shoes and rode towards his Sweetu……sa fast as he cloud…dodging every other vehicle very very skillfully! Also, his cycle complimented with him well!
Usually it took 15 mins ride to reach handa house in a car….but today…he reached there within 10 mins!!!

Kawaii wonders….sweetu ke lie Maan bana superMAAN.Wink

He just threw his cycle in front of the main door and rushed in.
Maan (shouting): huff…puff…mom………
Jasmeet (came running): Maan… finally you are here…you mamma is worried sick…she has called me more than 10 times!
Maan( throwing his helmet and pads on the couch): mom…where is Sweetu?
Jasmeet (smiling): in her music room, practicing her piano lessons.
Maan just made a dash to the music room upstairs! jasmeet just smiled and informed avantika that, Maan has reached safely over the the phone. Both ladies heaved a sigh of relief!

A big piano (not a big one…a small one…but big enough for Sweetu) was placed in the middle of the room. Shelves placed near the walls….all the windows were open……shimmering moonlight increased the beauty of the dimly lighted room. Long beautiful curtains hung….dancing to the tune of the gentle cool breeze from the window!
Sweetu sat in front of the piano trying hard to concentrate on what she has learnt but…how could she when her thoughts had nothing but her MK ruling them!
A voice distracted her!

Kawaii wonders…distracted herConfused??? Wasn’t she already distracted?

Her fingers stopped abruptly! She could never…..never fail to recognize that voice! She sat still…..he paced slowly towards her! She never turned around to look at him…she instead tried to face away from him. He perfectly knew what she was thinking! He said nothing. He went closer, pulled a chair and sat in front of her!

Maan (cutely): sorry!!!
Sweetu just faced away from him!
Maan: Sweetu…..tum mujhse baat nahi karogi?
Sweet (angrily): nahi……mein kabhi baat nahi karoongi.
Maan (making cute faces): ab bhi nahi???
Geet (looking at him from the corner of her eyes): ummmm..nai!
Maan (cutely): sachii…tum mujhse sachi baat nai karogi???
Geet (sternly): nai….kabhi nai!!
Maan (smirking): theek hai…..(sadly) mein Suzy ke paas chala jata hoon…..meri Sweetu to mujhse kabhi baat nahi karegi! Ab wahi ek Suzy hai jo meri dost hai!!!
Saying so, he pretended to get up. Sweetu just couldn’t bare to see him going to Suzy….soon as he got up, she shouted, ” dare you go near Suzy…..i’ll kill her!!!
Maan (smiling st his victory): par you won’t talk to me….i’ll feel lonely! Whom shall I talk to now??

Geet just looked at him….eyes filled with anger! Now Mr.MSK knew very well that she could never stay cross with him for long….so he was trying to take advantage of that!
 Geet: mein aapse baat kar rahi hoon na…uss chudail ke paas jaane ki koi zaroorat nahi hai!
This was what exactly Maan wanted to hear! He sat down and looked at her!
Maan: you are so a pink football.

Geet smiled at this……his pink football! But again she made a big face and her smile vanished! All Maan wanted was that she talks to him. Rest all he can handle!
Maan (worried): ab kya hua???
Geet (complaining): that day…..why did you have your lunch with that donkey…and not with me??? You….you didn’t even call me!


Now things were getting clearer to Maan.
Maan: ohh….you are upset about that day! Actually, due to the rehearsals, teacher told us not to go any where or roam around as we had lot to do! Moreover, we were to finish our lunch quickly. So when I asked the teacher if I could go to you, she refused as we were to be given our scripts and dialogues!

Geet (still not convinced): then…..then that Taylor…..she told me that donkey is your Girlfriend! And you were smiling with her!
Maan: ohh….what girlfriend??? No ways….i just don’t like that Suzy….and Taylor…..that idiot encyclopedia does nothing but assume things! Am warning you…stay away from her!
Geet: but that donkey told me she is your girlfriend!!
Maan (surprised): did she tell you that…..that donkey!!! How come?? I never told her that!
Geet: but…..she tells you are going to kiss her so she is your GF!!!
Maan: don’t I kiss you???? And kiss to Suzy…..thats all in the play!!! Nothing less….nothing more!
Now geet just blulshed at his words…! she turned red. She didn’t know why…what was it….but she just did!

Geet (showing fake anger): but she kissed you that day……I saw!
Maan: yuck…..she was just trying to show off…..that kiss was eeewwww…..i’d prefer your kissey-wissey to hers! I wish I could slap her for that…but I don’t hit girls you know!
Geet: oh god….that donkey!!! I wanna punch her now!!!
Maan (delighted): then why don’t you! We both will feel better!
Geet (happily): really….can i???
Maan: ya sure! Am there with you.
Both giggled at their plan!
Geet: but you still are going to kiss her.
She made a sad face!
Maan: arrey baba….thats only in the play…nothing serious!
Geet (baby face): but still…you will…
Maan (irritated): ok fine….i’ll give you 20 kisses as compensation! Now happy???
Geet (thinking, counting her fingers): umm….not 20! I want…30…..40….50….no…I need 100 kisses ok!!!
Maan: ok meri football!
Both laughed after two whole days!

Kawaii *wipes sweat*…phew!Big smile

Maan: Sweetu…..cuppy cake play karo na!
Geet (happily): okay!
She played the cuppy cake song on the piano. She has now learned the keys to it too. Maan sat near her…swaying his head to the song as she sang and played! He loved her cute voice!
As she finished….maan clapped happily.
Maan: phir se…phir se….
And poor Sweetu…..thats the same old story again!

Kawaii *head spinningWacko*…she has lost the count of how many times did Sweetu sing and play the cuppy cake song for him….uff!!!


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